Friday, January 23, 2009

Have an Ox-picious NIU Year

The year of the Mickey Mouse will give way and usher in The Year of the Ox that will begin on 26th Jan 2009. May I take this opportunity to wish everyone GONG XI FA CAI and may you and your family be blessed with good health, joy & happiness.

As the Feng Shui master said, we have to work hard for the year in order to reap any success for ourselves. So work hard, run hard and play hard to achieve your goals and resolutions.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Walk The Talk

My hats off to you, Mr President

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- President Barack Obama said Wednesday he's freezing the salaries of senior White House staffers and tightening rules on lobbying. In some of his first actions as the 44th U.S. president, Obama said "families are tightening their belts, and so should Washington." He said people who leave his administration won't be able to lobby the White House while he is president. He also put in place a ban on gifts from lobbyists, among other orders.

I wish the Malaysia gomen can learn from him. Mr Abdullah Badawi and Mr Najib, please open your eyes and ears BIG BIG. Learn from others administration. Thats the only way to improve and eradicate CORRUPTION!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

GE30k 2009 report Part 2

Cinya amkan lor, just came out from toilet der race started liao. Pressed my GPS kok and said a prayer. Popee popee from Guan Yin Ma and Ang Kong, please popee me so that knee no pain and no cramp along the way. Then start with slow slow walk, followed by slow slow jog and realised that I was next to Abu Power. We ran together for a while then he pecut off. All der way up along deer park pack like kok, or like sardine in der tin. Cinya jam until some runners knocked into me. So many times kena bumped and I decided to run by der side of der road. Taking it ez as i scared knee pain will come out. Now der human jam not so bad liao after we run out of Lake Gardens and along Jalan Parlimen.

Ran in control pace. First I bumped into Lawrence and then met Yee Hua. We ran together for a while till der junction where der JKR buidling is and then she drop off. On my own again until I bumped into FK Lee (from Klang group). Very der relax and talk kok pace run with Lee all the way until we turn into Kenny Hills. Lee asked me to go ahead as I think he felt der pace was too fast for him. I feel cinya good at relax pace as I climbed der slope into Kenny Hills. Say another prayer to ask Guan Yin Ma and Ang Kong to popee popee.

Although running in talk kok pace, I am still looking for a pacer. Target a runner same category as me and I follow his buntut kau kau lat. I mean just tailgate and use him as a pacer. Ran all der way behind him till MATRADE, then I increased my turbo a bit and potong sayur him. He chased me without let go and potong sayur me again. Then I tell myself not to be kancheong and follow his buntut again. Just give him some pressure until coming out from Solaris junction and leading towards Hartamas. As der road leads towards Hartamas it start to get hilly liao and now I on my 2nd turbo. Swing to der left of him and potong sayur him on the hills (this hill is my home ground as I train on it with der Platinum Runners, dont play play) He tried to chase back but I let him smell smoke. Thank you brader for pacing me, and I move on.

As I was running opposite Plaza Damas, saw those fast runners coming out of Hartamas and on their way back liao. I felt my pace is faster now although still feeling good and relax. Ran all der way into Haratamas, pass our regular Petronas stop, make a U and turn back towards der parallel road that lead us out of Hartamas. That was about 15k which is der half way mark and that is also where der Powergel was given out to all 30k runners. As I was climbling up der hilly path towards der junction going back to Plaza Damas, this lady suddenly came from behind and potong sayur me, cinya !!!! I was slowing down a bit nia to reserve energy while going up hill and just pace with her. She was strong and no easy meat. Hard to chiak!!! We maintained pace and both of us not letting up, continue to run together. No talking as I dunno her and also dont want to distract her and lose focus.

We reached towards der junction that will lead us to Solaris and back to MATRADE, I suddenly saw someone very familiar about 60m in front of me. Yes, it was Kit. He was running very steadily at a perfect pace to follow. Then we paced together while that lady starts to drop back as I believed our pace is getting a bit fast. Kit was pushing hard nia and I try not to lose sight of him. Just follow his buntut until MATRADE and I switched on my 3rd turbo now. Went ahead and take a slight lead while Kit pushes harder to maintain der gap. It was good that we are pushing each other where der pace is getting hot like kok now. Der gap was not too far from each other as we ran der loop around der IRD govt complex and across Jalan Duta.

Once back into der Kenny Hills area, I was followed by this Yau Yeng runner (look very familiar to me but didnt start a conversation until at the end of the race I realised it was someone I know). He just keep follow my buntut and giving pressure to me, cinya. I believed Kit was still following behind. Then suddenly nia I felt my right Fastwitch 3 loosing der grip. And I realised der TNS shoe string gave way. What der kok, I have to stop by der roadside and tied it back. As I was doing it, I felt a pull on my left leg. Aiyoh, not this time, Guan Yin Ma and Ang Kong...please popee popee no cramp. I say another prayer. I bent my body to do some leg stretch and by now I have lost like 30 secs - 45 sec. Runners closer to me just now would have overtaken me. Kit and der Yau Yeng runner were easily about 100m+ from my sight. Cinya TNS, and now have to on 4th turbo to play catchup nia.

As I get closer to der Yau Yeng runner near der Tijani hill, my confidence level come back liao. Pia like kok to do catchup, cinya scare the cramp will hit me again. Sayur der Yau Yeng runner and climb der hill before nearing der bridge that cut across Jalan Maharajalela. And from here I can see Kit which is oredi like 150m away from where I am. In my mind its almost impossible to close der gap now as Kit is running very strong. Then I saw this Tattoo runner and used him as my target to close der gap.

Feeling der cramp symptoms now and there are slight pull on both my legs. Slow down pace a bit but not giving up and try my very best to close der gap. Out of Kenny Hills now and onto der road that lead towards JKR building. Then have to climb a steep path of at least 200m before turning towards Tugu Negara. As I got into der route towards Tugu Negara my gap with Tattoo runner is getting closer. At one point I actually potong sayur him but he came back at me and took the lead. But Kit is no where to be seen now and I know I will not catchup with him in this race ~ he is a stronger runner towards the last 3k. As I reached der last turn before Tugu Negara, there come another lady runner who sayur both Tattoo runner and myself effortlessly. She was ruuning for a strong finsihing but I just watched her passed me. I am cinya tired like kok now, turbo not working anymore liao.

Crossed the traffic junction at Jalan Parlimen and onto der final stretch towards der finishing line at Tapak A Lake Gardens. As I moved closer to der gate that lead us to Tapak A, I was cinya surprised and TNS to find out that all runners have to take a long path towards the children playground before heading straight towards the finsihing line. Aiyoh, cinya amkan lor, thot can turbo at that moment but now have to reserve some energy. As I was making my turn at der children palyground I thot I saw this Malay dude that looks like Gongli aka Datuk Yaziz. He was a spent force and was doing a slow jog, but I dont care anymore. Just potong sayur him and dont even look at him.

On der straight path now and with about 300m to go, and I suddenly saw Kit just about 50m from me. Wow, what a surprise to see him slowing down nia and I know got chance to sayur him liao. Suddenly turbo system start working, kancheongness feeling is there and I switched on my 5th turbo for this race. Give chase as I know I have a chance to sayur again and Tattoo runner is still in front of me. I was getting nearer to Kit with 50m to finish. Turbo system is in full force now and smoke coming out from buntut. Gave a tap on Kit's shoulder and went past him (as he was telling me he kena cramp kau kau). Then der next to sayur is Tattoo runner as he looks real tired liao. Take him out and I cruised to the finishing line, pumping my fist in der air. 2.51:02 was der time on my GPS kok with a distance of 29.69km

Very Happy and Very Enjoy der race. I must said this is one of der most exciting 30k that I have ever ran and I was feeling cinya good all der way. Only a sign of slight cramp coming at me that slow me down a bit. Otherwise I was in perfect condition. Say a prayer to Guan Yin Ma and Ang Kong. Thank you for all the popee popee.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Great Eastern 30K run

The weekend started of with a lot of activities prior to race day. On the very first thing on Saturday morning it was picking up the race bib from Frank who collected it on behalf of me. Kamsiah a lot. Next was to deliver a pair of shoe to a customer waiting for me around the town area. And then proceeding to do a reckee at Zoo Negara (after picking up RWM) with Der Pacemakers Organising Committee. And this take up the first part of the day and my feeling to race day is feeling good. Very relax and not much worries about my mild knee injury although it hurt at times. Then is resting for the rest of the day before going out to do some new year shopping and followed by dinner. Back home and more rest before the day ends.

Sunday, and its race day. Started the day early. Do the usual morning business, had breakfast and drive to Lake Gardens hoping that i am early to get a parking spot. Arrived at Bukit Aman carpark and its oredi filled with runners and car parked at the respective lots. Managed to find one near to our usual Platinum Club parking lot. Once settled down, starting changing to my running attire (its not a free show, so dont worry). Next is to fuel up my body with a pack of Weider IN Power jelly drink . This will probably able to help sustain my energy level till the 20k mark ~ oredi proven during Penang Marathon. Then its gliding time, I mean oiled my body at areas sensitive to chafing and its non other than Body Glide. Stretching was the next thing to do before completing the entire routine prior to the race.

Then together with Lawrence followed by Frank, Chee Kong, Lynn, Chin Chin and their Penang gang, we walked towards the starting point which is located at Tapak A, Lake Gardens. As usual we see runners all over the place, some that we know personally and some new faces. Thin ones, fat ones, fair ones, dark ones, sexy ones, talkative ones, quiet ones, shy shy ones etc, etc you name it, the race have it !!!! Everyone mingled around and soon I have lost sight of Lawrence because I am suppose to follow his buntut or tailgate him in this race (as he will be a good pacer in view of my mild knee injury)

Soon all the runners were requested to be at the starting point as the race will be starting in 5 mins time. I am feeling very very relax and good at that moment. No kancheong-ness feeling. Only have an urge to go toilet and quickly got it done. As I came out from the mobile toilet I heard a BANG and the race got started. I was right at the end of the pack together with Abu Power

And now my style of writing will change mode to Der Pacemakers style. Wat a way to start the 1st race report in that way.

To be continued.........

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Reckee @ Zoo Negara

Zoo Negara

A stream at the zoo

I have lovely horns

I like to move it, move it

That's wat frenz are for......

How low can you go?

Am I pretty?

Do I looked like Sang Kancil?

Why are you looking at me with a blur face !!!!

Hey go away, I am doing my pooh pooh

How dare you come near me....

Watch out for RunWitMe posting, he will have more exciting pictures and videos.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Its the time of the year that firecrackers are let off especially in China and all countries throughout the world that celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. In Malaysia there is no exceptions that the new year is also celebrated in a large scale by the Chinese Malaysians. Everyone will be busy preparing for the festive season and looking forward to go back to their respective hometown (for those who have migrated to the city to work)

But one thing for sure, burning of firecrackers are totally ban in Malaysia by the gomen. The reason given was that its not safe endangering the possibility of burnt casualties and causing disaster like fires. Although the ban was in place, every year we still get to experience those celebrating the festive season letting out firecrackers especially on the first day of the lunar year, the eighth day of the lunar new year (an important and auspicious day for the Hokkiens) and Chap Goh Mei, the fifteen day of the lunar new year.

If there was ban, why are we still having situation where people can get hold of these firecrackers. Yes you knew the answer - SMUGGLING !!!!. And we heard news reports that these smugglers are raided and how much of firecrackers are recovered. So my next question is what happened to all these firecrackers that are confiscated by the police......where does it goes to? Your answer is as good as mine.....**devil grin**

When such incidents happening year in year out and the police have no means to stop and eradicate all these smuggling of firecrackers, why dont the gomen be SMARTER and I mean PLEASE BE SMARTER and legalise the burning of firecrackers in Malaysia. Let the importers bring in the firecrackers and impose a sales tax on it. Immediately you will solve the problem of illegal smuggling (although it will not be 100%) but at least lessen the activities. Secondly the country are guarantee with extra tax revenue on a yearly basis when Malaysia celebrate the Chinese Lunar Year. Isnt this a brilliant idea and yet the gomen have no interest to act on it. They can and will claimed that firecrackers are dangerous and create disasters like fire. Well isnt the rate of road accidents in Malaysia a disaster nowadays killing so many lives. Tell me which is more dangerous. Then why dont Malaysia ban the use of cars to avoid all these accidents??

Recently I watched a documentary that shows how China managed and control the burning of firecrackers during the celebration of the Chinese Lunar New Year. Although it is legalise yet the Chinese gomen deploy their police force to ensure the burning of firecrackers are done in a safe manner and in a controlled environment. Malaysia, please learn from others. You dont need to send a group of good for nothing to China to emulate this. Just watch that documentary.

Lift the ban of firecrackers and Bee End should get the votes of the Chinese community in the next general election, trust me. Else your fallout will be even faster.

GONG XI FA CAI and long live the firecrackers.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

So Long, Farewell.....

Well its time to say GOODBYE. A wish to greet all the best and see you again soon. This was what happened last Friday on 9 Jan 2009 when the group had a farewell dinner for Geraldine Low who will be migrating (with her family) to another part of the world before CNY. We (Jamie, Lawrence, Frank, Lynn, Luc, Loke and myself) had our dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen @ KLCC for a get together as a group together with GL.

No running this time but just a small function to catch up but runners being runners, and after a while the conversation swing to a running mode. Anyway all of us had some good food but the downside was the pizza oven broke down at the restaurant, so all of us have to settle for pasta instead. Food was good although it was on the heavy side. I wonder if we had pizza, what will we end up !!!! Will try to come back again as the pizza menu looks interesting and there are 2 vegetarian selections as well which I didnt get to try out.

To cut the story short, the group had chipped in to buy a farewll gift for GL and its non other than a bubblegum colored Oakley. I would said its a very stylo-milo kind of sport shade and it looks good on GL. A good choice of selection from Jamie and Frank. In return each one of us also got a surprise gift from GL plus a THANK YOU card. So nice of her.

For me personally, I think I have known GL for around 2 to 2.5 years. It was actually through one of our running friends
KC Leong who was asking me if my Saturday group (who runs at Lake Gardens) mind to have a lady runner joining us for our morning runs. At that time my group is a fairly small group consisting of Eugene Lee (who had since move his base to Singapore), Brader Ben (kind of semi retirement and most of the time FFK on us, and now focussing in building his biz empire) and Wong Sifu (who is kind of retire from running). I told KC why not and no problem having a lady runner as an addition but we found out she is no easy meat when it comes to running. She will just burn the tarmac and speed off like a hare leaving us chasing. And that is her running characteristics till today. A real good pacer if you can maintain the kind of speed she runs. Hehehe !!!!

And finally to end this posting, I wish you & your family all the best and see you again. Maybe you can be our host when we go over there to run a marathon in the near future.

Sunday, January 04, 2009


Ran 28k (GE30k simulation run) with the Platinum Gang ~ Jamie, Lawrence, Frank, Lynn, Loke. What a way to start the year with such a long run.... Boy Oh Boy, and I was struggling especially towards the end of the run.

Anyway didnt regret running the distance and I must tell all who are running the GE30k, this 30k is a KILLER route. Watch out for all the hills !!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Badminton Legend

I was with a badminton legend of Malaysia during my recent escapade to one of the island near Ipoh. I used to stay at his beach resort whenever I visit the island, and this time got the honor to take a picture with him. He is non other than Datuk
Tan Yee Khan, one of our famous doubles player during the 1960's and won numerous All-England Championship and Thomas Cup events.

Datuk Tan Yee Khan and partner Ng Boon Bee with the Thomas Cup

Datuk Tan Yee Khan - 2nd from left with the Thomas Cup winning team

Friday, January 02, 2009

2009 Movies

There are quite a number of good movies currently running and I have yet to watch anyone of them. Must make sure I watch them, else have to go to the DVD store again !!!!

Cicak Man - Planet Hitam

Yes Man

Ip Man

But for 2009, I want to make it big in producing movies. And therefore I am holding talks with 4 individuals to obtain copyrights and hopefully make it big on the silver screen (besides selling Saucony shoes and Injinji socks) Watch out for Ccube Productions from AmpangWood !!!!

My 4 movies will be:

CARBOMAN ~ The Adventure
TOMOTAMAN ~ The Crazy Tomato Man
ULTRAMAN ~ Impossible is Null

WATERMAN ~ Paris Sojourner