Monday, June 18, 2007

Special Announcement For Friends Of The Late Terence Leong - Penguin 6

To all friends of Terence who will be running the Penang Bridge Marathon this coming Sunday, Many of us will be wearing a special bib on top of the official race numbers as a tribute to the late Terence Leong, best known as Penguin 6, on the race morning. This special bib will bear the following words:
In Memory Of Terence Leong Penguin 6

This special bib is to be pinned above the official back bib, which should not be obstructed. The use of permanent marker is a must obviously. The material can be recycled bibs, a piece of white cloth or any material you think can be appropriately used. Personally I'm using a piece of wax paper. Even if you're not running the Bridge on June 24th, you can also pin this message up for your training run knowing that you'll be running with the flock of us in Penang. Thank you.

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