Thursday, June 14, 2007

Those were the days.....Part 4

The Penang Bridge Run - My first run on the bridge was year 1987 ( if not mistaken it was the first time LLM open up the bridge for this event). The experience was wonderful, the air was clean and refreshing, and the event was well organised.

Everyone were just curious about the experience running across the bridge, from the island over to the mainland and back. It was something the runners can brag for a moment because we were consider the pioneer group of runners that take on the bridge where nobody had done before. It was indeed a proud moment as we ran and ran, and finished the race with our heads held high up with no regrets.

And after that maiden event, the bridge run is now incorporated into the Penang Bridge Marathon. In those early years the Penang Bridge Run and Penang Marathon were totally 2 separate races. And now until June 24, it will be the second Penang Bridge Marathon that I will be running after my comeback.


yipwt said...

wow...nice memories...

must be nice running on the bridge :)

C-CUBE said...

yip, yes its always good to look back and see what one have done. anyway congrats on ur 63k run, ur are an ultramarathoner!!!