Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2XU Compression apparels

The benefits of 2XU's compression:

- IMPROVED RECOVERY. Therapeutic rated fabric provides greater pressure and recovery benefit by helping the pumping action of the cardiovascular system; removing blood lactate from exercising muscles leading to faster muscle repair.

- IMPROVED CIRCULATION. Faster warm up and enhanced overall circulation. Graduated compression of the limbs actively encourages and increases venous return to the heart and lymph to the lymph nodes.

- REDUCED FATIGUE. During exercise, your muscles are exposed to forces that cause vibration. This major cause of muscle fatigue, known as muscle oscillation, can be reduced by wearing compression garments. This lead to improve muscle endurance, strength and power.

- HEIGHTENED AGILITY. Heightened proprioception increases senses and awareness for enhanced stability and agility. Proprioception can also help with improved technique as you remain aware of your body's positioning, improving the balance control system and muscle coordination.

- REDUCED DAMAGE. 2XU Compression features muscle containment properties which reduce muscle damage during exercise and minimise swelling post-exercise. Additional benefits include significant reduction of exercised-induced conditions such as Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

For details and pricing, please click here to visit Runnerz Circle Store.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

KL Rat Race 2009

I was at the race site (Bursa Malaysia) yesterday not to run but to cover the event as a private photographer for the interest of some runners who are my frenz. The event was divided into two sections 1) CEO Race and 2) Mens and Womens Open (Team as well)

The atmosphere was thunderous with all the cheerleaders and supporters from respective companies taking part. They are not deter by the hot, humid and hazy weather. As the day approaches, the sky had an overcast and a downpour may be expected. The CEO race was started first where they are required to run a 1.7km route followed by the Open who will be running a 5lm route. Its not easy to run under such weather condition but anyhow all the participants are full of inspiration to do a good cause and raise funds for charity.

I will not write too much about the event itself but let these set of pix do the talking.

More pix are uploaded here

Full album can be view here

Monday, August 10, 2009

Adidas King Of The Road

I missed last year race and heard lots of negative feedback about the event especially on toilets and insufficient water stations. So I hope this year the organiser had learn the mistakes and improve on it. This year the race was on 2nd Aug and held at the Shah Alam stadium.

Reaches the Shah Alam stadium pretty early at around 515am and there are ample parking. Since its still early I took a short nap before heading to the registration point at 6am. Registration was simple, and runners was given a black rubber band before allowed to enter the stadium.

Warmup was done at the stadium area before the runners were asked to assemble along a road just outside the stadium where the starting point is located. Kudos to YB Khalid, MB of Selangor for being punctual to gun off the race at 630am.

Runners have to run out of the stadium and onto the main road and immediately we are greeted with an uphill climb. My goal was to take it easy in the beginning as I was warned thjat there will be lots of up and down terrain throughout the entire route. Even with a hilly route my aim was to try and maintain a sub 5.30min pace throughout the race.

Running around Shah Alam area does not give me any sense of direction cos it looks the same everywhere coupled with all the huge roundabouts. The weather was dry and humid, and with the haze it makes running very challenging. Although there is no direct sunlight but I perspire a lot and water loss is definitely higher. I ensure that I drink more water at every station.

Uphills and downhills along the route. And now I know why the run is called King Of The Road. The route doesnt allow one to rest after going uphill and gain some momentum before another hill to greet you, and have to make another climb again. This goes on and on throughout the entire course.

The mother of hill greeted all runners for at least a 700m climb before one reaches the top. And there it was the sight of Shah Alam stadium in front of us, and another 1km to the finishing line.
We are required to run thru the stadium tunnel before finsihing on the stadium track.

I crossed the finishing line in 1hr 59mins 19sec for a distance of 21.8km and was pretty happy with the timing. Also manage to get a finisher medal for the run.