Thursday, December 31, 2009

Putrajaya 12 Hour Walk 2009

Calm before the storm!!!

Held on 12-13 Dec 2009 at the same place as last year ie Start/Finish is in front of Place Of Justice building at Putrajaya. For this year walk, my target was to hit a minimum of 60k (compare to my maiden outing last year which is 53k). The surrounding of the race site was full of activities, from people taking photographs to people setting up camping tents for the long nite. As usual got to meet up with lotsa running friends who took up the challenge for a 12hr walk. As if running a marathon is not painful & torturing enough, we came to test our endurance on whether we can tahan/endure the all nite long walk. Anyway runners are sucker for pain as one of my running buddies said.

We walk in loops of 1km round and round the vicinity, and there will be water and food breaks in between. Some who are just here to qualify for the medal (Mens have to walk a minimum of 26km while women for 20km to get a FINISHER medal) take naps in between when they have complete the minimum to qualify. Others will just take many breaks in between to rest and mingle around with their friends.

Walk and walk we do, round and round the clock till dawn. As the nite strikes around 3am onwards, we started to see red and blurry eyes on some walkers, and yet they continued to strive on. Most of them said this was the hardest period for them, as most of us are longing for our comfy bed and smelly pillows at home.

As the nite moves on, we started to see less walkers on the circuit and most of the time during this period was more of a lonely walk by yourself. I trooped on throughout the nite with short breaks in between to rest my kangkor legs plus food breaks. Other than that, its a all nite long affair for me. No sleeping this time round as I was targeting to hit the 60k goal.

The final push

As day breaks, we start to see the sky brightens up and sunrise was a beauty around the Putrajaya Precint 1 vicinity. Rays from the sun started to penetrate the sky and brightens up the new day. As the clock moves towards 8am where the walk will conclude after 12hrs (started 8pm last nite), I gave one final push to cross the finishing line covering 62k in 11hrs 52mins. As per official result, I was penalised for 1 lap for floating ie not walking according to the race marshall, and therefore my official result was 61k.

Sense of a great achievement amongst the walkers

The hard earned medal after walking for 11hrs 52mins covering a distance of 61k

It was a sense of great achievement among all the walkers and I was really proud of myself for achieving the target of 60k set before the race starts. Overall it was a very well organised event except for the food provided was not up to standard (as compare to last year). Will I be back for the 3rd bet I will and the benchmark for me will be higher next year.

Salomon X-Trail 10k

Held in Lembah Kiara, Tmn Tun Dr Ismail on 6 Dec 2009 I decided to give it a shot as I am skipping the StanChart Singapore Marathon 2009. Have never ran in this trail before so it was really a virgin run for me.

The atmosphere was great before the run and bumped into quite a number of running friends who are also skipping the Singapore race. I know doing trail runs are a lot harder than road races and i do experienced it during The Northface 100k Duo Challenge this year. Moreover this is just 2 weeks after Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009, so it will be more of a run that I will enjoy it rather than push myself to finish.

The route was pretty interesting except for the narrow path that causes the human traffic and one will not be able to run according to their pace because on the congestion. Many a time when I start to pick up the pace, I have to slow down and practically start to walk because someone in front slow down or started to walk. Overtaking at certain point is almost impossible.

The race route took us through the mountain bike path around the area and there is actually a lot of hair pin turns and cross over to another path. So if one is not familiar with this route, you can get lost in it.

I finished the race in 1h 30mins, nothing to shout about, but something to remember for the year as I have attempt and complete to trail races in 2009.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009

With Chris Jong and Dillon Sze

With Frank Chong

Instead of writing a full report on the race, this time I will just try to list out what I like and I dont like about the event and things for improvement (not in any order)

- Online registration and payment made it very easy for runners
- Courier service to send race kit to door step
- Open discussion on Facebook allow interaction with runners and organiser
- Sufficient toilets at race site
- Drummers give motivation at mid-span of the bridge
- Champion Chip made life easy for all
- Goodies bag & medals given away immediately when runners finished the race
- The entire running route was designed to minimise collision with all categories


- Running vest is way to small according to size chart provided
- No quality FINISHER T for Full Marathon runners. We dont need al-cheapo cotton ones
- Distance marker not sufficient and one of them were wrong
- More diistance marker towards the last 10k of Full Marathon
- Not sufficient toilets along the route. Hardly see one except at the mid-span of bridge
- No cheerleaders towards the ending part of the race to motivate runners
- The lady MC is so boring....keep on repeating!!!!
- No music to motivate runners at race site

Thats all I can think of. Like I said in Facebook, you dont have to praise your own self for a job well done., the runners will. A big pat to the organiser for a job well done. Will be there again next year.

And this will be the finale of marathon running for year 2009 before it comes to an end. Seeya again in the next race and my next marathon challenge will be the Stanchart Hong Kong Marathon on 28 Feb 2010.

And last but not least, congrats to my running buddy Loke SS for accomplished his target of running a sub5 race in this event. Now you have to shift the target for the next marathon challenge. For me I finished the race in 4hr 40mins (chip time)

Products I used for the race
1) Saucony vest
2) 2XU compression shorts
3) SPIBelt to carry small items like gel, oilment, etc
4) Saucony Fastwitch 3 racer
5) Injinji toe socks
6) NUUN hydration tablet
7) Weider IN Energy Jelly as pre-race food
8) Endurox R4 energy drink

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Post race recovery 2

This is into the 2nd week of recovery after TNF 100k Duo event. Although the leg muscles are fully recover and back to normal, I still felt some soreness and tightness while running. Last Sunday I did my FINALE ie the last LSD before tapering off for Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009. It was a 32k run and I felt tightness after hitting 25k. Thats not a good sign in terms of getting ready for the race. I am tempted to do another LSD of 30k this Sat but I guess it probably doesnt help much in the last minute preparation. So I will just do a 15k to ease of the training and just save it for race day.

I guessed one month time for me to recover from a tough race is not sufficient, hence I will take it very easy on race day. Probably just pace with Loke SS and help him to achieve a sub5 finishing. If things do change for a better on race day, then I will attempt to go for a sub 4-1/2hr finishing, else it will just be a slow cruise for me in PBIM09.

A 4 month training, started off with normal base training workout and into some speedwork follow by endurance running to tackle one ultra 50k Trail route and a marathon. Never have I done this before and now I know where my body limits are. Luckily there was no injury during the training. Thanks to the shoes (Saucony, Newton and K-SWISS) I use for this entire 4 months of training.

Till then I will see you all at the starting line of PBIM 09 aka Asam Laksa Marathon.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Saucony Spring 2010 Release

The Spring model for 2010 were released and only be available in USA in the Feb/March timeframe. So it will probably only hit the Malaysia running scene in June/July 2010 timeframe.

Saucony Grid Fastwitch 4

Saucony Grid Tangent 4

Saucony Grid Getco

Saucony Progrid Triumph 7

Saucony Progrid Guide 3 (Women)

For more details of these models, click here

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Post race recovery

It has been a week since I am back from The NorthFace 100K Duo race. Have been wearing the 2XU Elite Compression to sleep for the past 1 week. The compression tights really help to ease muscle soreness and help relax it. The pain and soreness are gone on the third day and I started to do a slow run on Friday itself. Legs felt heavy in the run but I believed that's part of the recovery process.

Ran 10K on Saturday and did another 10k today. The legs still seems to be heavy and stiff, and after running I felt some soreness on the calf itself. The knee is showing some kind of weakness as well. I guessed I had to take it slowly and not rush into it. Seems like the 50k race really take a toll on my legs. I wonder how people can recover after doing the Sundown 84k ultra-marathon.

Will continue to run this coming week and see how it goes. Attempting to do a final LSD of 30k this coming weekend if everything fall into places before PBIM09. Will hope to recover in time. Not putting too much hope in doing a good time for this event. A sub-5hr finisher will be just nice for me.

Till then I will continue to report on my road to recovery. Stay free from injury.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The North Face 100k DUO - Race Report

Pictures courtesy of Frank Chong

The journey to the south started early on a Friday morning(23 Oct 09) to catch a RapidKL bus that will take me from Ampang to the KLCC train station, before boarding the train to Bangsar station. Yes its First Coach again for me and Frank, my traveling buddy for this trip. He will be there to run the Nike Human Race on the same Saturday morning, and gunning for a PB.

The bus leaves for Sg exactly at 9.30am sharp and shud take us no less than 5hrs, meaning we shud reach Sg ard 2.30pm at Novena Square. Was a smooth journey and reaches the Lion City slightly around 2.45pm. We wasted no time in hunting down the direction to our hotel ie Fragrance Oasis Hotel along Balestier Road which is no more than 10mins walk according the the map directions.

Located the hotel, checked in and then wasted no time to go and pick up our race kit respectively. First was to Wisma Atria @ Orchard Road at the Nike Boutique Centre to pickup Frank's bib and then adjourned down to Suntec City Mall for my race kit. Met up with Yuan which is my running buddy for TNF 100k Duo race. By the time we are done its almost 5pm and feeling hungry. No proper lunch and we quickily order some food to fill up our stomach.

Back to Novena Square for a quick catchup with Dominic from Outdoor Venture, which I normally deal with for all the mechardise that I purchased from them. After the meeting, had dinner and back to the hotel for some rest. Clean up, watch a football game before calling it a nite and be ready for the real challenge the next morning,

Theng, Theng, Theng.......ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ !!!!

Woke up around 4am to get myself ready for an anticipated long and challenging day. Had my normal breakfast which I used to take before an LSD run ie Oats and Soy Milk. By around 5am, Frank leave early for the race site and I will wait for Yuan to pick me up at 5,30am before going over to MacRitchie Park Visitor centre. It was a short taxi ride to the destination and reaches there in less than 15mins. Met up with Mohan, whom I need to put my baggage into his car before we all adjourned to the starting point of the race.

Its was warm and slightly humid on the weather condition and we mingled around with some of the race marshalls. Weigh myself before the race and the electronic scale showed 72kg (2kg heavier than my previous race in SCKLM 09). Runners are slowly trooping in and then got ourselves check-in and moved into the race kandang. Pre-race pictures was taken with Mohan and some of his friends which were totally new to me.

And as the clock ticks towards 7am, the countdown begins for a long and challenging race to start. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...... Ka-Boom and out we go (all categories of TNF 100k DUO). The route take us out to the entrance of the park and move towards the reservoir where there were concrete running tracks (like those in Lake Gdns) surrounding it. I think they called it the Lornie Track. After about a kilometre of running, the runners were greeted by trail terrain and I believed this is where the real race begin.

This is where the runners will be hitting the MacRitchie Reservoir Nature Trail. The path was quite narrow and running back-back between runners. There isnt much overtaking as its just the beginning and everyone were conserving energy. The surface was also pretty uneven where there are roots running across the path. So gotta be extra careful not to trip ourselves. The route was not just eneven but uncountable gradual uphills which actually is taking a toll on my legs and starting to sap up my energy. Slowly adjusting to the running momentum as I cannot afford to run too fast as there is still a long way to go. Any instance of a very steep uphill that come my way, I will just do a brisk walk instead of continue running. I hope this will help to relax my muscle and conserve some energy. This route takes about at least 90mins before we are out of the trail and joined into a uphill road. Without much sense of direction of the area I guessed this must be the Rifle Range Road where I start to see some buildings aurrounding the area.

Out of the jungle trail now and there is a steep road to welcome us. This is very similar to the uphill along Plaza Damas in Sri Hartamas but looks like its never ending. Its easily 800m - 900m in terms of distance. Imagine running that after 90mins of trail running. Keep running and running until it hit another entrance back to the jungle trail again. After running for a while it goes thru some kind of kampung atmosphere. And I was wandering in Singapore got kampung environment meh. Without thinking too much I just continue to run along the path but its no easy task as one have to run thru this narrow path which again is going uphill. Puff, Puff, Puff and breathing away heavily and legs started to feel like sotong now. Jelly like feeling and wobbling around. By now I think I have been running for at least 2.5 to 3hrs and the sun is starting to be at the hottest point. Although there are shades along the way but at certain parts the runners are totally exposed to the sun hence making it hot and humid.

By now, I am starting to feel the strain on my body and I think I have only covered around 20k of the total 50k. That is the kind of challenge I am talking about running on trail terrain vs road races. Not even at half way mark and its taking a toll of me. The feeling now is like after reaching the 30k mark of the marathon. Energy level is low and almost gone, legs felt like jelly and worst case it darn hot and humid out there. 5k more to go before I only hit the 1/2 way mark.

Continue to slowly run and walk as and when the energy level goes down or there is a steep hill right in front of you, like the face of a satan welcoming you to hell!!!!! Minute by minute, Km by Km I eventually hit the 25k mark in 3.5hrs. (thats probably my 33k mark in a marathon) At this point I think this is where the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve is. This is where runners have to run further into the forest and do a turn and come back out. And also I was told by some runners along the way that further ahead will be the determination point for lotsa of runners last year who gave up the race. The tough terrrain ahead coupled with the unforgiving hot afternoon sun will just stop the runner's body from responding ie it just stop and gave up. And I thot its gonna be a hell breakloose challenge and I am not going to let this evil terrain take over me. Bring it on and I will face the challenge.

The path at this point opened up a bit where there are less shades compare to the first part. This shud be the Zhenghua & Gangsa Track. This is where the runners will take a beating from the direct sunlight. Slowly moving like a tortoise I continued to move on. The thigh muscle is starting to send messages down to the brain that they have enough. The soreness and tightness of the muscles started to creeps in and I have to stop several times to apply oilment over it. Was also helping a few fellow runners who are under the same condition along the way.

At this moment its all down to walk / run routine. Any steep incline that comes my way will be walking up and then a slow jog down. As runners completed this part, we are out of the trail and onto the normal Sg road cutting across the highway and onto another trail. I guessed this area must be the Mandai. This part is more of a very open area with pebble roads and making it very uneven to run on. I am already half dead now and coupled with such rough terrain, it makes the condition even worst. Because of the openess, all runners are very much exposed to the hot sun beaming on us. No way you can escape the sun here and I am starting to feel that my shoulder is about to get burnt anytime soon. Just splashed water over my tired body to cool it down as I continue to move on.

The dryness and humidity level at this moment is so bad that no wonder they said this will be the determination point on whether the runners will give up as there will be the return leg of at least 20+km to cover. Slowly but surely with the determination of finishing the race, I get myself up and focus on the return leg. At this juncture, the each KM went by so slowly. After of at least an hour I am out of Mandai and my watch shows 4.5hrs of running. So its taking me 1hr to complete 5k. I am only now at the 30k mark and 20k to go.

Running 20k to me is sup sup water on road, but under such condition and terrain, it will be a tough, challenging and long way ahead. And now the return leg begins and another 4.5hrs to cut off time (Qualifying time is 9hrs) I reckon I will need at least another 4hrs to reach the finishing point based on a 5k per hour pace. Its walk more and run less pace, and with steep incline ahead.

The return leg will be pretty much similar from where I came from except for a few parts where it go thru an alternative route but its no easy meat. In fact its even tougher. By now most of the runners are scattered all over unlike in the beginning where everyone is almost together back-back. On and off you get to overtake someone and then a fast runner will pass you. There will be an exchanged of conversation saying HELLO and giving encouragement to each other before moving on with their own pace. Some obviously faster and some slower leaving behind.

The energy level is way down now, leaving only my determination and mental strength to carry me on. The clock keep counting minute by minute, then hour by hour......and finally I hit the 42k mark. I complete the marathon distance and its almost hitting 7hrs (total time of running or so call walking) 8K more to cover and gotta do it within 2hrs. Do a quick calculation and even if I do a 12min pace, I can get it done within 2hrs. A bit tight but qualifying for the race is kind of under control unless something really bad happen to me. So I started to revert back to very slow jog and brisk walk (and this is where my experience in trekking Mt Kinanbalu comes in handy) to cover the distance faster in case I needed more time towards the ending.

As I approaches the final 5K mark, the trail terrain are much more shady and flatter. This was not so demanding and I am able to conserve more energy and continue to troop towards the finishing point. As I saw the signboard that showed "2KM to MacRitchie Park" , I saw the reservoir again (where I started the race) and marched into the final part of the trail. Passed thru the golf course before entering into another trail. This 2K is probably the longest I have ever ran and it took me thru the shaddy part of the trail before eventually emerging out of the jungle. I know its gonna be over in no time when I saw people cheering me out. Some runners who have completed were there to lend a support as well. It was really encouraging to have such support after going thru such torturing time.

Once out on the track, I heard my travelling buddy Frank shouting at me. Holding his DSLR firmly, he is starting & ready to go for continuous shot I think. I raised both my hands and punched into the air self proclaiming my achievement in completing the race under 9hrs. As I approaches the finsihing line, there is a sense of great achievement within myself that I had came a long way and overcome the toughness of the challenge. I raised my hands to acknowledge my accomplishments and hopefully for Frank to get some good shots of me.

Crossed the finishing line and jumping up to the gantry and hit the finishing banner with both my hands. The time shown on the clock was 8h 33min 31sec. Immediately the race marshall ushered me to the side and have myself weigh again. The electronic scale showed 69kg (lost 3kg after the race). Got hold of my Finisher medal and Frank, Victor and Yee Hua was there to congratulate me. And its always good to have people to support you after a race. Met up with Mohan where he was kind enough to bring my baggage from his car to the race area for me. Rest for a while before heading back to the hotel with Frank.

And finally my goal to run an ultra marathon was accomplished. Not in style but in a tough terrain that is equivalent to running at least 60k to 70k in a road race. Will I do it again, well I cant make any decision for now. But it will be for a while before I attempt to run another race which is further than a marathon. Time to rest and recover.

Till then seeya in the next race.

Attire and supplements that I use to support my race.

- Fully sponsored K-SWISS shoes (RunOne MiSOUL) and apparels
- INJINJI toe socks (no blisters for the entire race)
- SportShield Anti Chafing stick (Not a single chafe on my body)
- NUUN hydration tablet (No cramps throughout, only sorenes in thigh muscles)
- NATHAN Hydration System (Speed2 Fuel Belt for my water)
- WEIDER IN Jelly (pre-race gel)
- GU Gel (took during the race)
- SPIBelt (to carry my mobile phone)
- 2XU compression (for my post race recovery)

Note: These are the products that are sold under my store (except GU Gel)

Monday, October 19, 2009

The North Face 100k DUO - Countdown

This will be the first time that I will run in a 50k race. So call the longest race that I will have run in my life if I complete it. Secondly its a mixture of road and trail, which make it even more challenging and hopefully exciting.

My preparation for this race started way back in mid Aug till Mid Oct 09. Total distance covered was 507.89km, with at least 5 LSD that is hitting 30k and above. Thanks to my 2 running buddies Loke SS and Frank who were together in the training. Without running buddies in my training it will always be difficult to hit those LSD on a weekend.

Race day will be this Saturday 24 Oct 2009 and its 5 more days before the big day. I hope my preparation will be sufficient to tackle this event as I am more worried about the trail (where I did not incorporate trail running into my training) Since this will be my first time doing something like that, I will be very cautious and take it easy. Go for it when my body feels better along the race. Thats always my principle in any races I run.

Will be travelling down to Singapore on Friday with Frank who will be doing the Nike Human Race 10k. And let the countdown begins.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Worldwide Half Marathon 2009

This is the group comprises of (L-R) myself, Jamie, Lawrence, Frank, Loke and Jeff who ran the Zen Run 10k in conjunction with Worldwide Half Marathon 2009

Monday, October 05, 2009

The day when the engine breaks

I woke up early on the Sat morning and prepare for my LSD. Will be doing a 32k. Body feels Ok but legs are a bit tired. Not sure what causes it but shud be Ok when I reach the destination.

Started of very slowly for a 4 looper around the Bird Park of Lake Gdns with Frank and Loke. The pace was rather slow as compare to previous runs. The slow pace was maintained for the 2nd lap, 3rd lap and eventually the 4th lap. We took a breather for water stop before heading out to Hartamas. The running momentum is not fully charged as I felt the tireness on both my feet. Loke pulled out saying that he doesnt feel good at all and didnt want to attempt going out to Hartamas and instead try to run loops around the area.

Frank and myself galloped out after the breather and still maintain a very slow pace as compare to previous morning runs. I took it very easy with Frank following behind and reaches the Petronas station in about 1h 07mins. Tireness on both the legs starting to pile up but I just maintain a slow pace to complate a 2.3k loop around the area before taking another breather for water stop.

Then both of us sttarted to head back to Bukit Aman, and as I reaches the KL Mosque uphill climb, the tireness on both my legs became more serious. Its not even at 25k mark and I am starting to have the "Hitting The Wall" feeling. My pace drop significantly from an average 6.30 mins pace down to almost 7+ mins. I continued to push on till I reaches the Jalan Duta flyover where I need to cross the road. I just woke myself up to be extremely careful at this point as tireness will de-focus me in crossing the busy road.

Once I crossed the flyover, my pace started to drop even more significantly. And at this point I realised that my engine is almost dying. Its the burn out effect that is kicking into my body system. I just dragged both my tired feet over Tijani Hills and ran towards the Kenny Hills area. I was relief to break it and now its the downhill along the S-curve road before taking on some small climbs along the new Bank Negara building.

Slowly pushed myself thru and by now Frank is way ahead of me. Reaches the Bank Rakyat building and the final 800m climb along Jalan Parlimen before reaching Lake Gdns. And slowly but surely I make it back but it is one hell of a torturing run.

And today the engine breaks, feeling the burnt out effect and Loke mentioned that it could be due to our 30k runs for the last 3 consecutive Sat mornings. Well time to have more rest and not continue to push the body. It has sent a signal out to stop and take some rest. Rest I will and for the next 2 weekends I wont be any LSD further than 20k, so as to let the body recover.

Till then, seeya on the road.

Monday, September 28, 2009

NEWTON RUNNING launches Sir Isaac & Lady Isaac Guidance Trainers

The newest addition to the Newton family offers intelligent control for all foot types. The Isaac is a neutral guidance trainer designed for runners committed to improving their running form to the more efficient midfoot/forefoot running style.

How does the Guidance Trainer differ from the Performance Trainer?

  • Beveled Heel and Toe: helps guide runner easily into the midfoot/forefoot
  • Beveled Lugs: smoother, stable feel that is more gradual in the forefoot
  • Wider midfoot/forefoot and lugs: adds stability and creates a softer feel
  • Midfoot Chassis/Shank: adds support and stability
  • Carbon Rubber Outersole: increases durability
  • Closed Mesh on Upper: keeps small debris out


  • Highly breathable, fast-drying, closed mesh
  • Slip-proof laces with heel-securing double eyelets
  • Lightweight ergonomic support strapping
  • Metatarsal stretch panels
  • Reflective logo and heel tab


  • Single-density, high rebound EVA that stabilizes all foot types
  • Second generation Action/Reaction Technology™ forefoot and heel
  • Midfoot/rearfoot support chassis for added stability
  • Beveled heel and toe
  • Met-flex enhanced forefoot flexibility
  • Enhanced sock-liner that increases energy return and protection
  • Accommodates orthotics


  • Second generation durable, high traction actuator lugs
  • Increased toe spring
  • Pronounced heel rocker
  • High-wear carbon rubber with traction tread


  • 100% recycled laces, webbing, insole top cover
  • 100% recycled box, packaging
  • 10% recycled outersole rubber
  • Shoes fit true to your current running shoe size
  • Wear over time will occur with Newton Running shoes
  • With every shoe there is an adjustment period; learn more about adjusting to the shoe


06.24.2009 – Newton Running, the revolutionary Boulder, Colorado running shoe company, announces the launch of two new shoe models this fall. The Sir Isaac and Lady Isaac guidance trainers are designed for runners who want embrace their natural running form with a more efficient midfoot/forefoot technique.

"We are very excited about the arrival of the Sir Isaac and Lady Isaac,” states Newton’s co-founder, Danny Abshire. “These shoes feature the proven, patented technology found in our performance line and incorporate a footprint geometry that provides a smoother transition for those seeking to run more naturally, efficiently and injury-free.

"The Isaac guidance trainers both feature a highly breathable closed mesh upper with lightweight ergonomic support strapping, metatarsal stretch panels and slip-proof laces. The midsole features second-generation Action/Reaction Technology™ in both the forefoot and the heel as well as a unique midfoot/rearfoot support chassis for added stability. The outsole features durable, high-grip actuator lugs, increased toe spring, high-wear carbon rubber with traction tread and an enhanced heel bevel to aid in transition to a natural running gait. The Sir Isaac weighs 10.9 ounces (men''s size 9) and the Lady Isaac weighs in at 8.9 ounces (women''s size 7).

Staying true to Newton Running’s green commitment, the Sir Isaac and Lady Isaac feature 100 percent recycled laces, webbing and insole topsheets, 10% recycled outsole rubber and 100 percent recycled shoeboxes and packaging.

For more info, log on to

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kiasu Singaporean At JB

This is how Singaporean pump petrol in Malaysia. Fill it up kau kau lat.

I think this is more like a new Zinc Kar Poh dance called Shake ur Booty!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Balik Kampung

To all my Muslim friends, this song is dedicated to all of you. Have a save journey back home to celebrate the festive season with your loved ones.

Monday, September 14, 2009

K-Ona by K-SWISS

If you mentioned K-SWISS, most people will relate that to tennis shoes or walking shoes. I truely agreed to that because the brand had been successfully producing quality shoes for tennis and walking in the USA market.

And about one year ago, K-SWISS had decided to venture into the running scene especially in the Triathlon events. They decided to launch a model in conjunction with the KONA Ironman, Hawaii 2008.....and we got the model K-Ona.

K-Ona is a low profile trainer. It's an ultra-light model weighing at 9oz (US9) and a stable running shoe perfect for fast days. races and triathlons. The design of the shoe looks very pure with a white body coupled with the famous K-SWISS 5 stripe branding (gold) across both sides of the shoe. The K-SWISS red logo was well positioned just at the rear of the shoe. I got this model from the regional sales personnel from K-SWISS to wear test the model and obviously have to give my reviews and feedback on the model itself.

My way of testing the shoe goes according through the following phases.

1) Run-in the shoe - Do a few short runs with it and let my feet adapt to the shoe. The short runs will be a combination of slow pace and faster ones.

2) Running a half marathon distance LSD to test out how well the shoe will hold.

3) And lastly running a 25k and 30k LSD to find out if it performs well in longer runs (a way to find out if the shoe can support well for a marathon)

I did about 3 to 4 short runs (6k - 8k) on the shoe. The model give me a good feel experience and my first impression was it needs very little run-in before one can take it out for a longer run. But since this a wear test trial, I ensure the model will be fully tested to its maximum whereby the acid test is on a 25k and 30k run.

The immediate feel when I ran with it was its low profile design and light weight versus normal cushion trainers that I wore for my training. Although the feel is harder at the forefoot upon landing, there is sufficient cushioning to protect the feet. The low profile design gives the runner a very flexible and fast transition. One do not feel the bulkiness and rigidness of a standard cushion trainer.

The seamless upper made with super-comfortable and breathable mesh fabric, making it extremely easy to wear the K-Ona's and literally run with it. The inside of the shoe is made up of a fine breathable mesh layer with a larger honeycomb mesh on the outside. This inside layer actually hold the shoe together resulting in a very comfortable fit.

Support is done through a direct injected urethane support cage with five-stripe branding on top. Basically a hard piece of plastic holding the softer outer sole in place. Further support is provided by a rigid TPU midfoot shank – TPU being thermoplastic polyurethane, a harder rubber on the grip of the shoe.

To ensure breathability and have a cooling effect, the K-Ona is engineered by K-SWISS “Flow Cool System”. This is a harder plastic outer layer at the toe and heel portion with rows of small holes. You can really feel the System in action on a hard & fast run. All together this combination allows your foot to get overall breathability. On top of that these layers are reflective and illuminous ~ a plus point for running in the dark whether its early in the morning or a nite run.

Cushioning is provided by Superfoam technology, an Si-18 technology crash pad and a k-EVA midsole. The Superfoam cushioning of the outer sole was excellent without having to compromise on the weight of the shoe.

For moisture management, the insole have rows of breathing holes allowing any moisture from the soles of your feet to escape out through the ten vents in the outsole (as shown in the pictures above).

Durability is achieved with an Aosta® II rubber outsole. The compound used were not too hard and rigid and therefore it will give the runner a comfort ride yet durable enough for a couple of hundred Kms.

In brief:


The Superfoam cushioning of the outer sole was excellent without compromising on the weight of the shoe. Overall cushioning of the K-Ona was very acceptable given a fact that its a low profile light weight trainer. Although the runner may feel some hardness when landing, but its a matter of getting use to it.

Pronation Control

The K-Ona’s urethane support cage provides a moderate amount of control but as a lightweight trainer cum racing shoe it does not heavily resist over-pronation. If you have an over-pronating gait you might do better with more structural resistance to over-pronation model.


The K-Ona is a nicely responsive shoe with a good amount of spring from the landing. The Superfoam cushioning does absorb a significant amount of shock so if you are looking for a harder feel and perhaps more road feedback then perhaps a less cushioned shoe would do better for you. I would definitely recommend this shoe for longer sessions and/or races as your feet will never tired.

Overall Grading

I wont be putting up a grading for the K-Ona but it will really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a light, fast shoe with great breathability and soft, but responsive cushioning to go the distance then this is the one. I will put my last dime on it that you will not go wrong.

I’m sure it is no accident that the name so closely resembles Kona!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Drive Fast in VW, Run Fast in Saucony

I went to deliver a pair of Saucony Fastwitch 3 to a runner at VW Malaysia today. And out of that, they are courteous enuf to offer me a photoshot with some of their new range of VW models that will be launching very very soon in Malaysia. Was lucky enuf to have a sneak preview of these 200+HP cars.

So if you wanna drive fast, drive any of these VW models and if you wanna run fast wear a Saucony Fastwitch 3

And if you are interested in any of these 200+HP cars, contact VW Malaysia.

More pictures can be view here

VW Eos 2 doors convertibles with a hardtop that open and fold with a TRANSFORMER-like mechanisms

VW Scirocco GT with beautiful bodylines and stunning color

VW Golf GTI, the rocket pocket speed demon

VW Passat with its excutive look

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2XU Compression apparels

The benefits of 2XU's compression:

- IMPROVED RECOVERY. Therapeutic rated fabric provides greater pressure and recovery benefit by helping the pumping action of the cardiovascular system; removing blood lactate from exercising muscles leading to faster muscle repair.

- IMPROVED CIRCULATION. Faster warm up and enhanced overall circulation. Graduated compression of the limbs actively encourages and increases venous return to the heart and lymph to the lymph nodes.

- REDUCED FATIGUE. During exercise, your muscles are exposed to forces that cause vibration. This major cause of muscle fatigue, known as muscle oscillation, can be reduced by wearing compression garments. This lead to improve muscle endurance, strength and power.

- HEIGHTENED AGILITY. Heightened proprioception increases senses and awareness for enhanced stability and agility. Proprioception can also help with improved technique as you remain aware of your body's positioning, improving the balance control system and muscle coordination.

- REDUCED DAMAGE. 2XU Compression features muscle containment properties which reduce muscle damage during exercise and minimise swelling post-exercise. Additional benefits include significant reduction of exercised-induced conditions such as Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

For details and pricing, please click here to visit Runnerz Circle Store.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

KL Rat Race 2009

I was at the race site (Bursa Malaysia) yesterday not to run but to cover the event as a private photographer for the interest of some runners who are my frenz. The event was divided into two sections 1) CEO Race and 2) Mens and Womens Open (Team as well)

The atmosphere was thunderous with all the cheerleaders and supporters from respective companies taking part. They are not deter by the hot, humid and hazy weather. As the day approaches, the sky had an overcast and a downpour may be expected. The CEO race was started first where they are required to run a 1.7km route followed by the Open who will be running a 5lm route. Its not easy to run under such weather condition but anyhow all the participants are full of inspiration to do a good cause and raise funds for charity.

I will not write too much about the event itself but let these set of pix do the talking.

More pix are uploaded here

Full album can be view here

Monday, August 10, 2009

Adidas King Of The Road

I missed last year race and heard lots of negative feedback about the event especially on toilets and insufficient water stations. So I hope this year the organiser had learn the mistakes and improve on it. This year the race was on 2nd Aug and held at the Shah Alam stadium.

Reaches the Shah Alam stadium pretty early at around 515am and there are ample parking. Since its still early I took a short nap before heading to the registration point at 6am. Registration was simple, and runners was given a black rubber band before allowed to enter the stadium.

Warmup was done at the stadium area before the runners were asked to assemble along a road just outside the stadium where the starting point is located. Kudos to YB Khalid, MB of Selangor for being punctual to gun off the race at 630am.

Runners have to run out of the stadium and onto the main road and immediately we are greeted with an uphill climb. My goal was to take it easy in the beginning as I was warned thjat there will be lots of up and down terrain throughout the entire route. Even with a hilly route my aim was to try and maintain a sub 5.30min pace throughout the race.

Running around Shah Alam area does not give me any sense of direction cos it looks the same everywhere coupled with all the huge roundabouts. The weather was dry and humid, and with the haze it makes running very challenging. Although there is no direct sunlight but I perspire a lot and water loss is definitely higher. I ensure that I drink more water at every station.

Uphills and downhills along the route. And now I know why the run is called King Of The Road. The route doesnt allow one to rest after going uphill and gain some momentum before another hill to greet you, and have to make another climb again. This goes on and on throughout the entire course.

The mother of hill greeted all runners for at least a 700m climb before one reaches the top. And there it was the sight of Shah Alam stadium in front of us, and another 1km to the finishing line.
We are required to run thru the stadium tunnel before finsihing on the stadium track.

I crossed the finishing line in 1hr 59mins 19sec for a distance of 21.8km and was pretty happy with the timing. Also manage to get a finisher medal for the run.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mens Health and Shape Run 2009

The well earned medal for finishing 43rd in the Jr veteran category

A condom found in my goodie bag. I need it?? Maybe for emergency purposes, hehehe. And its electronically stress tested, so its proven to be darn solid. Guarantee No Bocor !!! Wonder what the ladies got in replacement of this....

The race goodie bag.....Mens Health & Shape run had always been consistent for the 2 series (inclusive of last nite race) to give out real value for $$$ goddies bag.

Lunch was at around 2.30pm as this was done on purpose so that my stomach will still be full before the race at 8pm. And between now till 8pm, it will be liquid food. Eating too heavy before a nite race will have many side effects. One of them is always having stitches.

I was at race site pretty early at around 6pm and got a parking slot at the carpark next to the Palace Of Justice building. Was there to meet with some KRI runners and show them some of the Saucony models and also a few of them are interested to purchase immediately after trying them out.

The nite is hot and humid and i will anticipate a hard race for tonite. While waiting for my bib to be delivered, I continue having a chat with the KRI team. As the race drew nearer, the place is now full of activities, with runners doing their warmup, the organise blasting out the loud speaker with fast moving songs to motivate runners and cheer up the atmosphere.

I met up with THG gang (likes of Shih Ming, Raymond, Michele, Siow Bee, Keat Seong, Jenn, San, etc) and do some warmups. By 745pm, I masuk kandang and there were lotsa of ppl already in there. Try to squeeze my way to the front and only manage to reach like about 2m from the starting line. I thot this is good enuf so a fast start as I would not want to huge crowd to block the way.

The race started at 8pm sharp and we had to run about 2k to 3k along the straight and flat route that lead us to PICC. As we reached the Seri Gemilang Bridge before running around PICC, the route started to have some hilly terrain. Took it slowly as the start was a tad too fast I reckon. Slow down on th ehilly stretch to conserve some energy as the humid condition is taking a toll on me and most of the runners as well. Ran around PICC, a bit of a downhill now and back onto Seri Gemilang Bridge.

At this moment, I am still running fine under a sub5 min pace although I know I am sapping up lotsa energy. Then another climb along the bridge before we head towards Precint 4 along the highway. At this moment most of the runners are quite spread out. The faster ones will be all in front while the slower ones are slowly tagging along. I keep my pace momentum but I reckon that I wont be able to sustain this pace for too long. Energy level is going down and I am feeling the strain now. Recovery rate is slow due to 2 consecutive races in the last 2 weekends. Then the Seri Saujana Bridge appears as I ran past it. Thee nite view here is refreshing giving all runners something to enjoy while running (although I didnt pay too much attention to it, just a few glimpse of the scenery and concentrate on the run)

After this the route take the runners into Precint 7 on a long straight stretch of highway and the 3rd bridge appear. This time is the Seri Wawasan Bridge, a very unique bridge with lotsa of physical steel cables being used as infrastructure support as part of the decorations. At this moment my pace had gone down a bit to just around 5min pace. The humid condition is taking a toll on me but I just gallop on, just trying to maintain and sustain a comfortable pace to give me a sub1 hour finsihing.

As I reached the last 1km mark I increased the pace a bit, although its not fast enuf as there are one or two runner under the same category potong sayur me. I reckon I shud be in a position to finsih within 1hr and get a Finisher Medal as well. So I didnt bother much abt chasing after them, moreover I am feeling a bit tired now. The body and legs are not moving efficiently anymore, just carrying along the momentum.

A left turn into the straight road , and there I saw the finishing point. It was abt 200m away and I just slightly increased my speed to gain some finishing momentum. Crossed the line in 58mins 01secs, and in a position of 43rd under the Junior Veteran category. Well.... another medal in hand but definitely a slower race as compare to the two previous runs. Overall I am happy with my performance as I know I am not able to sustain a constant performance throughout especially when I was racing for the past 2 weekends.

Mingled around with all the running friends before making a trip back to Ampang as the drive will that at least 45mins. Much rest needed as there will be another race, this time the Adidas King Of The Road which the runners have to do an over distance half marathon of 22k.

Seeya this Sunday at Stadium Shah Alam.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Siemens Run 2009

It has been a while since I dipped below 50mins in a 10k. After last week fast and furious McD run, I was slowly recovering from the event. And come race day in this morning race, I sensed that my body and legs were not fully recovered. So gotta really pace myself and take it easy if the body and legs dont react well.

Pictures courtesy from Tey ET

The route is similar to last week race except for the finishing all the runners have to turn left into Jalan Raja Laut and do the U-turn at Wisma C&C and then the final straight along Jalan TAR ending at Dataran Merdeka.

From the beginning of the race till the 5k mark, I was running under a sub5 min pace. Was pretty surprised that I can hold onto it. There were some runners that I paced along the way starting with Adam, and then Azali for the longest till the Jalan Raja Chulan stretch before he made his move. After that it was Suresh and then Chen KH. Chen was running very strong today as compare to last week. Good for him as he shud be able to run even faster if not for his current fitness which was affected by his work plus constant traveling between KL and Ipoh (for some personal thingy)

Anyway the finishing was a fantastic atmosphere with groups of drummers hitting the drums and kompangs to cheer all the runners for the final push to the finishing point. There were also a group of BOM BOM gals who were really cheering their hearts out to give the runners motivation and morale booster. (this is wat i called Race Day atmosphere as compare to the dull finishing of SCKLM 09)

Pictures courtesy from Lim Pueh Tian

Crossed the finishing line in 47mins 40secs in position 33rd under the Junior Veteran category. Another good run for me and I am glad my pace is getting slightly faster in short races. One more short distance race next weekend ie the SHAPE Run 2009 @ Putrajaya and then it will be the Adidas King Of The Road 2009.

Seeya all at both the races.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 Reasons To Spend Money On Workout Clothes

This is an article contributed by Kat Sanders, a freelance writer and a guest contributor to my blog.

It’s not something that you would normally think of spending money on, because, let’s face it, who wants to try and look good when all you’re going to do is end up sweaty and tired anyway? Exercising is one of the best ways to tone your body and keep your mind active and fit. The trouble is, most of us tend to put on our oldest clothes, the most comfortable and worn out sweats we can find, simply because we don’t feel sexy or glamorous when working out. But, there are reasons to go shopping for workout clothes, because:

You feel motivated to stick to your exercise routine: This one is absolutely right on the money, because when you know you’ve gone out and blown a pile on your sports bras, tank tops, shorts, pants, T-shirts, socks, shoes and other items of clothing specifically meant for work-outs, you feel compelled to drag yourself out of bed if only to put on your new clothes and justify the money you’ve spent on it. It’s similar to buying equipment for a sport – like when you buy an expensive tennis racquet, you feel motivated to go out and play more. Besides, when you invest in the right kind of shoe and clothing according to the sport or workout of your choice, you minimize the risk of injury from accidental falls and that of chaffing from the sweat.

You feel good about yourself: It’s not the amount of money you spend, but the way the clothes make you feel. So it’s best to invest in exercise gear that you’ve tried on and found comfortable, clothes that are of the right fit and fabric, and outfits that accentuate your figure and look good on you. If you’re slim, it’s preferable to get figure-hugging clothes that show off your shape, and if you need to lose a little weight from around your hips, waist and thighs, well, there are clothes that help cover the fleshy parts and show off your assets. When you wear clothes that you’ve specifically chosen for a workout rather than old sweatpants and T-shirts that have been lying around the house for ages, you feel good about yourself and are filled with the energy to exercise.

You want to get out and show off: Once you start losing weight and see your workout clothes looking better and sexier on you, you want to get out of the house and head for the gym or the outdoors to show off how good you look. Even those of us who are not vain feel a thrill when heads turn as we walk by because we look good and merit a second look. This keeps you on the exercise track and makes it harder to shirk your workouts.
So if you haven’t invested in a workout wardrobe, head out and do so right now!

This article is written by Kat Sanders, who regularly blogs on the topic of pharmacist technician certification at her blog The Pharm Tech Blog. She welcomes your comments and questions at her email address:

Monday, July 13, 2009

Saucony Triumph 6 (aka The Green Hornet)

The Triumph 6 combines the plushness of the Triumph 4 with the smooth transition of the Triumph 5 to produce the best cushioning shoe we've ever made.

There's an increase in the volume of the ProGrid to provide even better cushioning and our new, ComfortRide sockliner, which enhances first-time fit and feel and is also anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and highly durable

It's all about comfort with the Triumph 6. A bit more ProGrid cushioning has been added to the 6th model of the Triumph, which raises the bar on an already well-cushioned shoe. Designed for high mileage, the Triumph 6 delivers good flexibility, a responsive, smooth ride and is ideal for neutral feet and supination.

  • Running shoe built for the neutral to under-pronator who requires enhanced cushioning and extended durability.
  • Triumphant ride for the runner who desires the cushioning and flexibility to achieve victory!
  • Lightweight and breathable mesh upper is designed with Arch-Lock for a snug midfoot fit.
  • Moisture Wicking Lining moves moisture away from your foot for a dry and comfortable feel.
  • Cushioning Comfortride® sockliner is produced with open cell foam and works with the HRC Strobel Board to increase cushioning and step-in comfort while also imparting anti-microbial and breathability properties for an agreeable shoe interior.
  • Full length ProGrid™ operates close to your foot to absorb impact forces and dissipate shock.
  • Respon-Tek™ platform, produced with a blend of foam, rubber and plastic, has been added to the Full length ProGrid™ for more responsive cushioning and a smoother heel-to-toe transition.
  • SSL EVA midsole delivers superior rebound and durability.
  • SRC Impact Zone provides shock attenuation and prepares the foot for a smooth transition.
  • Impact Interface adds additional cushioning during heel impact.
  • XT 900™ carbon rubber outsole material offers exceptional traction properties without sacrificing durability.
  • Durable blown rubber outsole is lightweight and flexible allowing for a smooth ride.
  • 11.00 oz.

Selling Price: RM320.00

Sunday, July 12, 2009

NEWTON ~ The Science In Motion

The shoe was put into an acid test today, after I ran with it occasionally for the past 3 weeks. Plus there was a NEWTON Shoe Trial session for runners participating in the McD Olympic Run 2009.

Why I said acid test was that today's race will be a 7k fast and furious event. The shoe itself will be push to the limit by me and by those runners wearing it for the trial session. I guessed this is one of the best way to wear test a shoe and check on its performance (besides doing a long run like a 20k with it). Wearing it and do a slow jog over a very short distance do not do any justice at all. You may feel comfortable with it but will not find the true potential or flaws of the shoe itself.

After the race, I personally found that the shoe is pretty responsive and will basically guide a runner to transition from mid foot to a forefoot striker. Especially when your strike is fast and hard, the front part of the shoe will keep pushing and lifting you forward. That basically provide better efficiency in my strike and therefore less energy is used from strike to strike. And I kind of find the technic of running forefoot which is the most natural way to run, it is also the fastest and most efficient way to run.

I am not the only one who have such experience today, but out of 10 runners who had a trial session with the shoe, I must gladly said 80% gave me similar feedback that the shoe is very efficient. They are able to transition to midfoot/forefoot running, a technique and position that helps keep you running more efficiently, injury-free and faster, no matter the distance.

Will do another wear test on the shoe, and the next time will be a 20k run and see how it will perform over a longer distance and at a slower pace. One other thing that I may want to highlight is that the shoe may have a disadvantage when it comes to the width of the toebox. A runner which have a broad feet may not fit into the shoe very well hence could experience discomfort and may even to the extent of getting blisters. But will definitely get a runner with wide feet to test it out later.

To learn more about the optimal running form, click here foor more information.

Newton Running shoes - The Science In Motion were developed to make your feet think they're barefoot and increase your performance.

I will be conducting another shoe trial session this coming Sunday in conjunction with Siemens Run 2009. If you are interested you can come to Bukit Aman carpark, Lake Gardens to get the shoe before heading to the race site.