Friday, June 08, 2007

Wat happened tis morning?

Two things happened this morning:

Incident #1
My sleep had taken over my scheduled morning run. It was so cooling and cozy this morning that when my alarm rang at 5.30am, I choose to continue sleeping instead of doing my 6k run. Wat the heck i told myself....running 6k less this week probably dont hurt me bcos tomorrow will be my final LSD of 30k+ before the tapering period for PBM07. I need quality rest to prepare myself for tomorrow. Just to pampered myself for at least one of those morning when it is so so cold and cooling, and continue sleeping is the best option. Running take a backseat at least for this morning. Not too often though, else my fitness level will degrade gradually.

Incident #2
I have made a decision this morning to purchase the above gadget. (which my colleague is buying it for me in USA) The $$ damage to me is USD199.00 excluding tax. "You mean I have to pay tax when buying something in USA.....Yes Sir, you have to". I hope it will be a sound investment and become a good running companion/buddy for me in all my future runs or any outdoor activities.

Carboman told me "This is the Rolex for all runners!!!!"


Carboman said...

your decision is right on BOTH counts!! one day i will be making the hrm my training tool too. it's just that timing not ngam for this purchase right now...CINYA!

C-CUBE said...

Carboman, well the extended sleep this morning was good. at least i feel well rested. as for the gadget, will wait and see how effective it is. anyway i am purchasing the 205 which dont hv the HRM.