Thursday, June 07, 2007

Those were the days.....Part 1

This was a group picture of Pacesetters taken in year 1985. If i can still remembered, it was a run in Universiti Malaya campus. The group was very small during that time and had grown to a very well known club today. Good old memories.......and we are trying to locate the guy sitting in front of the group (right side of the picture). His name is Ng Boon Thong, and he is the speedking of road runners during his prime time.

Where are you Ng Boon Thong???

And can you spot which leng-chai is yours truly.....!!!!


lifemou said...

eeer..which one is Young-EePou-Ngah-Choy-Kai???

C-CUBE said...

make a guess, brother

CP Waterman said...

r u the specky chap in white T behind 241?
Wah Boon Thong sure looks young & handsome!!!Would be great to be able to make contact with him!


lifemou said...

YEAH!!! cp waterman... That looks like YOUNG-CIKU-EePou-Ngah-Choy-Kai...hehehehe

C-CUBE said...

H20 and Libehe, you guys are good. The specky guy in white T that looks like a kellafair - tats me!!
So not much changes right, except now I am fatter or bigger and with less hair!!!