Sunday, June 24, 2007

The day I took on the Bridge

This morning was the day thousands of runners all over the country and some from neighbouring countries ran the Penang Bridge Marathon 2007.

I set out my own mission to take on the bridge trying to improve last year timing of 4h57mins. But thats not my key goal. My key goal was to go out there to enjoy my last marathon race for the year and my usual motto "No timing pressure and run to my fullest capability". And everytime I condition my mind to think that way, my performance gets better race after race. The day was stale and humid, we are expecting some shower or light drizzle to cool down the running condition but it did not happened.

As I did an analysis with some of my buddy runners like Jamie and Lifemou, the incline of the bridge on both ends can take the toll of runners without they themselves realising it. The inlince is so gradual and long, it just saps out one energy and put extra pressure on our leg muscle to carry us through.

Anyway to cut the story short, I ended out happy with my performance for the day by crossing the finishing line in 4h29mins03secs. Almost a 30mins improvement from last year on the same route. So no complain for me and my training and execution plan works out for me in today's race.

Full report will be out in one to two days time.

Bridge Footage capture on surveillance TV


CP Waterman said...

Crispy execution I must say coming from a master. Salute!
You are right the bridge can be such a silent thief stealing away our carbs without one knowing.
Well done again and marching to take on sub 4 soon!


C-CUBE said...

i believe the long runs had help me to stay on w/o walking. I was surprise I cud sustain a sub2 pace at 20k mark while pacing with Dr.

And now, I will focus on my speedwork.

yipwt said...

Nice timing,

Maybe next time sub 4 hour?


krunner said...

Well your philosophy of "No pressure" and "Enjoy" certainly worked for you on Sunday. 30 minutes faster is a certainly a huge improvement from last year.

lifemou said...

i know his secret this year...dont fall for Balik Pulau Durians trap...hehehe