Sunday, February 22, 2009

KL City Run 10k

Picture courtesy of RunWitMe

First 10k race of the year. The race will be a test of speed as it will be run over Kenny Hills and out to Jalan Duta (where one need to climb the hill after Hoki Stadium) and then Jalan Parlimen before heading back to Dataran Merdeka. This route as measured before is around 10.8k

My plan is to sustain an average of sub5 minutes throughout the race. I know its not easy especially in the first 3k to 4k as I know I need to conserve energy for the 2nd part as its going to be hilly.

Met all the usual running friends like Jamie, Cheang, Lynn, Chin Chin, Loke SS, PM gang and many more. Race started on time by the Ketua Pengarah of DBKL. The first 2k was ran in a control and cautious manner and gradually increase my speed. Once I hit Km3, I increased my speed further and maintain it and then took on the hill near Hoki Stadium. I pushed a bit harder once on the downhill and its already Km6 now. Continue to push hard till Km7.

Knowing very well that there will be another uphill to climb at Jalan Parlimen, I slow down a bit to conserve some energy ( if I push harder ahead I wont be able to sustain it and pancit). As I reach Jalan Parlimen, took on the hill slowly and pickup some speed once I reached the Lake Garden junction. At this moment dont have much reserve to push harder and therefore just maintain pace throughout till I reached Dataran Merdeka.

The finishing point is inside the Selangor Club padang and all runners have to make a right turn after running along Dataran Merdeka. There is not much sprinting towards finsihing as I am quite sure & safe I should be able to get a finisher medal (150 medals for Jr Veteran category). Crossed the finishing point in 55.07mins and position 49.

Pretty satisfied with my time although I didnt manage to sustain an average sub5 mins pace for the race. Only manage 5.03min per km and more speedwork needed for the rest of the running season. Overall a great outing and at least a benchmark to tell me of my speed level.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sun Tzu Art Of War (Sūn Zǐ Bīng Fǎ)

PKR (28 seats)
BN (28 seats - 7 suspended)
Independence (3 seats)

Under such circumstances, PKR should rightful be forming the new Perak gomen again. If BN dont follow policies to dissolve gomen, then this time round with the suspension of 7 newly appointed state exco, BN had only 21 seats. PKR no need to follow policies too.

As reported by NST, Suspension of MB, Exco can't be legally challenged: Bar Council. Therefore the decision by Perak assembly speaker V. Sivakumar to suspend the menteri besar and his six executive councillors as assemblymen cannot be challenged in court, the Malaysian Bar Council said today.

The BN team is not a good strategist (and will never be), didnt forsee this will hit them back kau2, those right hand man are not capable to look forward and strategise, whereas PKR have the likes of Sun Tzu teaching at their finger tips.

As Sun Tzu said "Know Yourself Know Your Enemies, In A Hundred Battles You Will Always Come Out A WINNER"

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Privacy in BolehLand

Can Elizabeth Wong (state assemblywoman for Bukit Lanjang) had her own privacy. It doesnt really matter what she had done outside of her political role (which is public facing). And we judged her capability based on the way she carry out her duties and execution. What she is doing after that is a personal life and its non of my business. In this case she is not like our infamous Chua Soi Lek who was caught bedding with another woman, when he has a wife and a family. The case is totally different.

So Kill Toyol, please shut your stupid big mouth in instigating the public and pressure her to resign. You have no blardy rights to do that. Do something more credible and dont be just a lalang and ride on the wave for free. You are just a good for nothing to me. I pity UMNO if you are their youth leader.

The person who circulate those nude photos of her shud be prosecuted and put to jail for causing a violation of personal life. Police, now is the time to prove to the public that you can execute properly. Go find that dude where he is and charged him for intrusion of privacy.

Eli Wong, you shud not resign as you was a victim in the current situation. You have done nothing immoral. Dont let those morons (from Betul Najis) that barks unnecessary affect you emotionally. Thats so much I can support you, the rest is up to your own personal decision. Good luck.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


You may have read this before, but I thought its good to post it for those who are not aware of what barley can do for them.

Healing and cleansing with barley

High in fibre, barley is also a kidney cleanser. Better yet, regular intake of it helps prevent heart disease. BARLEY water was always a regular drink when we were still living at home. Whenever we had to go for a medical exam that included a urine test, my mum would make us drink barley water a day before it to make sure we got a positive result!

My mother was a wise woman. I later found out from an Australian naturopath that barley is known to be a kidney cleanser, and he happily downed glasses of it at a meal we had in a coffee-shop here.

Barley is good for your intestinal health too. Try to eat the barley grains you find in your drink or sweet broth with fu chook (beancurd skin) and ginkgo nuts.

It's high in fibre which feeds the friendly bacteria in the colon and helps speed up the transit of fecal matter in it. In this way it helps prevent haemorrhoids and colon cancer.

The propionic acid and beta glucan from barley's insoluble fibre also help lower cholesterol and prevent the formation of gallstones.

Eating barley regularly is a preventive step against heart disease as, besides the fibre content, it is also high in niacin, a B vitamin good for lowering cholesterol.

Diabetics should eat more barley as the fibre will prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high. It also provides relief from constipation or diarrhoea for those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Barley is rich in selenium which prevents cancer and relieves symptoms of asthma and arthritis. It is a good source of manganese, copper and phosphorous.

Malt sugar comes from sprouted barley which, when fermented, is an ingredient in beer and other alcoholic beverages.

Barley, whose Latin name is hordeum vulgare, has been cultivated for more than 10,000 years.

Since ancient times, barley has been used for healing purposes and has been known to the Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Athletes in Greece and Rome in those days were known to eat barley bread to give them strength.

Besides the usual things we do with barley, I enjoy having it in a western soup. The larger pearl barley is used and I love the sticky bite of it.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Thats my new source of regular food. I love petai since I was a young boy but only eating it occasionally. But this year I have kind of include petai as part of my regular diet on my dinner table or treat it as a kind of fruit. There are lots of good benefits from petai as described on the Internet and I will see if all these will compliment me as a runner and an active outdoor person.

A short writeup from one of the website I found:

Petai contains three natural sugars -sucrose, fructose and glucose. Combined with fiber, petai gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. Research has proved that just two servings of petai provide enough energy for a strenuous 90-minute workout. No wonder petai is the number one fruit with the worlds leading athletes. But energy isnt the only way petai can help us keep fit. It can also help overcome or prevent a substantial number of illnesses and conditions, making it a must to add to our daily diet.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Love Us, Not Eat Us !

"Meat is after all, nothing more than a dead animal or parts of a dead animal. Animals which lived in unimaginable suffering, and died in great pain, sorrow and terror... to become 'meat'.
I used to be an extremely heavy meat and fish eater but became vegetarian very easily (just within a couple of weeks). Guess I sort of became suddenly 'enlightened' to the truth of meat eating.

To me now, meat eaters, inside them is a graveyard of dead animals. Just imagine tummies and guts filled with dead pigs, chickens, fish, prawns, etc... Easy to be vegetarian like that...
: ) "


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Effective, clean, friendly - Perak new government

Barisan Nasional will retain the hearts of Perak people by ensuring the government is effective, clean and friendly, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said.

YB DPM Najib... tell me what you can do for Perak. 50 years had passed by. After the tin mining era what have BN done for the Silver State. If you cannot do anything for Perak 50 years ago, what is the possibility of doing something special now. We are not kids still sucking our milk bottle.

Lets be very transparent. Tell me 5 things (i dont need more) that you can do to stimulate the growth of the state. If you can execute it well and Perak be prosperous, I take my hates off to you that you have done your job as the DPM or by that time PM !!!!! Prove your worthiness and not just singing the "Lompat Si Katak Lompat" song.

Dont cut corners to get support, show your worthiness to get TRUE SUPPORT if you are going to be a PM that will be respected by the Rakyat Of Malaysia. Until and unless you prove yourself, I dont think I have respect for you at the moment. Respect is gain not bought.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Looking for True Love

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Wat the F is this?

Take it or leave it

Is this the way to promote tourism in Malaysia?? I have been a regular visitor to Mount Kinabalu for the past 6-7 years, taking groups of trekkers up the summit. Its was until last year when there was a price hike as well as the entire management of the lodging was outsource to Sutera Santuary Lodges (own by the Sutera Harbour Group). We are forced to take up the climb package from them else we can forget about the summit. And guess what the package is a rip off as far as I am concern. Thats RIDICULOUS!!!!

Sabah Parks director, Paul Basintal, says that the price of accommodation at Kinabalu Park, including on the mountain, is mentioned under Clause 30 of the Agreement between Sabah Parks and Kinabalu Nature Resort Sdn Bhd (now known as Sutera Sanctuary Lodges).

“The company requires approval from the Board of Trustees of the Sabah Parks if it plans to increase the rates,” Basintal says in an e-mail.

The Board includes officials from Sabah’s Tourism Development, Environment, Science and Technology, Finance and Natural Resources Ministries.

“In 2008, the company introduced the mountain climbing package (lodging inclusive of five meals), thus leading to the increase of price.”

Sutera Sanctuary Lodges (SSL) pays an annual resthouse fee of RM986,000 to Sabah Parks in exchange for the handling of lodge operations. However, SSL doesn’t contribute to any conservation or research projects for Kinabalu.

From this reply, it looks like the changes are here to stay and climbing Kinabalu is a take-it-or-leave-it option. Either you save up and plan your climb way in advance or drop all your plans and go elsewhere.