Saturday, June 16, 2007

Those were the days.....The Finale

My greatest moment in my running career. Finishing my best timed marathon crossing the line at The Esplanade, Penang in the year 1987. This was the moment that I was so proud of. Happy that my training for the race enabled me to achieve the target. Talking about EXECUTION WITH A PLAN!!! In this race I executed to my plan in trying to clock a good time, and every thing went well till the finishing.

And next week I will be running my 4th marathon in 2 years after making a coming (lay off for the past 15yrs). Fortunately or lucky for me the past 3 marathons timing have been improving, so I have no complain about it. I am not going out there to put pressure on myself to run a good time but more so to enjoy the race. If I feel good on race day, I will definitely run to my fullest capability in finishing the race comfortably without any suffering (I hope)

A posting that I wrote sometime in 2005
Memories of the 80-ties


CP Waterman said...

Simply sensational!
Wow! 3hr31(FM) and 1hr23(HM)!Then,No power gel, no climcool; no T4!
And now what a magnific come back!
All the best to your coming Full marathon in Penang.


C-CUBE said...

H20, yes come to think of it, no powergel, no endurance drink, no high tech running shoes, etc to assist in higher performance. all i ran on is the normal running vest together with my PR Saucony shoe (which I am still keeping). its just right training and determination to execute the plan to achieve.

but one thing i rememner is taking lotz of Vit C during training. my carbo loading on the nite b4 raceday will always be at KFC eating lotz of mesh potato!!!

krunner said...

Keep the old war stories coming. Love the photos. I guess in those days there were very few female runners. Were runners those days the "Macho" type (topless running)?

C-CUBE said...

krunner, glad u like it. then hv get more old photos (and digitize it) when balik kampung the next time. will keep it going.

yeah u r right, during those days there are less female runners as compare to now. also we runners are not as canggih as present runners. dun have those high tech stuff to support us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing these inspirational memoirs! At least we first timers have some idea what will come our way on the race.

C-CUBE said...

haza, i hope those stories of running ur first marathon doesnt scare u and put u in an uncomfort position. Just be prepare for it and dun let those things surprise u on race day.

For me, bcos I am prone to cramps, i always carry along a small tube of Deep Heat (or similar) with me in the race. In case I need it, it will be there for me.

NEZZ said...

waaaahhh.. u so slim la that time.. but now more handsome lah.. good luck in the coming penang marathon!!

C-CUBE said...

nezz, seeya in Pg.