Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mount Kinabalu (23 -26 April 2009)

Note: Pictures courtesy from Frank Chong

Its my 7th climb and reaching the Summit for the 6th time. Every each of these climbs give me different challenges and feelings, and more importantly provide me with an opportunity to learn new things and get to make new friends. I am not sure if I want to blog in detail about this climb but definitely I will do it. Probably in a different angle.

Come back soon.........

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hot Hot 25k

It was a training run that I wanted badly. Down for more than 3 weeks with cough and throat infection, coupled with the medication which knock me out almost completely. So yesterday 25k run was a test of my endurance and whether I am back in shape after knocking in some 3ok within the week.

The morning started off extremely hot and humid, and I have Loke as my running buddy this time. I just take it very slowly in the beginning. Just make sure that I dont push too hard and run out of energy towards the return leg.

Able to handle the first 10k pretty well but the humidity is taking a toll on both of us. We hydrated ourselves at the Petronas kiosk and continued with 2 loops (2.27k) around the Hartamas housing area before running back to Bukit Aman carpark.

The return leg was ran at a slightly faster pace as compare to the first leg. Am still able to handle the pace pretty well. Struggled a bit on the uphill around Tijani area. Once both of us cleared that, it was a good pace together till we hit Jalan Parlimen. Loke increased the pace a bit along the uphill stretch towards Lake Garden and I just tailgate closely behind. Although pushing harder and feeling some strain, I can feel that I have almost regain 70%-80% of my original fitness (from an endurance perspective).

Completed the run in almost 2hr 45mins (plus water stop time) and I thot it was a pretty good run for me. I am glad my fitness is coming back and hopefully by end of May, I shall have my full fitness, endurance and speed back.

More hard work ahead......

Monday, April 13, 2009

BHP Orange Run 2009

I was informed that BHP Orange Run is into its 4th year. I must say its very well organized especially when its a free event. Coupled with quite a fair bit of sponsors throwing in some marketing dollar to create the awareness of the BHP brand for the consumers.

For me, this is more of a fun run, carrying my point & shoot camera while running. Also is a get together with some running buddies and take the opportunity to showcase some Saucony shoes to interested runners. Killing many birds with one stone.

Well I wont describe much about the event as I said earlier that its pretty well organised. Just watch the photos which I took before, during and after the race.

Monday, April 06, 2009

1 Malaysia. People First. Performance Now.

Well tha'ts the tagline of our new Prime Minister. Prove it to the Rakyat that you are sincere about it and most importantly work towards it. What I am expecting out of it.......

Just abolish the need of going thru Immigration checkpoints when entering Sabah and Sarawak. I felt like an outsider when entering the 2 states although the people are friendly there. If we are 1 Malaysia, why the need to do that. It just incurred high cost for the country to do that. This is just one of them, in fact there are many more!!!!

People First
No discrimination amongst all Malaysian irregardless of races. That is equal rights and no special privileges and treatments to any races. Treat every single RAKYAT equally and have us compete at the same level.

Performance Now
Just take out all the deadwood in the Ministery Cabinet and punish those who are caught with corruption. Eg are like ppl who misused states funds and go for technical visits in Disneylands.

Can you do it, Mr Prime Minister?