Saturday, June 09, 2007

Finally Its over

Did my final LSD this morning before getting into the tapering period for the next two weeks till race day on June 24, 2007. This morning run was with Wong sifu since Geraldine and Jamie started earlier at 5.15am.

We ran the normal LG-Hartamas route of 20k and back to the Bukit Aman carpark for waterstop. Wong sifu called it a day, while I continue to do another 6 laps around the lake. Stay on the road I did for 3.5hr covering approximately 32.3k for my final LSD. It was a good run and my ultimate goal is to stay on as long as I can.

After the run, my body condition and stamina are still good except that the legs are feeling a bit tired and some muscle tension on my right foot. The shoe that will be with me on race day SAUCONY RIUMPH 4 is also responding well and doing its job.

So its tapering period for the next two weeks and I just cant wait for the race to start. Bring on the bridge, brother!!!. I hope I will feel good on race day.


CP Waterman said...

Bravo my friend!
Others struggled & staggered to get where you are now but you seemed to have done it with ease.I almost want to say effortlessly but 3hr30 is by no mean a walk in the park. Well done!
Stay away from congested public places if you can till after the race to avoid the flu bug!
Wishing you all the best come race day!


C-CUBE said...

Bro H20,
Its not a stroll in the park either. Legs are feeling tired and really slowed down in the last lap. The good thing is there is no major problem that I encountered, so if this stay as it is on race day, I shall be fine!!! And thx for the advise, will take care from now on.