Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I blogged about bringing the toe socks into Malaysia in June this year, and now it had finally LANDED !!!!

Just give me a call (019-3289083) or email me ( if you are interested to purchase.

You can also read a review done by someone who owns a pair of INJINJI.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saucony Fastwitch 3 Review

A review done by one runner who owns a pair of Fastwitch 3.

Click here for a detail report on the review.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The North Face 100k Challenge

A regional series sprawling across 4 countries, The North Face 100 was designed with one goal in mind - to push the limits of human endurance. The series kicked off in Australia on May 17 taking runners across the Blue Mountains for 100km of stunning views, and not to mention, the aches, pains and crampsthat come along with participating in such a grueling race.

Appealing to the most adventurous of athletes, The North Face 100 is not your ordinary run in the park, but an off-road trail run that promises to test your determination, perseverance and zest for pain! The North Face 100 will stop in The Philippines on-route to Singapore before its grand finale in Beijing, China next year.

Be a part of this inaugural run and you could just find yourself running amongst some of the world's top ultra runners in China!

The North Face 100 Schedule
- 17 May 2008: The Blue Mountains, Australia
- 26 July 2008: Tagaytay City, The Philippines
- 04 October 2008, Central Catchment Area, Singapore
- April 2009: The Great Wall of China, China

Click here for more details of the event

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fruits & Flowers

I took my new toy out for another shooting session, this time focusing on fruits and flowers. I am still not a pro yet and in the progress of getting use to all the auto and manual settings. Here are some shots that I took. Any pros who stumbled upon this blog, I would really appreciate if you can put some comments on whether I am doing the right thing.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

2 0 1 0

This is a big year. 2010. Yeah its the World Cup 2010 that is going to happen in South Africa, but thats not big enuf to shout about. The year 2010 is even bigger for MALAYSIA. This is when our PM dude called Abdullah Ahmad Badawi aka Pak Lah is going to hand over the PM baton to his deputy dude called Najib Abdul Razak aka C4 man.

Our PM dude had the cheek to make such an announcement which is only going to happen in 2 years. Imagine that!!!!. Anything and so many things can happened in 2 years. He can bring the country down by that time. The 9th General Election wud have happened and the Opposition may have taken over the ruling of the country. Poor C4 man had to wait for 2 years....from grey hair to no hair. Rosmah was eager to be the 1st lady but she had to wait, hehehe!!! And she will said "I am not hardup for it, bcos I am not involve in politics".

Why say something thats so irrelevant and only happen in 2 years time. If my boss tell me that, I would have asked what is his/her intent to do that. Is there sincerity to this kind of statement, or are you just telling me to hang around and continue to kiss his butt. Go FLY KITES, dude !!!!
No offense but I need to understand why tell me such things when its only going to happen in 2 years time. What kind of bullshit is this !!!!

C4 man, good luck to your waiting. You may not even had the chance to become our next PM bcos by that time Brother AI and Kit Siang will have rule the country.

TOO LAN !!!!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008


Taking my new toy out again for a session and this time focus on the mulberry plant that is in my garden. Still perfecting my skills and familiarization with the new toy.

In China, the mulberry plant are cultivated for their leaves and are given to silkworm as the main source of food. As for me, I have this plant mainly for the juicy little fruits. The fruits are pinkish red in color when its young. A full grown fruit will be very dark maroon in color. As for the leaves, I boil it with other chinese herbs and supposedly helps to improve one's eyesight.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Ipoh International Run 2008

I was back in Ipoh for the weekend and found out that the 10k mark of the half marathon race was very near to my house. So I took the opportunity to bring out my new toy ~ Nikon D40, and start my morning session. Not to race this time but as a camera man along the midpoint. Some random pictures that I took from the album.

Hair-raising runner cruising very comfortably.

Chanbai from Slowmovers group.

Tay Poh Chye and his nemesis of the race. The lady from Singapore. Wonder who win the fartlek challenge.

I am from Japan living in Malaysia.

Richard Habeya PM26 concentrating on his run.

Click here for the full album.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Sodomee™ was introduced to the Malaysian public in 1999 and was withdrawn from the market in 2004. It is widely regarded as the most famous failed product and is the subject of studies at universities worldwide.

Will the Sodomee™ brand stick this time? Quote:

"The original recipe is being updated. Although some of the old staff are still around, we have a new chef heading product development this time".

I think it will market well with the new happening in the political scene of Malaysia !!!!

If you are not accused of being SODOMIZED, just take a break and have a SODOMEE.

ESPANA ~ Champion of Euro 2008

Espana beat Germany 1-0 to emerged champion of Euro 2008. Thanks to the well taken goal by Fernando Torres to bring the title back to their homeland.