Monday, June 29, 2009

SCKLM 09 - Der Final Push

The final push for a sub 4.20 finishing.......

Note: A fren pointed me to the album but not sure who the photographer is. Anyway TQ for taking the pix.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

SCKLM 2009 - I Feel Good

One statement sums it all "I Feel Good"

Finished the race with reserve to go further, thats how I felt at the finishing line. After I crossed the line, I bowed to the ground and say a prayer. It was answered throughout the race.

No cramps hit me this time, and I was still cruising up the torturous hill after Istana Negara.

I think the durian carbo loading session for 6 days in a row helps.

And my Saucony Fastwitch 3 aka Yellow Dragon had another achievement today.

Race report coming up.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

SCKLM 2009 Countdown - 1 day to race day

Today is for you to relax and not walk around too much. Doing long hours of shopping is definitely a BIG no no. Dont think you are Autobots and can transform yourself for tomorrow race. You are just a normal human being. So rest is extremely important today.

Dont try and consume any food that can trigger a stomach upset, especially spicy food. Save it for another day. Eat things that are easily digestable and make clearing your bowel a simple job the next morning. Fruits will be a good source as well. If you are use to taking durians on a pre-race day, go ahead. But dont overeat cos durian will make you feel heavy and lazy.

Continue to hydrate yourself with water, juices and energy drink. Laze around and do some stretching. Stretch your upper and lower body, your thigh and calf muscle need some stretching too.

Tips for the day......

Start slow in the race, a little bit slower than your goal pace. You can start adjusting and increase the pace if you feel good along the race. But if you are feeling some strain and struggling, you better pull back and not to charge faster. Else you will be struggling in the very early stage of the race. Try to sustain and run comfortably till the 28k to 30k mark.

Walk around after you finish the marathon. This will help loosen all the tense muscles. You probably dont feel like doing it but that will help you relax and warm down faster. Try not to sit for too long. You will find that you will recover faster the next day.

And now me signing off and see you at the line. Good Luck.

Remember....No Pain No Gain, But All Respect The Distance.

Friday, June 26, 2009

SCKLM 2009 Countdown - 2 days to race day

Race day is getting nearer by the day. I know you are starting to have butterfly in the stomach, whether u r a newbie or a seasoned runner. Just stay as relax as you can. No point thinking about all the training runs that you have put in especially when one under trained. Now its not the time to ponder on those little things at creep into your mind. Stay calm and be ready on race day.

Just stay focus to relax your mind and body. Read a book, play some games on a PSP or WII to relax yourself. Take your mind off running for the next 2 days. The more you think about it, the more kancheong you will be. If you still feel the kancheongness, a hot bath with Epsom salts (or replace with Sea Salt) can be really relaxing and beneficial.

Tips for the day.....

Keep yourself hydrated not just only on race day. For the next two days ensure your body is properly hydrated. This will keep your body very refreshing and you will feel good about it too. Try not to introduce drinks that you are not used to. Its not the time to test out the latest drink in town. You can do it after the race.

42.195km is a long long way. Do respect the distance. Divide your race into different sections. The first 10k, then the halfway, 30k mark - which is the most significant one, as this is normally where most runners will feel the strain and Hit The Wall. And then finally prepare for a mental battle to take you to the finishing line. (Note: Do the same if you are running a 21k)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

SCKLM 2009 Countdown - 3 days to race day

I hope by now you have charted out your checklist for race day. Dont be surprised the checklist will start with only a short list of items but as days passes by, trust me that list will become longer. And that is why my advise is to get it done asap so that you wont miss anything out.

If you will to read all those articles pertaining to before and after running a marathon, today (3 days from race day) will be the day you start your carbo-loading regime. Trust it or not, its a very individual preference. I personally do not strictly follow the carbo loading regime but I will normally eat my meals with slightly heavier carbohydrates content.

To cut the science story short, the carbohydrates in your meals are broken down and converted into glucose. The glucose are stored in the body and used as a fuel or energy to power up your body in your day-day and sport activities.

Tips for the day......Run your own pace. In a race most runners will generally try to run faster in the beginning 3k to 5k purely because of peer pressure. They see everyone is running faster and make the biggest mistakes in following. You may not have even run at that kind of pace in your training, let alone able to sustain it for the next 35k. Never get into such a situation and by the time you realised that you are already running too fast, its already too late as you might have Hit The Wall by then. So dont get intimitated by the faster runners. Know your pace and respect the distance.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SCKLM 2009 Countdown - 4 days to race day

Whether you are a seasoned marathoner or doing your maiden run, by now you would have come out with a small checklist for race day. Even if you dont have one, you probably will haave choosen which shoe to wear, which vest and shorts/tights to wear, how many gels to carry along, etc, etc.......

You may also have read some books pertaining to running your first marathon or tips to run an effective marathon. All these are good pre-race information so that you will know wat to expect and be ready on race day.

Most of you will start to have butterfly in your stomach, the kancheongness feeling is starting to build up. From bib collection to anticipating wats gonna happen on the day itself when you line up with fellow runners at the line to start the race.

I will be running the xx marathons, i mean double digit which i have lost count at this moment. But I will still come out with a small checklist for race day just to ensure things are in place and nothing are left out. Its a good practise to get it done now so that you wont forget anything.

As the countdown continue, I will try to provide watever tips and things to do / not to do for race day. So for this posting, start with getting your race day checklist done.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lim Guan Eng Boleh, Penang Boleh

This is a 3 part series via YouTube which Lim Guan Eng was interviewed by Hong Kong TVB and a documentary was made out of it. Never shown in Malaysia before and will never be broadcast in our local media and television.

It's very interesting that other countries all over the world are taking interest in Penang now under a new political party.

This clip is very inspiring to many, not just in Malaysia but also in other countries.

Hong Kong TVB program about Penang – Penang people MUST watch this!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Skirts had arrived

Running for female runners will never be the same now. RunningSkirts had hit Malaysia and now all female runners will be able to run in style and look more feminine in races.

Selling at RM160.00 per skirt
And now I am giving a special offer of RM150 per skirt till end July.

Anyone interested please give me a call at 0193289083 or drop me an email at

Size 0 - 22" to 24"
Size 1 - 25" to 26"
Size 2 - 27" to 28"
Size 3 - 29" to 30"
Size 4 - 31" to 33".

The above are sizes of the skirt which match the waistline measurement


Friday, June 05, 2009

A Happy Journey Starts Like That!!!

This is what the Singapore Government had done to educate SMRT commuters to obey the rules, give way and have some courtesy while inside the train. During my recent visit to the island, I noticed that the younger generation dont give a damn about others and totally have no courtesy at all when in the train. They just jump Q, block the exit door and just walk into the train when it arrives without giving way to commuter who are alighting.

I believed these causes a big concern to the Singapore government and they have pro-actively done something to eductate SMRT users. Whether this will change the attitude of younger communters, time will tell. But at least they are aware of such problems and doing something about it and try to educate and correct the problem.

Well done Singapore.