Friday, June 22, 2007

Leading to the race day

Come this Sunday, 24 June 2007 the running communities will be lining up to start off the Penang Bridge Marathon 2007. Whether you are running the full or half marathon, you would have probably prepared yourself to take on this challenge ~ mentally and physically.

Rain or shine, fit or unfit, sick or healthy.....we have to overcome it as the race get closer. For newbies there will definitely be race jitters and butterfly in the stomach!!! Dont worry too much of whats gonna happen, and its too late now to worry about it anyway. You have trained for months and now is the time to go out and have fun. Put no pressure on yourself.....things will come along. Run at your own pace and dont get intimitated by faster runners that get past you. Motivate yourself by saying "Dont you stop, else I will come after your butt at the 40th kilometre and if not I will see you at the finishing line"

For some, carbo loading is a must just before the race. Big caution, DO NOT try unfamiliar food that you have never eaten during your carbo loading session if you are doing one. Try not to be too adventurous especially when you are in Penang!!!. The delicious food are all over the place yet can be a suicide consuming them ie nasi kandar, char kuey teow, lobak, laksa and so many more. If you really need to satisfy your taste bud, have moderate portion of it. I hope that wont hurt.

Good luck to everyone and have a save journey into the Pearl of The Orient aka Pulau Pinang.


-kev- said...

All the best, Uncle Choi! Hope you are in 100% shape now! Attack the Penang Bridge!

CP Waterman said...

Very good advice!
All the best to all of you!
I will be watching you all ......

Bonne Courage a toutes!

yipwt said...

best of luck in your penang bridge run...