Tuesday, June 26, 2007

PBM Race report - Der Pacemakers Way

No Pain No Gain!!!

This time hor, i am write my race report in der Pacemakers way.

For me, der nite before the race, i cinya cannot sleep or dont know whether i sleep. After dont know how long hor, my handphone alarm rang and i wakeup. It was only 1am and there is 2 hours more to the race. I am not kan cheong but dont why I wake up so early. Then sleep back again when Dr alarm rang. That time is 1.30am. I sit down for a while and go to toilet and try to pangsai. Nothing come out. Si liao, after when race start want to pangsai how? Now start to kan cheong abit.

For this race hor, i have no pressure for myself. My motto hor, "No time pressure, and run to my fullest capabilities" I couldn't ask for more and cinya happy to finish der run in 4hrs29mins03sec, 30mins faster than last year. i think i am cinya happy liao. Some more 2 weeks before race my stomach got so much gas like balloon. Taking medicine until race day, and also suffer from sore throat and cough. I keep praying my ang kong (God) that my stomach dont suffer any gas and my sore throat and cough is less.

I was out of my room early to get some hot water to make my oats/soymilk breakfast. At the reception, I meet Tay Poh Chye. I say HELLO to him but he shy shy shake my hands. I think he cinya scare looking at me one kind.

Der morning is cinya hot and humid, no rain for the nite. 30 mintues to 2.45am, Dr, geraldine, wong sifu and myself walk to der start point. Ah Beng followed later. Registered at der entrance of der school and get a wristband. Meet all the running friends inside der school. Cinya happy see so many friend and chit-chat.

Der race started at 3am sharp and I paced with Dr. Geraldine already pecut and cant see her liao. Ah Beng also followed her to run fast at the starting. We paced for der 1st loop of 6k before running onto the bridge. At that time, I oredi feeling throat cinya dry liao. Need water and drink at the 1st water station.

Onto der bridge together with Dr and we continued to run together until we reached der toll at Prai side. At that point i slow down a bit because I want to reserve energy for der remainder of the race. Dr ran ahead and after a while I cannot see him anymore.

As I come out of the toll, der place there is cinya smelly like kok!!!. What is this man, TNS!!!! Der nearby factory must be pouring out some unwanted water. I speed up a bit here to avoid the smell and then back to my normal pace. Continue to run and then reached der mid span of der bridge. Then i heard machine noise coming out from der bridge and it was der piling machine which is for der bridge extension work. TNS again because i breath in so much smoke from the machine. Der smoke is call carbon diaoxide.

When i come out from der bridge, it was close to about 26k liao. I know from here onwards hor it will be a long stretch all der way to der end and U turn near the Seagate junction. Knowing der route from last year experience, I continue to run at a normal pace which I am comfortable. After another 2k suddenly I saw Penguin 2 (Khee Meng) in front of me, then Bong and followed by Jamie. Greeted and went past them and continue running.

After this stretch, I am running into a very dark stretch of road with no lights. It was very dark and this is TNS number 3. How can der organiser let runners running in der dark with very little race officer around. Run and run and run, finally reached der Seagate U turn. Saw Tay Poh Chye again and greeted him. Again he looks shy shy and quickily run away from me. Then I dont see him anymore after that.

After this point which is around 32k, thats where der battle of der race starts. My legs and body start to be weaker, and muscle feel tighter liao. Cinya amkan. I pray to my ang kong (God) again and say popee popee, pls dont let me suffer cramp. As i run on der opposite side of the road, I saw Gege Tey, Pelle (my swedish friend) and a few others. This will be another long stretch back to where we enter and will take me to the 35k mark and then to the final stretch before making another U turn.

Continue to run but at a slower pace and keep on praying to my ang kong (god). I fear cramp will come and running slower is the best way to prevent it. Soon I am out of der stretch and onto the final phase of 37k, 38k, 39k and U turn, then hitting der 40k mark. My pace is getting slower and slower liao. Got potong sayur some even slower runs and those suffering from pain and cramps. Also kena potong sayur by some faster runners too.

As I passed der 40k mark, there is a slight uphill over an exit that join the road to USM finsihing point. TNS number 4!!!, so many students blocking my way, and i just shouted "GIVE WAY" and bang onto anyone that dont give me way. I ran zig-zag to avoid all these students and suddenly i felt cramp on my upper body. Must be due to der way I am running.

I press my turbo and pia like kok to try and do a sub4:30, I so kan cheong now with so many students blocking my way into der padang. Finally I make my way into der USM padang and crossed der line in a sub4:30 finishing. Der timing ngam ngam ho liao.....4:29.03 After that i am cinya happy liao. Happy of running der race without any suffer and also 30mins improvement from last year.

After this PBM, it will not be until next year that I will run a marathon again. Will run shorter distance races and let my body rest well. So pray to my ang kong (God) again for letting me run PBM with no suffer and see you next year in KLIM08 42k race.


CP Waterman said...

Yes this is the koret way to write a running race report mah.It adds so much spice & kicks hor to the readers.I think our captim should add extra points to all race reports wit der pacemakers style wan.
Seriously also I must congradulate you on your race so well executed. Given that you had a relatively light training in the weekdays and only a couple of LSD, you really proved yourself to be an excellent distance runner. Cinya salute!I won't be surprised if you qualify for Boston once you turn 50!!!
BTW your photos look so fit and lean like a racing machine, so very der aerodynamic wan, cinya ho liao!
So until the next biggy, do enjoy your coming shorter races!
Bravo again!
Ayam goreng back to run wit you all sometime,I hope soon.
Au revoir!

-kev- said...

Well done, Uncle Choi! I also cinya salute you! My maiden marathon is in about a week's time...

Anonymous said...

Hey, I recently added a news widget from www.widgetmate.com to my blog. It shows the latest news, and just took a copy and paste to implement. Might interest you too.

fook said...

well done man!
guess nothing can stop u after all...

C-CUBE said...

h20, fook and kev:
yalor cinya no complain abt the timing. now will not torture body for the rest of the yr. run and focus on short distance and 1/2 mara only until next yr. maybe aim for good timing in klim08.

Raymond said...

lol lol so funny.
Well done! what's next?

Carboman said...

CINYA! dis sibo, has to be der best race report gua ever read. der more gua read (insert uncontrollable laughter), der more siao it becomes! cinya ho liao ponya effort, next marathong, we rock together again.

yipwt said...

great race report...u got good timing.

But kesian all the students you bang into...if not..sure better timing one!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...cinya funny but enjoyable report! Congrats on another PB.

C-CUBE said...

raymond,dr,yip,haza: thx for all the kind words and encourgement. gua next marathon will be der KLIM08.

Dr, Yes its a deal, lets rock KLIM08 together again.

RunWitMe said...

Wowow! Congrats! Wonderful race report...Make me wanna ditch my camera and do some serious running...Hahah!

C-CUBE said...

RWM, u are doing fine running with ur camera. As long as you enjoy it, time is a secondary thing. Unless u really want to pia with ppl like Ronnie, else continue what u are doing. I personally enjoy all those posting that you have put up so far. keep it up and coming!!!!