Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Memories of the 80-ties

Since Monday 12 Dec 2005 was a Selangor State holiday, and I am one of the lucky ones that were not working, I decided to do some spring cleaning in my storeroom. After sorting out all the unwanted stuff and declared them as rubbish, I accidentally stumbled on a plastic folder which was stuffed with papers and certificates. Most of them are about the size of A4 paper and some are slightly larger like the Letter size papaer. I was curious what are all these papers stacked inside a folder and decided to pull everything out to find out what are the contents.

To my big surprise, I found a stack of Marathon and Half Marathon certificates of completion. Wow!!!, I talked to myself. These are those sweat and hard training that I used to get myself into and then ran in all these races. One after another, I spent some time looking at it and at the same time appreciating the certifcates and the timing that I achieved. The oldest one was dated 1985 and the most recent one amongst the stack was dated 1990. That brought back fond memories of my running days. And I still remembered after 1990, I got married and decided to start a family, and that's when I decided to layoff running and spent more time with my family. The rest was history.

From these stack of certificates, I manage to traced and found out that my PR in a marathon was achieved in Penang during the MAS International Marathon 1987. The time that I achieved was 3 hours 31 minutes. The PR for running a Half Marathon was achieved in the Ipoh Half Marathon 1987 in 1 hour 23 minutes. Both were pretty good timing, I thot to myself. There is no way I can do it now.

I did not regret getting myself in a mess cleaning up the storeroom afterall bcos what I found were memories of the 80's that I almost totally forgot. And now The Empire Strikes Back, when I am back from my long, long layoff and back to running again. I know my body, legs and the arms are not as fit as before but if there is a will there is always a way. I am currently running regularly to get myself back to the fitness and have the endurance that can run comfortably in a 21Km race before attempting the full marathon. Wish this Ol Man some luck and hopefully by next year I will be running the 42km race again.


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