Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bad timing

Three days to the race day in Penang, and I am hit with a bloated stomach feeling very gassy and also a throat infection plus mild cough. The medication I am on is making me a bit weak and running the marathon will be a struggle for me if I dont recover in time. I pray and hope for the best, and timing is so bad. It had to happen at this time of the week. Have not been running for the past 3 days and I am not sure if I will be running for the rest of the week till race day.


Raymond said...

Dont worry,u'll do fine,it's pre race jitters hehe.
All the best and most important enjoy the scenery ya!

Carboman said...

hmmm... some viral infection tat's for sure. go get the strongest stuff ur doc has!

but i don't think no running will affect ur fitness much. i read in a us site that the last 10 days makes no diff. so just go get ur MC and rest at home.

CP Waterman said...

Hope things will clear up by tomorow and you can have proper carbo loading.
will up hold you in prayer.Tat's my job. hehe
Take care & all the best!


C-CUBE said...

raymond, this is not pre-race jitters. anyway thx for dropping some encourgaing words.

carboman/h2o, yes definitely viral infection. my throat is getting better now but the bloated stomach with gas still persist. although not as bad as the past couple of days.

carbo loading!!! well i dun really follow it, just eat normal and will not be extraordinary abt it.

krunner said...

I hope you will recover in time. Not running for a week does not affect your fitness very much.

C-CUBE said...

krunner, thx a lot. seeya in Pg if you hv decided to run.