Saturday, June 02, 2007

Another Saturday, Another LSD

This morning my plan was to take it easy for a 25k run or stay on the road for 2.5hrs, and easy it is not. In fact the LSD was ran at a faster pace, with Bro Ben and Geraldine being the front pack. While Pelle and myself were following behind.

Although it was faster than usual, I was comfortably talking to Pelle throughout the run. He is going back to Sweden next week for his summer holidays and will run in the Stockholm Marathon 2007 on June 9. He had invited me to do next year race which so happen to be the 30th year celebration (according to the website). Well I told him I hope to be there. Keeping my finger crossed!!!!

After completing our 20k, we have our waterstop at Bukit Aman carpark. While on the way back saw Flying Pig Chen, PM1 and Loco Lai doing their 30k and 20k respectively. We didnt see Bro Ben at the carpark and he probably had went off to do the laps at the lake. Both G and myself then continue our 2 laps at the lake via the Carcosa route.

Physical and fitness condition after the run was good. Doesnt feel any tireness and I believed I am feeling alright. Hopefully I am peaking at the right moment towards race day.


CP Waterman said...

I can see you are peaking nicely for PBM. Carboman and Vet are doing fine too.Our running Mom is a bit 'kan cheong' lah so must help her.
Barcelona in March and Stockholm in June Hmm......Leg itchy already.haha
All the best!

C-CUBE said...

yes my legs are very itchy oredi, cant wait for the day to come. cant wait till tis Sat to get over with my last long run, a 3hr+ LSD, and then the tapering period.

if things fell thru nicely, i wud love to run with you in Stockholm next year. Keep my fingers crosses!!!