Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Those were the days.....Part 3

My running buddy and pacer. On the right (topless) is Ng Boon Thong. He is a real speed-king and I always used him as my pacer and running buddy. Our running standards are almost the same and running topless during those years are a norm for both of us.

As I said its always good to find someone as your pacer and running buddy. Someone who has the same running standard as you irregardless if the buddy is a male or female. Having a pacer cum buddy running together will get you more motivated and especially when hitting more than 25k during your LSD days. And till today I still lookout for a pacer or running buddy although now I am a lot slower than before. But that doesnt matter because a running buddy will always be a running buddy.


CP Waterman said...

Wah look at those aerodynamic machines! No wonder you all ran sub 1hr30 half marathons!
NG Boon Thong, WHERE ARE YOU????


C-CUBE said...

I gave NBT a nickname called AMERICANO bcos he studied in the US before coming back to MY. And I believed he is one of the very few Malaysia during that time that have done a TRI and he did it in Hawaii. I was told he was sighted in Lake Gardens occasionally. Maybe I need to go there and try my luck. In search of my running buddy.

Carboman said...

nbt has nice stomach muscles! hardcore looking fella!

C-CUBE said...

Yes NBT is a well built fella, very strong in his runs. He is one of the man to beat in all many races with him.