Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The passing of a skillful seamstress from Ipoh

September 22 or The Mooncake Festival (The 15th day of the Eighth month on the Chinese calender) will always be remembered  and in my heart. Thats the day my mum passed away at 8.30pm on the nite when we are about to celebrate the Mooncake Festival.

She passed away peaceful holding her last breath with the watchful and teary eyes of my family (me, my wife and 2 children) besides her.  No struggling for breath what so ever and with a peaceful posture bid farewell to the world she was born 84 years ago.

Mum learn sewing when she was very young and eventually became a very skillful dressmaker specialising in female dresses.  Her customers ranges from young  teenagers, housewifes and cabaret gogo gals. I must said that her skill was to the perfection, where she will do the measurement herself, cut the material to the right measurement and sew the clothing up, all by herself.  She even sew the hemlines herself but during the Chinese New Year period when there are more customers, my cousin and myself offered our help to do it. We were paid some money for helping up and this goes as my pocket money to spend during Chinese New Year.

A great article about her can be found here.

Her last trip with us in Cameron Highlands

Mum had a fall 3 months ago and had a hairline fracture/displacement on her right arm at my brother's house in Singapore.  I brought her back to my home in KL to nurse her and also it will be easier for those relatives who wants to visit her during this period.

Over the 3 months, her condition was good and bad.  One day she can be looking very alert talking to everyone and another day she will look very drowsy and tired sleeping throughout the day.  Her appetite to eat deteriorate day by day, from semi solid food to 100% liquid food.  Under such condition, her health also slowly becoming worst.  We can notice that she is getting thinner and thinner day by day, and eventually showing sign that she had difficulties in swallowing,  Thats the signal of the throat is shrinking and will eventually leads to organs shutting down,

We were mentally prepare for the worst but will give her the utmost care to make here as comfortable as possible.  Eventually the heart and other organs of her body start shutting down and on the nite of Sept 22, 2010 she was called to Nirwana by Amitabha Buddha.  The moment she passed away with me confirming that there is no breathing at all, my buddhist friends came over to my house to do a 12hr prayers for her before we do any necessary things like arranging for the police to certify her death and moving her body to the funeral parlour.

After the 12 hours prayer, I then started to get in touch with the funeral parlour to get all logistics done up and informed my relatives of the passing away of my mum.  It was difficult times for my family and we were fortunate that our buddhist friends were all around to support, help and assist in getting things moving.

And finally by late afternoon around 4pm, I got everything sorted out from getting the police certifying my mum's death to moving her body to the funeral parlour.  It will be a Buddhist service for 2 nites conducted by some monks and also prayers offerings from the nuns and buddhist friends from the temple where my family go for the Sunday services and Dharma talk.

Our family and relatives paying their last respect

Mum's funeral was on 25 Sept, and she was cremated at the DBKL crematorium and her ashes was placed at the Chee Wan San Temple at Jalan Sg Besi, Salak South area.  I hoped she will Rest In Peace and be lead and protected by Amitabha in Nirwana.

Mum, may you rest in peace.  AMITABHA.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mooncake Festival aka Mid Autumn Festival

 Jong Chou Jit Fai Lok.  Today is the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calender (Year Of Tiger).  On this very day the Chinese communities across the world celebrate what is termed as the Mid Autumn Festival (in China, HK and Taiwan) and this part of the world, we called it Mooncake Festival.

 Over here we celebrate by lighting up all sorts of lanterns around our house. This is generally done by the children and the adults will be sitting outdoor enjoying the full moon on the 15th day of the month.  Followed by eating mooncakes, groundnuts, cakes and sipping their best grade Chinese tea to digest all the oily food.

There is also a story very well written by my cousin on Mid Autumn Festival and you can read the 2 parts here

Part 1
Part 2

With this I would like to dedicate the 2 songs below to all readers of my blog.  Have a joyful day ahead.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I purposely make this picture big big so that everyone can see, especially the number plate.  Dont know wat car is this but the registration number is WPK 1716.

You know what.....while sending my wife to work this morning from Ampang to KL via AKLEH, I was following this car when we were Q-ing up to exit at Jln Sultan Ismail junction.  All of a sudden the passenger of this car started to throw bunch of plastic bags, crumbled papers (looks like receipts and parking tix) and small pieces of torn papers out from the car.  The passenger was trying to throw it across the concrete divider hoping that it will land on the other side where no one will notice it.  But unfortunately because all these rubbish are very light, it doesnt reach the other side of the concrete wall but end up along the road.  By looking from the back of the car, the driver is a lady and the passenger is more like a man.

WTF, what kind of manners does this fellar have.  Why cant he keep it inside the car and dispose it later at a proper place like a rubbish bin.  I flashed my headlamp at them just to try and insult them.  Not too sure if they notice it.  As we inched our way out to Jln Sultan Ismail, I am just too curious to find out who these 2 ppl are and overtook them.  Gave them a stern stare and driver was actually a lady, a very well groomed, pretty looking and well dressed lady.  The passenger was a man, also very well dressed in smart office attire.

I told myself, what king of ppl are these.  Drive a nice sporty car, very well dressed and probably a professional in certain industries, but their manners SUCKS BIG TIME!!!!!

And if anyone who read this know both of them, please tell them to have some manners.  Dont throw rubbish out from the car thinking that the road is a dumpsite.  Why dont they eat it?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Be Inspire and Do It

Not everyone is born to run a marathon or be an IronMan eventually. But if we put together our guts and will, aspire to achieve something, you can definitely do it.

Watch this video and be inspired by this 120 pounder dude who wanna change his life.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Running Skirt Promotion

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Blog Followers

To those who frequent my blog all this while, TQ for your support. And may I asked a favor from all of you.  Appreciate if you can check in as my blog follower so that at least I know who my followers are. 

For Good Health 请耐心看有关于癌细胞在什么

I received this article via email and it does make alot of sense debating why our body shud be more akaline and not acidic.  The Chinese narration was the original and its being translated into English for banana people  like me,  Although not done in very good grammar but its there for us to understand it.

Translated into English by Vincent Yeo-Koh

The reason why u are so tired - acidic blood  Under weakly alkaline condition, cancerous cells will not be able to grow, or even to survive.

Actual case studies, very important, please read patiently and pass this on.


Even if you have read this before, you should reread this,  especially the list of acidic and alkaline foodstuff , best to read several times and remember.


Please read this article in full patiently, it will be helpful to your health.


More than 30 years ago, a Mr Zhang who worked in the public sales department of a Taipei Brewery, participated in the brewery overseas study selection examination, and passed with flying colours..


Before going overseas during the physical examination at a public hospital, it was discovered that he had a tumour growth in his lung the size of a child's fist, and therefore was not able to go overseas to study.


The greatly disappointed Mr Zhang had always been suspicious that the diagnosis was wrong. So he went to another hospital for a check-up, the result confirm that previous diagnosis was not in error.


For the youthful and healthy Mr Zhang to be stricken down with  such terminal illness, in his despair, he rang his old classmate who at the time was Taidong County Government, Huangsun County Mayor's secretary, Mr Wei.


Mr Wei rushed to Taipei during his rest day on a Sunday to see Mr Zhang.


Mr Zhang discussed with Mr Wei in detail his despair and pessimism, and entrusted his friend regarding his affairs after his death. Coincidentally, Mr Wei was a good friend of Dr Lu Geling, who was in  charge of the Maijie Hospital, 1945-55, and specialised in the clinical research into cancer cases.
張先生向魏同學詳述相關絕望的詳情和悲觀感受,並請位同學協助其後事,恰逢魏同學與前任馬偕醫院院長194955年專精於癌症臨床研究的呂革令 博士係知交好友。
He immediately suggested that Mr Zhang go to see Dr Lu for treatment. At first, Mr Zhang said he preferred not to see anymore doctors, so as not to add further to his misery.


But Mr Wei told him that he had telephoned Dr Lu before to seek his advice and arranged an appointment. Mr Zhang felt obligated and went with Mr Wei to meet Dr Lu


When Dr Lu met with Mr Zhang, Dr Lu said: ' Mr Wei is a friend and introduced you and I to get to know each other. This is destiny. Thank you. Let me ask you do you know why is cancer referred to as  terminal illness?'


Both Mr Zhang and Mr Wei did not know how to answer.


Dr Lu explained: 'There are only two approaches taken by humans to treat cancer to-date. The first is to destroy the source of the disease. The second is to increase the capability to fight the disease.


But the strange thing is that, whether we use Cobalt 60 or other drugs to destroy the cancer cells, before the cancer cells are killed, the good cells are destroyed first.

On the other hand, no matter what nutrients or supplements we use,  before the good cells have a chance to absorb them, the cancer cells have taken them up and it simply speeds up the growth of cancer.

Therefore both approaches are doomed to failure, that is why cancer is terminal.'


Dr Lu continues: 'Human beings are most clever, they have successfully landed on the moon. But why is it no one ever questioned the above two approaches for treating cancer  which are nothing but self defeating dead-ends, and try to seek a third avenue?


When I was conducting clinical research in Majie Hospital , I had many opportunities to work with and being helped by many colleagues in the Hospital. I discovered that the blood tests of 100% of the cancer patients showed that the blood samples are acidic.


Those Buddhist monks and nuns who are long term vegetarians and live very close to Nature, their blood are prevalently weakly alkaline and amongst them, there has yet to discover any cancer cases.


Therefore, I boldly concluded that under weakly alkaline condition, cancer cells are not able to grow, or even to survive.


Mr Zhang, I would suggest that starting from now you reduce your intake of the acidic meaty  dishes.


Take more of the alkaline food. In addition you can take green algae and soup made from water chestnuts with skin,


modify your physical condition, and try seriously to have a regular life style which is close to Nature;


If you can manage to stay alive for five years, you should have no further problem. I wish you the best of luck.'


Mr Zhang followed Dr Lu's suggestion and seriously altered his eating habits.


Every day, he ate  green algae, drank chestnut soup, be optimistic and did an appropriate amount of exercise, and went back to the same public hospital for a check up. It was discovered that not only that the tumour did not increase in size, on the contrary it showed signs of shrinking, and surprised the hospital staff conducting the check-up as a miracle. Five years later, the tumour had shrunk to such a state as to almost disappear.

After almost 40 years, presently Mr Zhang's health is totally normal, and living a very pleasant life.


Following Mr Zhang, a Mr Chen Tianshou, who was previously Head of the General Administration of the Taidong Provincial Hospital , was similarly diagnosed with lung cancer.


When Mr Wei heard of this, he told Mr Chen of the experience of Mr Zhang, and Mr Chen started to follow the instructions of Dr Lu to change his physical condition. The outcome was that he was able to recover fully from the cancer, just like Mr Zhang.


At that time, Mr Lu and his family have emigrated to the United States . After the two cases, he returned to Taiwan and met up with Mr Wei.


Mr Wei told Dr Lu about the experiences of Mr Zhang and Mr Chen, and suggested that let the two of them detailed their experiences to Dr Lu in person, so that Dr Lu could publish a report on his self cure body conditioning method.


Dr Lu very humbly replied:


'I am too old, besides, I do not have any clinical records of the outcomes. I would ask that you tell your
friends and relatives, if they are agreeable, then please continue this experience and spread the words



One should take care of oneself but should also be caring about others, 85% of cancer patients have acidic in their physical condition.

***        Blood of healthy persons is weakly alkaline in nature, with a pH of about 7.35 to 7.45

***        Babies' blood is also weakly acidic

***        As adults mature their blood becomes more acidic in nature

According to a study of 600 cancer patients, of their bodily fluid, 85% of the patients are acidic .

Therefore, how to maintain the weakly acidic nature of our body is the first step for moving far away from diseases.


Acidic physical conditions manifest itself in:

1. Skin  without lustre

2. Athlete's foot

3. Feeling tire even with very little exercise, and feeling sleepy the moment one gets on to public buses

4. Easily out of breath going up and down stairs

5. Fat and with lower stomach protruding,

6. Move slowly and movement lethargic



Why does the body physical condition turn acidic?  
1. Excessive intake of dairy acidic food


a) meat, dairy products, eggs, beef, ham, etc are acidic food

b) taking too much acidic food will cause the blood to become acidic and viscous, difficult to flow to the end of blood vessels, leading to cold feet or knee, stiff shoulders and insomnia.

c) When one is young and strong, taking suitable quantity of meat is appropriate, but older people it more suitable to have a diet which are primarily vegetables or small fish.

2. Irregularity in the pace of life will cause the body physical condition to become acidic

a) Irregular pace in life will lead to mental and physical stress

b) According to statistics, people who sleep late are more likely to have cancer than normal persons, by as much as 5 times.

c) Human beings originally lead a life with regular tempo in this world, it is not possible to store up sleep or food and not possible to change the order of living by mixing up days and nights.

d) Human organs are controlled by the autonomic nerves, and during day time it is mainly sympathetic nerves activities, and at night it is mainly the parasympathetic nerves which are functioning, If this order is disturbed and reversed, then diseases will result.

3. Emotion over tensed

a) Civilised society brings stresses
b) Job related or mental stresses

c) A person suffers mental stress, when the stress is removed and the person relaxes, sometimes this may lead to death, referred to as the syndrome of imperfect adrenal cortex function.

4. Physical Stress

a) Before any operation it would be necessary to check to see if the renal cortex does function normally. If the adrenal cortex is lacking, or if the stress imposed by the operation exceeded the ability of adrenal cortex to cope, it could lead to death or other undesirable impacts.

b) If it noted that  patient's face is puffy, it would be necessary to inquire in detail the patient's medical history and medication status, for patients taking adrenal cortical hormone, extra care should be exercise when administering acupuncture.

c) Stress due to physical labour or exercise in excess, whole night card games, driving etc should be avoided as much as possible



Appendix: Acidity/alkalinity of Common food stuff


1. Strongly acidic food: egg yolk, cheese, cake make with white sugar or persimmon, mullet fish roe, dried cod.

2. Mildly acidic food: ham, bacon, chicken meat, squid, pork, eel, beef, bread, wheat, butter, horse meat etc

3. Weakly acidic food: white rice, peanut, beer, alcohol, oil fried tofu, sea weed, clam, octopus, catfish

4. Weakly alkaline food:  red bean, radish, apple, cabbage, onion, tofu etc.

5.  Mildly alkaline food: dried radish, soya bean, carrot, tomato, banana, orange, pumpkin strawberry, egg white, dried plum, lemon, spinach, etc.

6. Strongly alkaline food: grape, tea leave, grape wine, kelp sprout, kelp, etc. Especially natural green algae which contain rich quantity of chlorophyll are very good alkaline health food, but tea should not be drunk in excess, and best to drink in the morning.

Passing this on is also a Blessing!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Girls Generation

Was introduced to this group by my son and daughter.  A followup to the success of Wonder Girls, this group consists of 9 girls tat seems to be another big hit.  At this moment the YouTube hit for their video is at 22,358,500 views.  That is a fantastic number and given their debut mini album GEE,  I think they can go far.  Lets watch out for them besides the Wonder Girls.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The show must go on

This morning run was one of the very first time I step foot to BA after almost 2 months of absence.  0515 is the start our morning run and the distance will be 30k which Loke SS, Lawrence Leong and Andrew Chan will be doing.  I am opting for a 25k and if I can get it done comfortably its oledi a bonus.

Reached BA and only a few cars at the carpark.  Recognised Jeff Ooi and Jamie cars which were there and these gungho runners are going for the supreme 50k.  Salute, Salute.  We started with  the Bird Park loop before hitting the usual BA-Hartamas-BA route.

As we complete the 2nd loop, the sky started to open up and a thunderstorm with strong wind hit us.  We have no choice but to take shelter at the public toilet area and waited for at least 15mins hoping for the rain will stop.  It didnt but by now its not as heavy.  And so rather than calling off our run, we decided the show must go on.  Under a heavy drizzle and very cold chilly condition, the 4 of us hit the road towards Hartamas.

The rain continues to hit our body and its rather cold with strong breeze making the condition rather chilly.  We continued and I felt rather hungry when I reached the Petronas station.  Although I didnt buy any food, but Lawrence cannot tahan and got himself 2 buns.  So its not only me that felt hungry bcos of the cold weather.
After a short hydration break, we made our way back to BA.  By this time, the rain had oledi stopped but the cool weather still makes the body very cold to run and take a while to get warm up.  Slowly but surely, Km after Km we make our way back and reaches the BA carpark.

Andrew and Loke opted for another loop around the Bird Park, while Lawrence and myself just called it a day after completing abt 24k for the day.  So it was a good run under a very chilly condition and we was debating how can we endure a race that  is run under sub5 Celcius condition,  That must be areal challenge.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Let there be Light

Its Sept, and very soon we will be heading towards the last quarter of 2010.  Time really flies.  But for me I have been hibernating in terms of blogging.  The blog count as of to-date is only 10 for the past 8 months.  My average blog posting since 2005 is 120 blogs a year.  Those following my blog must be wandering wats happening

Yes, thats my blog titled "Wat's happening, Life is more than....."  For the past 8 months life is more than just blogging and facebooking.  I have spent more time on Facebook as updating instant happenings is a lot faster and take less time.  But never did I realised that blogging will give one a wider scope to express themselves in a more passionate manner.  Moreover, it will also allow one to chart down the happenings and become an article for future readings to rekindle the good, bad, happy and sad memories.

Also during these time, I really have no initiative to blog due to laziness and no inspirasi to think of anything to write. Hence I took a short break and wants to come back stronger.  Just like running, one cannot keep training day in day out, go for races week in week out.  There must be a time when we must give our body a rest, recover well and come back even stronger!!   One must know how to re-generate our own interest when we get bored otherwise we may end up in a depression mode.  Then everything seems to be so boring and unattractive.

Never, never have yourself end up in such a situation. Else you become a DEAD FROG. I told myself  I will never be a dead frog. I am just taking a break.  A short break....To rekindle, rejuvenate, refresh, renew............  And I know I will bounce back, just a matter of time. Strong as ever.

It will be a long straight road ahead from now on, fill with inspiration and determination  Looking back at the past 8 months, I just have to move forward and work hard to finish 2010 with a BANG.  There will definitely be hurdles and challenges even within the next 3 months.  Just have to paddle hard and keep moving.  A quote gotten from Ling King Keong Facebook comment ~ "The past is behind, learn from it.  The future is ahead, prepare for it"

And lastly let me wish all my Muslim frenz a joyful Selamat Hari Raya Aidilitri.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Stanchart KL Marathon 2010 Race Report

This is a race that i hv no intention to run and therefore I didnt register for it. Why....because its just barely one month after my ultra race in Sundown Sg. But one thing in mind prompted me to give it a shot when i was actively participating in the Full Marathon Virgins (FMVs) Facebook page.  I was kind of obligated to pace a group of newbies running their virgin race.  I thot it will be good to give back to the running communities and doing a sub6 hour pace for the run will not be too much of a burden.

So in search of a bib goes underway.  Whether to buy it at a cheaper price or hoping to have a kind samaritan to give away their bib FOC and I run with it.  Not on a panic mode though as I know there will always be last minute dropouts.  I posted my rquest on FB, blogs and running forums to see if I am lucky.  As the race date gets nearer, I got a SMS from Joyce Wong saying that she had a FOC bib and the runner will give it to me. He will collect the bib and will keep the race vest, whilst I can have the number and if I complete the race within qualifying time, I can keep the medal and Finisher T.  Thats a good deal.  And now I am all set.

So come 27 June 2010, I headed out to the race site at Dataran Merdeka. Met up with Loke SS at the basement carpark and we proceed to the meeting point of the Full Marathon Virgins (FMV) group that assembled themselves at the fountain opposite the church.  Get to meet the FMVs in person after all the chatting via Facebook.  Informed them that I will be running a sub6 hr pace and if anyone interested to follow, just tailgate me.  But I also told them not to let me slow them down if they think they can run at a faster pace and finish within the 5 hours mark.

Photo session with the group and soon its time to masuk kandang. By the time Loke SS and myself were inside, there were alot of running kakis there liao.  5 mins to gun off, the sky decides to open up.  It started off with light drizzle and then it became heavier.  By the time the race was abt to start, most of us are already drenched.  It will be a wet run at least from the beginning and doesnt know how long the rain will last.

I started off very slowly and this will be a slow slow run for me.  Anyway SLOW IS BEAUTIFUL.  Let me have the chance to enjoy my run without much pressure of achieving certain time.  And since Eric Poh is trying to run a sub6 race, I have offered to pace him as long as he can follow me.  So we set foot together and so bumped into Steve from Seremban.  He is also run at an easy pace and target was also a sub6 marathon.

Eventually we have a threesome followed by a few FMVs which I dont remember their names at that very moment, paiseh paiseh!!!!  We just stick in a 7min pace which is very easy and at times I actually ran a tad faster, and left both Eric and Steve behind.  Then I hv to slow down and wait for them to catch up.  We got the chance to run around KL City and this continues.  Nothing dramatic until the 24k or 25k when Steve started to drop back around Jalan Yap Kwan Seng before we head towards Jalan Tun Razak.

I looked back and he waved to us to carry on.  So from a threesome, it became a twosome now and even some of the fMVs had dropped off even at the earlier stages.  Eric and myself continue our journey (running into Jalan Ipoh) and still managing a 7min pace which he is able to sustain. Very good fo him.  I told him that he probably had to watch out at the 30k mark, as thats when a marathon starts.  If any, unthinkable problems will start to surface at this point and can cause all sorts of problem from fatigue and tiredness to severe cramps out fo a sudden.  So I told him to take it easy and if he need to slow down by all means just to conserve energy.

Eric started to take my advise and slow down somewhere ard the 28k mark.  He doesnt seems to be suffering from anything but he looks a bit tired.  Hence slowing down will be good for him and can have some reserve to finsih the last 12k to 14k.  From the 30k mark I ran solo on my own as most of those following me have kind of slowed down.  Well thats the best I can do, getting them to at least the 3/4 mark of the race.  The route along Jalan Ipoh was long and hot/humid coupled with heavy traffic with all the carbon monoxide from the vehicles.

No choice but to carry on and approached into Jalan Kuching.  Not too far after running I bumped in Cheong, my Bukit Indah neighborhood running kaki.  Ran with him for while and chit chat, then I moved on. Then from afar I saw Terence Poon pacing Lee Yong which is trying to achieve a sub6 timing.  Lee Yong was struggling abit due to the intense heat by that time but Terence is pushing yet encouraging her to push on slowly.  We ran together for awhile before Terence asked me to go ahead and not let them slow me down.  Run ahead I went and caught up with the 6hr Official pace for the event.  Chat with Malcalm and continued running.

The Segambut roundabout was approaching and I knew before long I will run into Jalan Bukit Tunku where the 36k mark will be, and also the support station of FMVs. I so reach there as saw Wendy from Ipoh. She looks tired but I got her to run with me as far as she can since its only 6k to the finishing line.

And soon from afar I saw the FMVs sign and the support crew were in sight.  Kash and husband and Jue were there to greet me.  Kash gave me a bottle of Gatorade and pour a bottle of ice cold water over my head. That was refreshing.  I stop awhile to thank them and move on.  By this time Wendy had movbeed ahead but eventually caught up with her at the Tijani junction, and then overtook her as she was already slowing down.

Worked my way thru the hilly terrain before going downhill at the "S" slope and nearing the JKR building.  We gotta make a slight detour and go uphill before making a U-turn to make up the 42.195k.  As I was approaching down hill towards Bank Negara junction. Wendy had caught up and on the other side.  I waved and get her to speed up, and then further down the road at the Bank Negara junction I met up with Tony Q. And tha was the 40k mark and 2k to go. He was complaining his shoe was giving way which slows him down and also both the legs were real tired.

We make our way together towards Jalan Raja Laut, and eventually Wendy caught.  Three of us ran together and did teh U-Turn at Pertama Complex and going for the final stretch of around 600m to 700m towards the finishing.  We ran together side by side and got cheers from those supporters along the street that we knew.  These 2 are well know athlete in the Tri and cycling communities and definitely u will get alots of applause as we ran.

And finally we crossed the finishing line in 5h 41mins.  Wendy did her maiden marathon under sub6 hrs and I am satisfied for finsihing another one eventhough I have only ran an ultra barely one month ago.

Note: Pictures courtesy from Kho, RunWitMe and Lydia