Sunday, June 10, 2007

Goodbye Terence Leong aka Penguin 6

I do not know him either have i spoken to him...but what give me the good impression about him was he is someone that were being admired by many in the running communities. I heard a lot about him thru the Penguins and der Pacemakers. I do also visit his
blog regularly to read those interesting articles that he wrote especially related to sports like running, tri and many more.

About 1.5yrs ago I read about him being diagnosed with brain tumor and der Pacemakers group actually organised a run for his benefit. I believe this was a good cause and no matter how small amount the donation was, it is always the care that counts.

As I continue to read his blog, I thot he was recovering well to whatever treatment he was undergoing. But the news that no one wanted to hear came on Friday, 8 June 2007. Our brother Tey informed every one on der Pacemakers Shoutbox that Terence had left us. It was the most unwanted news of the day, and even the sky was not spared cos it was raining heavily during the late afternoon.

I believed all those who were very closed to him were sadden by the news and the only best thing we can help him is to help his immediate family to get over it and be strong over his demise. I know its easier said than done, but life must go on and hopefully Terence had left a legacy for us to carry on with his jovial character and the support to sports activities especially running and tri.

More posting about Terence can be found at the respective blogs.

der Pacemakers
Gege Tey

My deepest condolences to his immediate family.

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