Monday, February 26, 2007

Sai Kai Ball

Welcome to the World Of Internet, the place that you can download, read, check and find anything of your interest. And now, the World of Football can be access thru the Internet via this site. Hopefully you will find this site useful for those clips of major EPL matches and great teams of the past.

Enjoy yourself......


This CNY didnt give me a good start to the Year of the Boar. I wasnt feeling too well in the first 2 days of CNY and went to visit a doctor. To my surprise my blood pressure was way above the normal 120/80. It was showing 150/90. Doctor advised was to monitor it for 1-2 weeks before prescribing any medication to me. Over the week, the pressure went up and back to the borderline like a yoyo.

Didnt run much as well because of doing lotz of visting in Ipoh and Melaka. I know my chances of having high blood pressure is pretty high since my dad was having it in his younger its more like a genes thingy. So from now on have to watch out on my diet (especially salty and oily food) to ensure the pressure gets down, else I will be asking for trouble. Hopefully continue to run will help keep the blood pressure and cholesterol level down + the medication. Well life must go on, but now I have to be very careful in what I eat.

I will be visiting the doctor again today to get my blood pressure check. I know I will have to take some medication at least for a short term to check my blood pressure and plus the doctor giving me the clearence to run KLIM07, else I will have to give it a rain check. Moreover I hope my form is back (after dormant for almost more than 1 week) by March 18 to compete in KLIM07.

Well lets see how it goes......

Friday, February 16, 2007

Kong Hei Fatt Choy

Kong Hei Fatt Choy to everyone and may the Piggy Year also bring you GOOD HEALTH besides wealth. Drive safely and be considerate on the road for those travelling back to their respective hometown. Remember for once, this is NOT a race......The first to reach home will NOT be given a medal !!!!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dont simply open your BIG mouth

Today in The SUN, this Datuk Seri Zainuddin dude (Information Minister) openly said "Put local faces on TV Ads" to reduce the domination of Pan-Asian faces in commercials. Use more Malaysian faces for the ads instead.

Did he know what he is talking?? And I think in no time he will get bombarded left, right and centre. Watch my words. This happened before if I remembered correctly that Rahmat dude said he will ban all advertisement that uses foreigners as the cast.

Tell me now, do these faces below look more like Pan-Asians or Malaysians. These are the faces that we seen in the local ads most of the time and I believed they are probably the most sort after. And they are all MALAYSIANS!!!!. Anyway we Malaysians are already campur oredi (mixed blood).

Who can really tell me how a true Malaysian looks like????

Saturday, February 03, 2007

How fast can I run

Today I am running my second 20k LSD (Bkt Aman-Hartamas Petronas-Bkt Aman) within one week. Running buddies this morning are Fook - Miri Runner, Wong Sifu, Geraldine - The Hare, Pelle - Volvo for Life and Lynn.

As we started off at 10mins past six, my legs were a bit stiff after the 20k Thaipusam run on Thursday. Just take it slowly following behind the pack and was chatting all the way with Wong Sifu. After crossing Jalan Duta and onto the Govt offices, I was feeling good and decided to go for a faster pace and see whether I can reach Petronas station under 57mins. Step on the turbo and speed off after turning into Sri Hartamas. Fook was following closely behind and I think its good for both of us to do some speedwork in a LSD run. Push myself all the way and reaches Petronas in 56mins07secs.

I was happy with the timing. Fook came in, then followed by Geraldine, Pelle and WongSifu. Had our drink, a quick rest and saw Mr Pia reaches the station. Greeted him Good Morning and we went off for the return leg.

As usual started off very slowly at an easy pace, and again chatting with Wong Sifu. Pelle, Geraldine and Fook were the front pack. Still running at an easy pace until we crossed Jln Duta and into Kenny Hills. At Tejani's, the Elite pack of Pacemakers overtook us. First was Saiful, followed by Kenny, Ronnie and then Lai FS. I tried following them but their speed is way too fast for me. I increased my pace again after Tejani and again try to shoot for a negative split when reaching Bkt Aman carpark. Because of mostly downhill, my stride is bigger and faster. Soon I reaches Bank Rakyat junction and push myself up the last slope and reaches the carpark in 54mins34secs.

A negative split and both legs were ran under 60mins. Hopefully my pace over longer distance is improving. At the carpark showed off the Saucony 2007 Spring model to some runners around and also the Beginners Group managed by Jamie and Wan Yew Loong.

Build up to KLIM07 will continue.......

Wu Tai Shan 五台山

Stairway to Heaven, Pilgrims ascending sacred Mount Tai Shan.

Wu Tai Shan is the Buddhist scared mountain of the north. Located in a mountainous region of Shanxi province it actually consists of five sacred peaks in the center of which is the small monastic village of Taihuai. At one time Wu Tai Shan had over 300 temples and monasteries but today the number has been reduced to only about 30 or so with about half of them clustered about the village of Taihuai.

Wu Tai Shan will be my destination come April where I will be travelling with a group of pilgrims to visit this Buddhist holy places. Besides visiting all the temples found within the mountain, I will probably have the chance to do some mild trekking within the mountains. I will be looking forward to this pilgrimage and trekking trip.