Thursday, February 28, 2008

Final Encounter: Adidas Supernova Cushion 7

My ultimate final test of the Supernova Cushion 7 (C7) will be a 30k run or at least running with it for 3 hours and beyond. But before this can happen, I had to make sure that the shoe is properly run in. And therefore prior to this I had another 3 to 4 runs after my first date with C7.

The runs were mostly done on a 8k route which is slightly hilly while there was one run that was focus on a faster pace of 5min per KM. Overall the findings and performance of the shoe is not much different from what I had find out after the first run except for some new findings that I want to add on.

1) The shoe still feels tight on US9 EE after 3 to 4 runs. A half size larger will be ideal and will be more comfortable without the tightness feeling at the forefoot.

2) ADIPRENE is working very well, providing the cushioning and absorbing the pressure of the body and feet as I transitioned from heel to toe. The lift is responsive aided by the ADIPRENE + technology. For a cushion shoe, a runner must have such feeling else the shoe will feel very bulky.

3) The shoe is very feet hugging and does not move too much while running. It also gave a feeling of the feet hitting the ground and does not make any noise while on the run, no squeaky sound.

4) The FORMOTION technology is holding well especially on uphill run that needed the support as well as on uneven surface.

5) TORSION System support and holds the midfoot very well. Not much unnecessary movement and therefore lessen the chances of twisting the feet.

6) GEOFIT provides the hugging feeling and cushy softness around the ankle and back of the heel. I still think its nothing special compare to other brands.

7) Initially after the 1st run, the top of part of my right leg feel some soreness ~ slight discomfort and pain. Apparently I think I had tied the shoe lace too tight. The only way to overcome it was to loosen the lace so that its not too tight. Don't feel the pain in subsequent runs.

After these run-ins, the C7 is ready for the showdown ie the 30k to prove its worthiness. So on the morning of 23 Feb 2008, C7 was ready for the ultimate showdown. At the end of the run, the truth will be review on whether this will be another thousand mile horse that can carry me on a 30k run and beyond. And if she performs well, she could be with me on the road for KLIM08.

As we troop out of the Bukit Aman carpark and the environment fill with fresh air and quietness, I was having high hopes to have a good run with C7 at the end of the day. To cut the story short, the 30k went past us under 3'30" and we are back to the Bukit Aman carpark.

My final top 10 findings and review (in no orders) after this hard workout.

1) The cushioning and arch fit were excellent, and also gives me a good feel of the road.
2) I loved the breathability; a very comfortable shoe and had great ventilation.
3) I loved that there are no seams ie less friction created.
4) The cushioning and weight are some best features. (I am used to heavy cushioned trainers)
5) I love the way it feels on my foot.
7) It had great stability especially on uneven terrain.
8) The soft shoe tongue does not make the shoe feels bulky.
9) GeoFit showing its true color giving the correct fit and comfort feel to the ankle.
10) If I could improve one thing it would be the toebox--it needs to be wider.

So overall, C7 pass with flying colors and I had no complain about her with the exception that if the toebox should be slightly wider, I would have given her a perfect 10. And now she will be in the running to be my thousand mile horse for this year KL International Marathon 2008.

Finally on a more personal note, I will have a high recommendation of C7 to normal and medium arch runners looking for a well cushioned trainers. Suitable for Neutral runners and slight overpronators.

Previous report for review:

1) "Impossible Is Nothing" Wear Test Program
2) First date with C7

An extraction from Adidas to provide a better introduction of C7.

Built to take you far and fast, Adidas Supernova Cushion 7 road-running shoes offer incredible cushioning and comfort with low weight.

  • Abrasion-resistant nylon mesh uppers are lightweight and highly breathable; synthetic leather overlays create structure and support
  • GeoFit™ construction at ankles provides an anatomically correct fit and extra comfort
  • Nylon linings and molded, antimicrobial dual-layer EVA footbeds dry quickly and fight odor
  • adiPRENE® midsoles absorb shock in the heels and help maximize heel protection and stability
  • adiPRENE®+ under forefeet retains natural propulsive forces for enhanced efficiency
  • Torsion® system at the midfoot allows natural rotation between the rearfoot and the forefoot, helping improve surface adaptability
  • ForMotion® freely moving, decoupled heel system allows your feet to adapt to the ground strike and adjust for forward momentum
  • adiWEAR® rubber outsoles give ample durability in high-wear areas and offer lightweight grip and cushion

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Does Ong Ka Ting had the guts???

If OKT is genuinely strived to represent the Chinese community in Malaysia, he shud have gone over to stone elephant (where my mum was born and half my childhood life was spent there) and fight it out with the cili padi aka Fong Po Kuan there. That place will be a key indicator on whether the Chinese supports MCA as a party who so call represent the rights of Chinese in Parlimen. Anyway he uses his brader Ong Ka Chuan to test the water in the last GE and kena kau kau lat.

Why does he still go for a so call safe seat in Kulai. No guts meh??? If not for the Chinese at least for the sake of your brader who lost big time and not knowing what hits him. This year that fellar didnt even bother about other parliament constituency around the Kinta Valley, but go to the fringe of Perak where there is a place called Tanjung Malim. Maybe is a safe seat mah, so that hopefully if he got voted can become MP and be a Minister too. Who knows he will take over the Health Minister position held by CSL.

Anyway its too late now to cry over it as all the nominations had been done. You may argued differently about this but thats my true opinion from the bottom of my heart. And don't always use TAR College or UTAR as the sweetener to woo Chinese sympathy votes. Thats not the way to do it, because you gotta work hard for the voters to appreciate it. Not having all the chinaman as YES man around.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dew or No Dew

No angels are involved. Only devils......


Now AAB had to play Dew or No Dew with C4 man, cinya!!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Allan & Indi

This was sent to me by our good friend KC Leong. I would like to share it with everyone just in case his email broadcast did not reach you. And remember to turn on your speaker system LOUD LOUD.

Lingam's Devil Curry

Check Three Times

Rough Little Indian Boys

After a hard and stressful day, this is cinya refreshing, enjoy kau kau lat.

Monday, February 18, 2008

4 weeks to go and 2 weeks to taper

Yes thats only so much time more to get myself up to a level of fitness before race day on 30 March 2008. Its the same feeling that both DK and Carboman are having. And we are all having the same goal of going out there to enjoy the 42k race of KLIM08. Achieving a better time and PR will always be a bonus at the end of the day, else it will be another race to start the year and enjoy running it to the fullest and cross the line comfortably.

I reckon the route for this year will be the same. The killer stretch that will take the toll of all runners will be from the 35k mark onwards. All the runners need to climb the long hilly stretch of Jalan Maharajalela, then onto Jalan Duta before making a U-turn somewhere in the middle near the Indian Embassy. From here the runners need to run towards the Parlimen House and at this area there will be another hill awaiting for all runners to climb. After this and not more than 500m, the next big hill to climb will be along Jalan Sultan Salahuddin (Wisma Tani) and this is where the 41k mark will be.

This is the killer stretch that will suck up the last drop of energy from everyone, considering you have already cover 41k with 1k more to go. It will be a long stretch of incline that the runners have to overcome before going downhill for the kill (if one still have the reserve). Else at this time, your whole body will be so tired, the limps are just dragging along and if you suffering from cramp, this is the time that it will hit you badly.

This is not a scare tactic but its for real. Just make sure you are prepare for it. Good luck to all who are training towards this race. Cheers.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A struggling 30k

My plan for this morning workout was to hit my first 30k after the GE30k race in January. Coincidentally this will also be my first LSD after the CNY break. My week mileage is low but my body/legs feels good for the run.

Reaches the Bukit Aman carpark and saw Frank completing his run. Spoke to him and found out that he started at 5am together with Carboman, GL and Loke. Gotta turn back and wait for his frenz for another round of 10k, so nice of him. As I waited for my running buddy, my watch shows 6.10am. Looks like he had again FFK this morning and so I set off solo for my 30k LSD.

I felt that my pace was a tad faster than the usual run after about 3k of running but everything seems OK and therefore I continue to maintain the pace. As I reaches the Duta junction my watch showed 31mins (normal run is around 34mins to 35mins) and this confirmed that I am running faster than usual.

Crossed the flyover and there I met Carboman, GL and Loke on their way back. I continued to maintain the same pace tempo until I reached Petronas in 56mins. Four minutes faster than normal run. Did the Petronas loops, refueled and continue with the return leg of 10k back to Bukit Aman carpark. I maintained the same pace as the first leg as I am still feeling OK. As I reached the Bank Rakyat junction, saw lots of police manning the junction and bumped into large group of the Indian community wearing the HINDRAF orange color tees. Oopps, another HINDRAF demostration. Reaches carpark in 1h56mins (normal run is around 2hrs), faster by 4mins.

After draining down a bottle of pink lady drink aka Endurox, I started to go for the last 10k. This will be the toughest part of today's run as I am starting to feel a bit tired now because of the intensity of the first 20k. I decided to run at a slower pace to conserve my stamina and energy. The first 5k took me thru the hills of Carcosa and the deer park and hit 25k in 2h32mins. Am still running at a good pace considering my last two 25k runs are around 2h35mins and 2h38mins. Still a tad faster.

As I started the last 5k, my legs and body had started to feel the strain and by now I was almost dragging myself to run. The pace now drop down to almost 7min/k and I am really struggling. The heat is starting to take the toll on me as well and saps up more energy. I pushes on and slowly along the Carcosa hills. After rejoining at the lake area, I decided not to run the deer park route else I will be slaughter by those hills. Decided to hit the loop around the lake and finally stops at the 30k mark (measured by Garmin 205). I cant even complete the entire loop as my legs are feeling heavy and experienced slight muscle pull, and upper body muscle is aching. Finished the run in 3h05mins.

The route that I uses today for the 30k LSD is a good course except that its a tad too hilly (especially in the last 10k) and can take the toll on those wanting to run faster. Maybe my mileage is not up to mark yet and thats why I am struggling or maybe I was pushing myself too hard in the early stage of the run. Well something for me to learn and keep in mind in the next LSD.


Samy, where was you during this morning HINDRAF "Rose Rally". I thot you represent the Indian community for Malaysia. When your boss AAB is having his official working visit to Kedah today, you shud stand in for him.

Like the Chinese saying, you can talk Heaven and Hell, but there is no will power when the action is needed, cinya!!!! You chicken out, thats my point of view.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Nak Tak 3.0

This dude is probably the most hated politician in Malaysia. Also kena snubbed by the Indian Government officials when he visited India, and over stay himself (wasting Rakyat's money) just to meet Manmohan Singh. Aneh, boh tah!!!!!

And as usual talk rubbish in Parlimen, over staying in the Malaysia political scene. I pity those fellar in MIC. He does npt have a succession plan or he just does not given the young leaders a chance to leader. What a selfish person he is, and someone leading the MIC party. Its a sorry state if you asked me.

And again he uses the fairer sex as a comparison to old leaking buildings and stinky toilets. As if his mother and daughter is not a women. Isthis the kind of people you wanna vote and represent you in Parlimen. He will just continue to talk kok and dont care about the forthcoming of the Rakyat.

In a recent incident where he went to officiate the ground breaking of a new Tamil school in Petaling Jaya, he was jeered by the community of his own race. Tell me you got face or not when you are jeered by Indians which are suppose to support you all the way because you are the top man of MIC. Apparently not, because he is the most hated men in Malaysia, cinya

And I just cant stand his fake FUZZY hair. Be a man, leave it bald. No hair no hair lah, why wanna hide and show that you have hair.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Edison Chen

Wow, this guy sex scandal is spreading like wild fire on the net. Fourteen of them if you look at the scandal tree, cinya saileh!!!!. No one can stop it now except that some control by the govt or the police. Else more and more of those explicit stuff will continue to surface.

Well its just too bad this fellar is so careless and absent-minded that he left it in his Mac when he sent it for repair. Maybe Apple shud come out with the Mac "EDISON" version for that honour of storing those pictures there. Apple share will definite shoot up many times!!!!

Again, no one to be blame. Its a WILLING SELLER, WILLING BUYER at the end of the day when all these action pack video clips and explicit photos were taken.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Nak Tak 2.0

Another big mouth here that is wasting der RAKYAT's money for talking rubbish....wat the fcuk are you talking about. Now this bugger is insulting women bloggers. First of all I must asked whether this dude knows what the Internet is all about before insulting bloggers. Secondly does he knows how to blog and have his own blogsite. Thirdly what have civil war gotta do with blogging. And he calls everyone a liar here. I cant stand this kind of attitude and worst case when this talk kok fellar is representing those that had voted for him to represent them in Parlimen. What kind of MP are you.

As the Minister of Tourism, may I asked what have you done for the country, huh huh huh!!!! And this dude was not even shameful to launch VMY2007 twice. That shows that the campaign is totally screwed else no reason to do it twice. Maybe he was so proud of bringing in all the unwanted visitors like the Indons, Bangla, Burmese, and the China dolls.

So are these the fellars you want them to represent you in Parlimen and voiced out your concerns, huh huh huh. Your guess is as good as mine.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yaya Papaya

I am back from the Chinese New Year festive holidays. Nothing great about this new year. Just with the routine traveling back to Ipoh (my hometown) and Malacca (my wiffy hometown). Traffic was well managed by PLUS with scheduled traveling times suggested by them. I think this plan is working as many road users followed that and eliminate spending many hours on the road before reaching their destination.

Running wise, I only managed a 8k run in Ipoh. The rest of the days are spent on visiting, chit chatting and trying to make some monies on the gambling table thru the wee hours of the morning. The training regime took a break which I think was a good one as this will allow me to recover before the training get a lot more intense in the next 4.5 weeks.

This year I think I could make some drastic decision in getting to do something that I always aspire or dream of doing ever since I started working 20+ years ago. Its too prelim to talk about it but as the plan progresses (hopefully in a positive manner) I will let everyone knows about it and also need the support as well to make my dream successful.

Till then, I will let the RAT take it from here from me.......

Monday, February 04, 2008

Drink & Drive

I saw this advert on one of the electronic billboards along Jalan Sultan Ismail this morning. I thot its pretty interesting and really carry the message across. Simple yet effective. This is how it looks like.

Don't drink and drive.....have a safe journey back home during this festival season.

Sunday, February 03, 2008


From Choi & Family

KL Towerthon 2008

After doing a 25k on Saturday, I was again ready for today's KL Towerthon vertical run. This is the first time I am participating in this event, and therefore no high expectation of any fast timing. Just wanna get the experience and feeling in climbing up to the top of the tower. So timing is definitely secondary.

The atmosphere was filled with a drizzle in the morning. Participants all over the place were not discouraged by the rain itself and I can see those elite runners doing their warm-ups. The air was cooling and just perfect for a run like that.

The starting point was crowded with all the runners waiting eagerly for the race to be flag off

A group picture of Der PMs participating in the race. The first block to be flag off will be the Mens Open

Buluman and friend

Rich and der Gang

With Tony ~ The Mountain Sifu. I was following him all the way till the finishing

THE FINISHER ~ Junior Veteran Group at the Top Deck of the tower

Overall was quite satisfied with my performance although I think I still have some reserve bearing in mind the LSD that I did yesterday. Well, that doesn't really matters as I said before that I am participating in this event just for the experience of it. The feel is like trekking up to the summit of Mt. Kinabalu but at a much faster pace.

1st date with Adi Supernova Cushion 7 - 30 Jan 08

Took her out for our first date on a Wednesday morning and did a 8.4k run. Instead of writing in paragraph of my feeling towards her I would be putting everything in point form during our first encounter.

1) She feels tight on US9 EE. I believed thats how adidas shoe are being designed. Maybe a half size larger will be more comfy for me. So have to compensate by wearing a thinner pair of socks and loosen up the lace.

2) ADIPRENE is working providing the cushioning and absorbing the pressure of the body and feet as I transitioned from heel to toe. The lift off is also quite responsive.

3) She does not move too much while running.

4) Gave a feeling of the feet hitting the ground.

5) Make very little noise while on the run, no squeaky sound.

6) Ran on uneven surface of the road carefully and even on shallow potholes. The FORMOTION technology is handling it quite well.

7) TORSION System support holds the midfoot very well.

8) Nothing great about the GEOFIT. Another brand provide better hugging feeling and cushy softness.

9) While on the run, she doesn't feel as tight as while walking around.

10) The softness and flexibility of the mesh-like material used for the shoe.

11) After run, the top of part of right leg feel some soreness ~ slight discomfort. Not sure if I had laced her too tightly or I was running faster in the lap 3 & 4 that created some pressure. Will put more focus and check out this area in my next date with her.

Till then, will provide more feedback about her in the next date to come.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Cheung Kong Chat Hoe (長江七號) aka CJ7

I managed to get onto a pirated DVD of CJ7. Mind you, I didnt buy it but from my cousin son's who invited me to watch it when I was visiting them. Felt bad about all these Cetak Rompak aka Farn Pan CD but what the heck to kill sometime while waiting for my wife who was having her facial treatment.

I wont say anything about the storyline of this movie but you probably know what to expect from Stephen Chow. I love the character of his son, which is actually played by a girl named Xu Jiao and the beautiful teacher played by Kitty Zhang Yuqi.

Overall was a good movie to release some stress and get onto some laughter too. If you have some spare time and loves Stephen Chow's movie, just go and catch it at one of the cinemas in town.