Wednesday, March 28, 2007

PD 1/2 Marathon

There is a FREE bib in the Mens Open category for this Sunday race. Those interested to pick it up please contact the following individual.


Sunday, March 25, 2007

A lazy run

Saturday run was a lazy recovery run after KLIM07. Guess who turn up in the morning.....Lifemou. Finally he turn up after MIA for a while. I thot it was a good sign that this fellar is coming back. He can be a very fast runner if he trains well and a good pacer too. Captim Ron aka PM1 was with us too. Little Ant was around too with her fren. As this fren of her is no other than The Gal aka Yee Hua, which ran the first 25k together with me in the recent KLIM07. Lynn, her brother and his fren was also in the run. Today was also the day I tried out the Saucony Triumph4 for a longer run. This will probably be my preferred shoe for PBM07 else will stick to the old faithful Trigon4 Guide.

As usual, Lifemou speed off together with Geraldine and PM1, while Jamie and DK was running in front of us. Just running at talking pace so as to make sure the muscle are well stretch but not stressed too much. In our conversation Little Ant was thinking of doing the full marathon in Singapore this year, which I fully encourgae except that Little Ant had to do more long runs like 25k to build a good foundation. Yee Hua was supposed to move to Singapore permanently sometime in June to join her husband which is no other than Ben Swee aka Ironman Dreamer.

While on the way back Little Ant and The Gal stop running near Tijani. They wanted to take a slow walk back and I continue running back slowly. Taking it very slowly and soon I am back at the carpark at Bukit Aman. Jamie, PM1, Lifemou and Geraldine was having a conversation when I arrived. I joined into their converstaion and after resting for a while went for my shower.

A slow and lazy recovery run after KLIM07. The Triumph4 seems Ok except that the Archlock is a bit tight for my feet. Maybe I shud loosen the shoe string a bit to compensate for its tightness in my next run on it. Else the cushioning is perfect and seems to need very little run in for a brand new rubber trainer.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Everyone Runs. Eventually.

Here's an addicting advergame from Saucony in support of it's new Saucony Propel shoe.

Check out the site.

Pimp Your Ride

More runners are spending big bucks on orthotics. Should they be in your shoes, too?

Read On, a contribution from the Runners World.

And that leads to a product that I am also recommending not only to people who have shoulder pain problem, neck muscle ache or knee pain problem but also to runners. More infor on the archcare orthotics.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Running DJ

Whether you called this coincidence or fated, you have to tell me that.

Firstly I met Dany Matias during the collection of bib for the recent KLIM07. Both of us were early at the OCM hall and while waiting for the collection booth to be ready to serve us, we got engaged into a conversation. I got to find out that his profession was a DJ. After probing more, he reviewed that he was a DJ for red 104.9, where he read news and host his own show on Saturday. He mentioned that the station is own by The STAR and asked me to support him by listening more to their station. And while talking, the collection booth is now ready to serve us. It was a good 10-15mins that our conversation lasted, and by the time we collected our bibs, we parted our own ways and wish each other good luck.

Come race day, while I was registering myself to enter the cage......I bumped into Dany again. I greeted him and say hello. He does recognised me but could not remember my name. Out of so many people, I saw him again. Greeted him good luck and not too long after that the race was started. Dany was not in my sight anymore.

And to cut the story short, after I crossed the finishing line of the race and collected my medal and goodies bad, I went straight to the back. There I saw a figure standing there and it was Dany again. It was the third time that I got the chance to see him again. Am I fated to see him over and over again, or izit 3rd time lucky. We exchanged some words and I was made known by him that he finished the race in 4:10, and that was a very good time I told him. Then I said goodbye to him and walked towards where all the PMs are located.

So now I have
a new running fren from the entertainment industries. And maybe we can train together one of these days and he will buy some Saucony shoes from me. Crossed my fingers.

And to give him some support I have been tuning into
red 104.9 for the past two days to check them out. My regular MIX FM station will have to share my airtime with them at least for the time being. Thats the power of the running communities.

Monday, March 19, 2007

KLIM07 Race Report - 18 March 2007

As in my previous posting it was 20 years ago that I ran the KLIM, and that was in 1987. The morning started very early with me waking up at 2.45am. Wash myself up and have a cup of oats with soya milk (these have been my breakfast for the past 3 weeks) for breakfast, and by the time I started to leave home, it is almost 3.15am.

Reached Bukit Aman carpark at around 3.45am and there are already people there. Put on my vest and apply petrol jelly to all the sensitive areas to prevent any friction and chafing. It was 4.ooam now and I decided to walk to Dataran Merdeka for my registration. Took me about 10 mins to reach the starting point at Dataran Merdeka. Did some stretching and warmup, and Wong sifu appeared. We decided then to look for a place to do our small business.

By 4.15am, we decided to register ourselves and masuk kandang. Inside the kandang, we met many frens and then Cheong SH appeared. He told us he is feeling very nervous (since this is his maiden marathon) We told him to calm down and just run his race with his most comfortable pace. Just hit the tarmac and get himself to the 30k mark, the rest is mind over body....thats what I told him.

L-R: Wong sifu, Cheong SH and myself

At 4.30am sharp, the race was started and I was running along side with Wong sifu. As we ran towards the railway station I heard Kelvin Ng (PM2) voice at the back of me. He was talking very loudly entertaining everyone that he know, and soon I join in the talk kok converstaion. The group consists of Fook and a lady called Phyllis. Running with him actually ease off lots of pressure and soon we reach the first water stop (5k) and I skip it. We continued running and the conversation goes on (Kelvin start talking to another Gal that he knows) till we reaches the entrance the SMART tunnel along the KL-Seremban/Sg Besi highway. A familiar site because it was one week ago that I race at this route, only this time it is in the inside lane. Soon Kelvin, The Gal and myself reached the 2nd water stop (10k) and I take in two cups of 100 Plus and 2 cups of water.

We continued to run together as we passed the 10k mark towards Dewan Pustaka where we are suppose to make a right turn in Jalan Loke Yew. At 10k I lost Wong sifu,a nd believe he was behind running his own pace. Here we caught up with Ah Loong running at a very easy pace. Ran towards Jalan Loke Yew and by that time its almost 6am, and the traffic is all jam up because it was closed at certain stretch of Jalan Loke Yew to allow runners to pass by. Instead of pure oxygen, we are also given free carbon dioxide here. The 3rd water stop (15k) is around this area and again I wallop two cups of 100 Plus and 2 cups of water. Running on a one lane along Jalan Loke Yew and the other lane was pile up with traffic.

From Jalan Loke Yew, then we turned into Jalan Cheras and this is where I left Kelvin behind and now was running with The Gal. We got into Jalan Tun Razak and this is where the 4th water stop (20k) was located before heading towards Jalan Bukit Bintang. . The Gal move on and left me behind but I can still spot her from a distance. Then we are supposed to take a right turn into Jalan Sultan Ismail. At this point I am still maintaining a very comfortable pace so as not to push
myself to hard and suffer from cramps later. I was very cautious about it. Went thru the water sprinkler setup by the Adidas team and the group was cheering loudly " Impossible is Nothing"

Reaches the 5th water stop (25k), and drank the right amount of fluid before heading towards Jalan TAR. The road will lead us to the finishing line at Dataran Merdeka but fat hopes for the full marathon runners. We have to make a right turn at the Jalan Tun Perak junction and head towards Jalan Raja Laut. I was running a bit faster now and manage to catch up with The Gal. From here we ran towards Jalan Raja Muda and joins back Jalan Tun Razak.

The 6th water stop (30k) was just at the cross section between the two roads. At this moment I am still running fine except that my legs are staring to feel tire. I told myself, from now on till the finishing its my mind over my body. I have to be strong in whatever happen and dont hit the wall. Stiffness on the calf on both my legs start to create some problem and I start to slow down hoping that it goes away and the cramp doesnt hit me. The Gal had left me behind again and this time no sight of her anymore. As I ran along Jalan Tun Razak towards Jalan Mahameru, again there were traffic on the outer lane and free carbon dioxide was given
to us. The uphill along Jalan Mahameru is a slow battle for me taking it steps by steps, seconds by seconds until I am at the top for the down hill again. What a relief in taking on this stretch. Now its downhill for me towards Jalan Duta and I saw a sign "9KM". That means 9k to go and then followed by a sign "8k".

I reached the 7th water stop (35k) and gulped in as much fluid as I can. My legs are still OK but very tire by now. No sign of any muscle cramp, just some stiffness around the calf area but am able to overcome it by not running to fast. From this point is 7k to go, and I told myself its just the same distance as running two loops around my housing area where I normally train in the morning. This is just to give myself some motivation that the finishing point is getting nearer

I am now running along Jalan Duta and had to make a U-turn back to the other side of the road. On the opposite side saw some runners really struggling in pain. Most of them are hit by cramps. As I ran along Jalan Duta towards the finishing point, my calf muscle starte dto act up and have some signs of getting cramp. I slowed down to contain it so as not to aggravate it too much and continue to run. I hit the 8th water stop (40k ) as i tackle another hill near the Jabatan Perhutanan office. This hill is always a phobia to me because of its gradually steepness and the distance.

Hand in Hand finishing with KRI member

Finally got over it and onto my final stretch towards Dataran Merdeka. As i turn right towards the stretch from a far I saw der PM team welcoming my arrival. Thanks a lot for the encouragement. As I run towards the finishing, I caught up with a senior veteran runner and held together our hands high up for a victorious finishing.

The offical clock shows 4:35:38

My spilt time.

5k: 32mins
10k: 1h05mins
15k: 1h37mins
20k: 2h05mins
25k: 2h36mins
30k: 3h06mins
35k: 3h43mins
40k: 4h20mins
42k: 4h35mins

Friday, March 16, 2007


No this is not the time I set for myself for this coming KLIM07 full marathon. But this was the time I achieved when I last ran the KLIM on April 19th, 1987. Yes that was exactly 20 years ago. While going thru all my certificates I stumped upon on the KLIM87 certificate and my position for this race was 169.

This Sunday I will be at the starting line again, waiting to start another KLIM race after 20 years. To some of the frenz that I came to know in the past one to two years after my comeback, I believe some of you were just born or still drinking milk from the bottle or just reached puberty in 1987. And that was how long since I took up long distance running and I cannot claim to be any younger now.

Anyway it feels good to be able to run another 42k race at the KLIM again, bringing back the good old memories. I am looking forward to catch up with some of my old running buddies from the Kelab RoadRunners Ipoh too.

For this weekend race, I will stick to my motto "I will run to my fullest capabilities". No timing pressure and I will definitely enjoy every moment of it rain or shine. So I seeya all at the starting line this Sunday.

And the saying goes "Its not a miracle that I finish a race, but its a miracle that I start the race"

All the best to everyone running in KLIM07.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

LA Marathon 2007

SAUCONY is the official footwear sponsor for this year Los Angeles Marathon 2007

Oopps, it hurts!!!

Just when I was really sync-up and ready for this weekend race, something happened to me this morning when I woke up. I felt a sharp pain at my left heel. Oh no, dont tell me that old injury that i had 6 months ago came back and haunt me. Wat a good timing it is and thats just 4 days before the KLIM 2007 where I am suppose to run the 42k race. I decided not to run this morning and just massage the affected area. The pain slowly subside but there are still some uncomfort at the heel when I walk. I hope the pain wont get worst else it will be no show for me this weekend, or i shall just run with the pain.

Monday, March 12, 2007


This is a silicon Far-infra RED ArchCare insoles support that I recently got recommended by an Australian orthopedic doctor. He use to prescribe it to people who suffer neck muscle pull, stiffness on the shoulder (due to sitting posture especially working with computers) and sprain on the spine. On top of that he also prescribe it to runners who suffer from arch pain problem, heel problem and especially to super over-pronators. I believe this product are very similar to those offer by Foot Solutions where they so call customised a full insole for you and insert it into your shoes (and that cost a minimum of RM 480) to provide arch support. Over time those rubberise insole will give way bcos of wear n tear, and you have to buy another one.

The two pieces of silicon insoles from ArchCare are strong enuf to support the total body weight and does not give way. It will enable your whole body frame to be straightly align while standing, walking or even running. It is design by specialist for complete comfort while wearing it. According to a research done on this product in Taiwan, 90% of the people tested after wearing the ArchCare insoles, had managed to reduce or eliminate pain in their feet, knees, spine and pelvis.

In actual fact while wearing the ArchCare insoles it does strengthen the heels and ankles whilst preventing it from injuries. The key advantages are that the ArchCare insoles distributes your body weight evenly over the feet. It does realigns and relieves imbalances of your body, thereby restoring proper foot movement. On top of that it asborbs shocks from walking, running and playing other kind of sports whereby it provide support and protect your legs, feet and spine.

Am trying out the ArchCare insoles for the past 3 weeks and it actually eases the stiffness of my neck and shoulders that I am having for a while. I had also have the insoles in my training rubber and run with it over short distances, and I do feel the stability that it provide and also give me protection on my heel injury/pain that I sustained 6 months ago from recurring.

I am currently carrying this product as a complimentary to my Saucony shoes, especially for those who are suffering from those injuries and pains as mentioned above. If you are having such problem, do let me know and I can always arrange for an explanation and demo to show you the effectives on the ArchCare insoles.

Selling price: RM398 per pair (1 set)
Promo price: RM 570 (2 sets)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

SMART Tunnel Run 2007 Race report

Reached the race site at about 6.15am and parked at Pasar Rakyat. I was early and did some warmup and stretching. At about 6.20am, Zul turns up besides my car and he was suppose to try on the Saucony running shorts and the Fastwitch Speed size 9 (US). Turns out fitting for him and he decide to purchase.

We make our way to the race site and and the place is oredi filled with runners. Find a place to wee wee and then walked around the area since the race wont start until 7.30am. Bumped into der Pacemakers team and took some photos together. As usual the PA system was blasted out loud with all kinds of announcement and soon the Mens Open category were asked to assemble outside the narrow road. As usual there was choas from a logistic and getting the runners assemble at the starting line. Last minute the organiser was asking those teams that have not register themselves tro do so. This delay for another 2-3 minutes.

As usual the VIPs are late (this ppl never learn and refer to my topic on Productivity & Delivery Execellence). Pak Lah gave us a rain check and did not turn up for the flag off. No reason was given....typical Malaysia fashion. One specky VIP dude was to replace him but he raises the gun for so long to allow the press to take picture. Fire the bloody gun lah for god sake!!!! After some 3-5mins he finally fired the gun and the race got started.

The Veteran category are to assemble for our turn to start. Now to make matter worst, the ladies are lining up together. I thot that category will be the last to start. Soon those FTAAA offices are seen shouting that those poor ladies not to come into the pen. Come on, at least speak nicely to people lah, no need to shout one. That VIP dude did the same thing again, hold the gun up for awhile for pictures. Aiyoh, have not take pictures before meh. Then the veterans became uneasy and annoyed and start howling!!! After some 2 minutes or so, our race got started. This run will be an easy run for me, and I will be take pictures along throughout the run.

We ran out onto Jalan Tun Razak towards the Indonesian Embassy and do a U-Turn before running into the lubang oppps I mean the Tunnel...hehehe!!!! Its quite narrow and on top of the ceilings were two giant exhaust fans like those Boeing/Airbus engines. The maximum height for all vehicles is 2m. CAUTION: Do not drive a SUV and mount your bicycles on top, you will not be able to clear the 6m clearance.

I notice the beginning of the tunnel are all orange/yellow lights while the inside are all white lights. As I ran inside the tunnel, everything looks the same. Soon I reached a water station, and to mu horror it ran out of water. TNS!!!! So no choice have to move on. Soon I reaches the exit of the tunnel where he joins back to the Sg Besi highway at the TUDM landing strip. We are suppose to do a U-turn here to go back where we came from.

After the U-turn, all the runners have to masuk lubang again, ooopps run into the tunnel again. From here we have to make our way back to the race site where we started. Reach a water station and luckily this time there are water for us, otherwise I will be so dry and dehydrated. After about 30mins running I finally saw light at the end of the tunnel. Came out near the Wisma Time area and turn left into the road leading us back the starting point. I sprint a bit here and cross the finishing in 1:19:37.

Overall the race was not that well organised. I think it needs improvement. In future if the race is a yearly affair dont even bother inviting the VIPs, waste of time. They have no significance to this kind of event let alone contribute. The tunnel are very humid and stuffy, and I cant imagine myself stuck inside the tunnel when my car have problem or have a tyre puncture. Can imagine if there is an accident and it block of traffic flow. Hopefully the SMART Tunnel team are well equipped to handle such incidents. We are paying toll to use the tunnel and better be sure the services are highly efficient.

But at the end of it, it was a good experience running underground inside the tunnel.

SMART Tunnel Run 2007

Der Pacemakers Family

The Penguins and Frenz

Brother Siah YT and daughter Karen

Pelle from Sweden

Lim & Lee - Klang Bak Kut Teh is No 1...Hey where is ur buddy DK?

The most SEMANGAT runner in the SMART Tunnel Run 2007

Entrance to the SMART Tunnel

All smiles at the exit of the tunnel, cheers to OXYGEN!!!!

SMILE, you are on national TV

Out of the tunnel and back onto the Sungei Besi Highway

A782...finishing in the PIA spirit

A happy finisher with a happy face

More photos, Click Here

Friday, March 09, 2007

Wat a freaking FRIDAY

It took me almost more than 2 hours from Cheras to Shangri-La Hotel along Jalan Sultan Ismail. I started my journey at about 6.30pm and only reach my destination 8.35pm. All the roads leading into the city are jam pack and its bump-to-bump from Jalan Loke Yew to the city. Saw the freaking jam, and did a detour onto Jalan Sungei Besi and use Jalan Mahameru towards Lake Gardens and cut into the city. This route is jam pack too, really pisses me off. Its so shitty to drive on a FRIDAY.

Productivity & Delivery Excellence

This coming Sunday will be the SMART Tunnel Run, and will be flag off by our PM aka Pak Lah. And I believed there will also be lotz of VIPs around too. One of them will be Samy V, who will make sure there isnt any cracks in the tunnel else he will be in trouble again. I will be looking forward to the run since it will be a once in a lifetime that one can run in the tunnel minus the traffic. In fact once the tunnel is open to public, there is no way runners like us can run in there provided it is on a special occasion.

The run will officially start at 7.30am in phases because it will be flag off by categories ie not everyone will start at the same time. Maybe the organiser does not want it to be overcrowded to avoid any untowards accidents, which I think is a good idea. But the biggest challenge of a race is to start it on time, besides having a well organize event. Many a time, we runners have to wait for those inconsiderate VIPs to take thir own sweet time to come to the event and flag off the race. This actually pisses off everyone. When we runners can come on time for an event why not the VIPs???

So coming bcak to this Tunnel Run event which will have Pak Lah flagging it off plus I believed tons of VIPs will be present too. I sincerely hope that they are considerate enuf to be on time and punctual, and not let everyone wait for them. Isnt it there is a service call Outrider Service given to them when they attend official functions. Dont tell me they cant wake up on time or there is a traffic jam someway. Anyway its early on a Sunday morning and traffic will not be heavy.

And since Pak Lah emphasize on PRODUCTIVITY and DELIVERY EXCELLENCE, I hope he keep to his words and be punctual, and also make sure his boys do the same too. How can you be productive when the VIPS are always not punctual. That sets a really bad example, and how to be COMPETITIVE like that!!!!

I hope this can be spread out by our running frens and communites to ensure that VIPs are on time for any event they are attending. NO EXCUSES!!!!! else they are shooting on their own foot and not WALK THE TALK on what his/her boss ie PAK LAH is striving.

Can all the VIP fellars do it?...... letz have our runners voice made known to them!!!!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Picking up the pieces

Rested on Monday and resumed some light workouts running 4k on Tuesday morning, 6k on Wednesday morning and 6k again this morning. Am feeling the confidence in regaining my fitness and my legs doesnt feel that heavy anymore during the morning runs.

Also visited the doctor to check my BP and reading were 130/80 and 140/80 over two days respectively. The doctor is still not happy with my results although it had came down from a high of 160/100. Recommedation is to go on a low dosage of medication to prevent any thing major from happening (since its in my genes where my dad had a history of high BP). But good thing is that he had given me clearance to continue running and as long as I feel good with it, I should be able to cope with it as well.

So with the results, I shud be at the starting line for the 42k race on March 18. For me its not about the timing but the ability and the guts to stand at the starting line to start the race and finish it within the qualifying time. Luckily the starting time is early ie 4.30am and hopefully I wont get melt by the scroching sun.

I see you all at the Tunnel Run before the big day, and this run will be a fun run for me where I will be running with my camera again.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Today I would like to officially announced that Richard Habeya, a student from Ghana residing in Malaysia for the past 1-2 years, will run under the SAUCONY brand and colors for the coming KL International Marathon 2007.

He is the first member that is fully sponsored with the support of SAUCONY and the local distributor. We wish him all the best in the race and may the partnership bring Richard more success in future races in Malaysia and abroad.

A testing moment

Photo courtesy of Tey ET

This morning KLIM07 Circuit Run 3 (3hrs) was a test for for me to determine whether I should take on the March 18 42k race. The race was flagged off at about 7.15am or slightly later with no more than 60 runners (that was my estimation). Run along with Wong sifu and take each lap slowly and one at a time. We finished 4 laps (2.3k per lap) in about 55mins, and Wong thinks we are doing OK. Under my current condition, I thot I am doing fine too. Although at times my body feel a bit tired and lethargic but manage to regain some energy to move on.

Soon the sun was out and shining on us brightly as we hit Lap 6 and 7, and by now Wong sifu was slightly ahead of me. Luckily there was a water station setup and water + 100Plus are provided else I will be melted by the hot sun. As I hit Lap 9, the heat had taken a toll on me and my level of fitness was going down lower and lower. Continue to push on despite my condition and run slowly just to at least complete running for the 3hrs time limit.

By Lap 10, Wong sifu was no where in sight. I think he is a lot fitter now and he had left me alone running by myself. Now the sun is scroching hot and fortunately for some shades along the way, it has been sapping every bit of energy that I had left in my body. Soon I was doing Lap 11 and my watch showed that I had already ran 2.5hrs.Completed Lap 11 and I was determine to run Lap 12 and based on the timing I shud be able to complete it within the 3hrs time limit. Stop for water and then slowly moved on to ocmplete it. Crossing the finishing line and the official clock showwd 2:56:33, and the distance covered was 27.6km

Although my plan was to do close to 30k in 3hrs, I think I was quite happy with what I have achieved. Now the point here is to make a decision whether to hit the streets on March 18. I know my fitness is not up to the 100% mark that I wanted but after this run I think my body is able to handle it, but I may suffer along the way once pass 30k. I will probably make a decison by next week.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The EAGLE had landed

The Saucony ProGrid™ Triumph 4 running shoe is designed for neutral runners seeking an extremely plush ride. By incorporating ProGrid™ with Respon-Tek™ the Triumph 4 provides a cushioned ride that runs seamlessly from heel impact through toe off. Saucony's latest impact deflection technology. ProGrid® absorbs impact, dissipates shock and provides a seamless transition from heel through forefoot. SRC Impact Zone with Impact Interface, Midfoot Support Bridge, Ortholite Sockliner, HRC™ Strobel Board, Arch-Lock, EAS™ System, b/cR Forefoot outsole, XT-900 heel outsole. Wt. 13.0 oz.

This is the trainer that runners are asking for and now it is delivered, made available in Malaysia after the official launch in USA in Jan 2007. It has the perfect cushioning and the soft landing that the runner will be expriencing.

Words can't describe it but for you to try it on and fly with the Triumph 4 !!!!!!

Retail Price: RM429.00
Selling price: RM260.00

International Reviews

Review 1

Review 2