Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy 51st Merdeka Day

I will be spending my long weekend down south and no access to the Net. Therefore I will like to wish everyone a Happy 51st Merdeka Day and more importantly dedicating this song to ....... you know who lah !!!!! A song by Andy Williams ~ A Fool Never Learns

Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday ~ Michael Jackson

A True Legend

When The Shit Hits The Fan ......

When the shit hits the fan everyone was in denial........

Dont tell me this is how the country is being run. Stand up and be counted, take responsibility and not act stupid. This was what happened when The Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) acted within its rights to block access to Malaysia Today news website as advised by the gomen. Click here for detail information.

These are some remarks by our Ministers, and what strikes my curiosity was that isnt these fellars been informed when such a ruling is made by our so call Home Minister??

Deputy Energy, Water and Communications minister Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum said he was unaware of MCMC's actions.

"MCMC did not brief me, but they might have briefed the minister," he said, adding that minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor is currently in Bali and is expected to be back tomorrow.

Information minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek said although he was aware of the action taken against Malaysia Today, noted that it does not come under his ministry's jurisdiction.


It was found out lately that all these dudes working in PUSPAKOM is taking under-counter money to make sure that vehicles are being approve without any objections for road-worthiness. ACA went after all the fellar and now a can of worms was opened and i believed there are more to come. I heard all sorts of funny things happening in PUSPAKOM, from such incidents to one that I experienced before. Do you know when you buy a second hand car and so happen it come with the tinted film installed? The standard regulation is to have it remove before the inspection but you can save the trouble of doing it by paying a runner RM300 to get it done for you. Meaning to said those fellars in PUSPAKOM will close one eye after they pocket the money. Obviously I dont encourage such corruption act and decided not to do it.

Their tagline sounds AMAZING. It shud have been Safety Begins Here With CORRUPTION. Their car inpsection license given by the gomen shud be stripped off, but anyway its a monopoly business that the gomen had embarked on. Another MALAYSIA BOLEH hiccup.

I read on the paper yesterday next on the radar screen will be JPJ. This one is an open secret liao. Everyone on the streets like Ah Lee, Ah Kow, Ah Lian, Ah Kam, Aiman, Ali, Aishah, Ainun, etc in the country knows that those fellars in this dept conducting the examination (especially on the road) is on the take. How come now only act on it. Please clean up the house before it get rotten and smelly. Its probably oredi rotten and smelly, moving into the next cycle !!!!

I am so SAD, so SAD to see these things happening. Bee End, if you want to get the confidence of the MALAYSIANs, act on it. Dont tell me you go do another are just firing empty bullets. Else it will be another Permatang Pauh lesson for you. The nation had told you in the recent General Election, the ppl of Permatang Pauh had told you many more times that you can think of, what else do you want to be told.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Very Inconsiderate !!!

This morning I was caught in a massive jam on the Elevated Highway from Ampang to the city. This is an unusual jam and I believed everyone was very stress up first thing in the morning facing this massive jam. While everyone was driving bump-to-bump, I was sandwiched in the lane where on my left is the entrance lane from Jalan Ampang inlet into the Elevated Highway. So in order to give way to oncoming car wanting to get to the right, I tried to change lane over to the right too (the fast lane).

I signaled to move right and I saw this Hyundai Getz (WLE 119) at the back of me doing the same thing. As I was switching to the right lane, this car coming from the back of me does not give way at all. At this time my car was already half way out in between the fast lane. What pisses me off is this driver is so inconsiderate and does not give way although I have already put out my signal and is following me from the back wanting to switch to the right lane too. I (maintain my temper) being the considerate one just dont want to force my way thru and eventually give way to this Hyundai Getz so that it be will in front of me. The last thing I wanted was an accident.

As the car was passing by I gave a stern look to the driver. To my surprise the driver was a tan skinned young lady (not sure if she is a Chinese, Malay or Eurasian) dressed in very smart black office attire. As I was looking at her I know she pretend that nothing had happened. Well my first impression on her was a lady dressed so smartly for work had this kind of inconsiderate attitude. I wonder what is her work attitude like !!! Sorry I have no respect for you ~ inconsiderate lady driver.

Obviously my next instinct was to take out my phone and capture a picture of her car ~ Hyundai Getz WLE119. And this is the car. Watch out for her next time if you are on the road !!!

Are ladies such inconsiderate drivers on the road or are they just having that feeling that they are intimidated by all drivers on the road, and so have to be more aggressive or behave like that. I dont know and this is something all the lady drivers have to tell me. Personally I dont think that is the case and I am not undermining all lady drivers. I have lady friends that are very well mannered drivers on the road.

But my problem is everytime I encountered a very inconsiderate driver on the road not giving way even when I have put out the signal lights, its always the ladies that are not giving way and having that inconsiderate attitude on the road. Tell me WHY ?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

UMNO.....Wat A SHAME !!!!

UMNO..... Wat a SHAME, a BIG BIG SHAME !!!!!

Check out for yourself HERE

I dont even want to post pictures like that let alone promoting it. Have some respect for your fellow opponents and the citizens of Malaysia. Wat is shown in the photo (a picture paints a thousand words) is totally unacceptable. Why are they not charge in court for being disrespectful not just to the public but to all the women and children around.

Some of the remarks gotten from the posting:

Why won’t TV3 and other main stream media highlight this? Why won’t they show this to the public everyday? If such actions were to be done by PKR supporters we will surely see it everyday in TV and other main stream media. What a disgusting and sickening bunch of morons!

UMNO tolong pi sekolahkan budak main blakang dlm gambar tu..gila ke apa ni? Macam tak de maruah je.

Anyway as I am writing this, it is unofficial confirmed that DSAI had won by a majority of between 16,000 to 17,000 votes. lose big time and two in a row too. You asked yourself you got support or not?. Try go and find out the root course and not just keep on firing empty bullets.

Permatang Pauh By-Election

Wats the reason behind that the by-election have to be held during a weekday and the Penang folks get a day off????? No logic and its again some dirty tactics by you know who not to allow the young generation who are residing in the city ie Kuala Lumpur not able to go back to vote. Even if they want they have to sacrifice a day off to do that.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

One heck of a SHAPE race

The Shape & Men's Health Run 2008 which i ran was kind of a carnival. True to its name, we got people of all shapes and sizes running in this event. Runners that I have never seen before in other road races, tall and short fit looking ladies, bodybuilders, etc,etc. You name it you probably get it. Lotsa young and pretty gals....cuci mata sikit, and definitely good for those bachelor boyz to smell around, i mean try their luck. Who knows some will be lucky to hit the jackpot and get to know some of them too.

Anyway back to the race, after collecting my bib and pinning it onto my vest, it was oredi 7am (as the race will start at 7.30am) I walked towards the starting point which is at Tapak A of Lake Gardens. As usual bumped into those regular road racers. The bunch of tri-athletes was there to greet me too( the two Raymonds, Siok Bee, Mich Looi, Shih Ming) They were talking about their Saucony shoes and Shih Ming was showing off her brand new Nike+ Lunar Trainer.

Time to register and get into the kandang. This will be the 2nd race for me after Sundown Marathon and also the KOYAK outing last week. So my plan was not to go out fast as I am still on medication for my cough and throat. I will just use this race to condition my fitness and pace myself well and hopefully get a medal if I am fast enuf. Went to the back of the kandang to do some stretching where I bumped in Abang KP. He too was there and I think he is also not going for timing in this race as I think he is also not training regularly all this while. Had a chat with with a Rac which is around the corner.

Out of a sudden we heard a BANG and the race got started without any announcement. As this is almost like a carnival run, most runner take it very casually even though there isnt any countdown to start. I just run slowly following the sea of runners slowly moving forward. We are required to run around the lake before climbing the deer park and out of Lake Gardens and then out on Jalan Parlimen towards Kenny Hills, and back to Jalan Parlimen and end at Tapak A.

Nothing spectacular about this race as I just maintain a very comfortable pace so that I would not stumble to exhaustion towards the end. The route was very familiar to me as this was part of the training route that I normally run. I was kind of held up by the sea of runners and by the time we are out of Lake Gardens the crowd kind of eases of and create more space to run and overtake.

I just continue with a comfortable pace and not pushing too hard as I know my condition is still not fully 100% to run a 50minutes race. Just cruising on to enjoy the run until i hit the 6k mark where i bumped into Michele Looi. She was kind of slowing down and I encourage her to pace with me since I believe she needed some motivation at that point. We ran for the next 3k pacing each other and got to overtake 2 lady runners that was in front of her. I hope that gave her more motivation to push harder to the finishing.

Towards the entrance of Lake Gardens, Mich drop back a bit and I signal her that I will push forward towards the finishing. As I enter into Lake Garden, I still have some reserve to push hard all the way to the finishing point at Tapak A, but there is no Junior Veteran runners in front of me. Just as I was collecting my position card, I saw Aeow Chen Peng in front of me. Say hello to him and told him he had a good run since he is in front of me. My position was 53 and that means I am entitled to a finisher medal. Not bad for that even though I didnt go all out for this race. Timing was 53mins 47 secs in a distance of 10.38km based on my GPS.

Race was very well organized with lotsa of sponsors, good crowd and traffic control and the goody bag given out to all runners was quite spectacular. Quite a lot of things in the shoe bag that is being used to store all the goodies. I must said this is one of the very few races that gave out so many things in a goody bag.

Anyway no regret in participating in this race and will be back again if the event is happening next year.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Saucony Type A2 Review

A review by one of the owner of Saucony Type A2 ~ a fast and furious racer that can shave minutes of your run according to them.

Thank you for putting up the review.


This is the actual description on myself during yday Larian Perpaduan Merdeka 2008 10k race. A big word describe my current condition. TOTALLY KOYAK.

I ran the same route in May 2008 during the Bomba Run and was comfortably doing 53mins. It was a drastic drop in fitness and form. I have not ran a 20k since Sundown Marathon (May) and just doing very casual run to keep fit. This was done on purpose as I needed quality rest. So yday race was actually my first race since May.

Am not blaming myself to be on drugs in this race as I believed I would be even stronger with that. So I cannot run away from not being fit !!!! The result speaks for itself.

After 5k, I was totally drained, BIG TIME !!!! I watched every single runner sayur-ed me, chop chop chop on the chopping board. As each of them passes me, those who know me just called out my name. Its a very polite way amongst runners to tell you that "Hey buddy, I am overtaking you" TNS, I just let it go by without any resistance. What to do, KOYAK liao !!!! Just response with a positive gesture and let them move on, no turbo power liao to challenge. Grrrrrrrrr !!!

Runners after runners passes me. I just maintained a pace I can tahan until all the way till the finishing line. God gracious, the finishing was at Dataran and not continue to run into the middle of the field in front of Selangor Club. I finished my run in 57mins 43secs with a position of 59th placing under the Junior Veteran Category. At least I got a medal for the effort. Thats the best I cud do under the current condition. But no worries, watch me make a comeback.

Hasta La Vista ~ I Shall Return !!!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Review on INJINJI toe socks

"INJINJI socks - no more tube socks. PERIOD."

This is the 2nd time I put on a toe socks. The first time was a cheapalak one that was purchased at one of those shops at the mall. The experience wasnt good as I have difficulties putting it on especially aligning all my toes to the toe pockets of the socks. Eventually I gave up wearing it as I found it too cumbersome and time consuming. Wasting a lot of time just to wear a pair of toe socks.

Then lately I stumbled on INJINJI and I decided to bring the toe shocks into Malaysia. Before recommending and selling it to my customers, I myself have to try it our first to get a first hand experience. There are two version of the toe socks namely MICRO cut (ankle level) and MINI-CREW cut (above the ankle). I chooses the micro cut as I personally are more fond of wearing socks that are just a cut at or below my ankle.

To my surprise when I put the socks on, it was extremely easy. All I need is to align my toes correctly into the toe pockets and slip the socks onto my feet. Pull up the socks, make some minor adjustment and wah lah I have a pair of comfy socks wrapping my beloved feet. The feeling is like wearing a pair of glove versus wearing a pair of mittens. Walking around with it gave me the feeling that all my toes can move freely and not wrapped tightly as compare to a pair of tube socks.

Then I am off to my track workout for some speedwork. Throughout the workout, INJINJI wrapped around my feet comfortably. As this was a speed session, I dont feel any heat generated from the socks at all. Hence it reduces any form of friction that eventually can lead to blisters. The toe pockets actually played a very important role by shielding each single toe from rubbing against each other (eliminating skin contact) to prevent chafing that can lead to blisters (a very common problem with lots of runners). The socks also feels very light and gave me the feeling of running sockless. I will give INJINJI another test in a longer run like 20k and I believe it will pass with flying colors.

After my workout session, I believe INJINJI is the sock that I will using in all my future races.
NO MORE tube socks, PERIOD !!!!!

As I mentioned earlier, putting on and wearing INJINJI is not very difficult and is not time consuming, so triathletes you dont lose valuable time during your discipline transition if you uses INJINJI.