Sunday, February 26, 2006

S. M. B. F. A.

YES - its SMELL MY BIG FAT ASS (sorri for the vocab)
If someone pick up a friendly challenge with you in the coming KLIM 06, and tell you that you will SMBFA, be careful.........he/she have the confidence to outrun you. HAHAHA........

Take care and C U next Sunday ie 5 March 2006.


Friday, February 24, 2006

Smell M. B. F. A.

Anyone knows what does that mean? It is a friendly challenge that we marathon runners always throw at each other whether it is during a training but will definitely happen on race day. The KLIM 2006 is just 10 days away and I believed this will goes around amongst runners, putting out friendly challenges with each other and more importantly encouraging each other to do better and able to achieve their personal records. Look out for the next update and I will tell you what does that mean or give me your comments if you know.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Clubbing + Alcohol + Running

Can we mixed it and serve as a cocktail......... Ask my running buddy LIFEMOU and he will tell you. But I can tell you now, it is a potent cocktail. I was doing a 20km run with this fella and he make me smell his BIG FAT ASS towards the last 1km-2km of the run. No impact on him what so ever he had done on a Friday nite/Saturday morning. I think it made him even stronger. Keep that up brother if you think thats the way to enjoy life. LIFE IS GREAT !!!!. But make sure you turn up on Saturday morning for the 20km run.


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Farn Parn

Farn Parn (Cantonese) aka Piracy aka Cetak Rompak. When we talked about piracy in Malaysia, it is always refered to Music CD, VCD and DVD piracy. Anyway tats what made MALAYSIA famous. The land of Farn Parn.

Lunch break for me today was a little bit longer than usual, why? Because I was patronizing a new DVD outlet that was opened very recently near my workplace. Have been wanting to buy some titles tat I have been waiting for (the clear version). Since the shop is near my workplace, I visited the outlet and spend sometime searching for those tat I wanted to buy.

The sales guy greeted me "Good Afternoon" when I step into the shop. Wahhahhh !! Fantastic man, I dont get this kind of greeting when I step into a govt office or a bank. This is wat I call customer service. "Oil Wan Meh Hei, lou sai - my ng chek, soong yat chek" the sales guy told me (In english "What movies you want, Boss - Buy five get one free"). After chosing the title, the sales guy tested it for me to ensure quality. He said Quality no good, we take back and dont recommend/sell to our customers. Hmmmmm.....This is wat I called customer focus and customer assurance.

No wonder this biz is big, overtime with this kind of service quality, the consumers will trust them. I hope our service industries learn a few tricks from them and definitely have a long way to catch up when it comes to good customer service....!!!

Morally or immorally, almost everyone in Malaysia purchase pirated CD/DVDs. So do I feel bad.....ask yourself first before asking me. After testing the quality of the DVDs, he step up and asked me whether I am satisfied with the movies quality. I nodded my head and the sales guy guided me to the counter and pay up.

There goes my weekend, it will be movies time from titles like "Wallace & Gromit" to "Proof" (dont know wat this movie is all about, but was attracted by the title theme which goes like this "The biggest risk in Life is not taking one") AHA-AHA !!!

Cheers & Have a good weekend.

Long Lost Friend

While browsing thru the blog of KC & The Sunshine Runners I stumbled upon an article that KC wrote about his Low Sang Get-Together dinner that he had with his badminton kakis. I saw this guy with his hairline reclining (and I am also one of those which are genetically impacted, and no fault of anyone) in one of the photo posted, and I told myself that he definitely looks very familiar to me. He resembles of a friend of my brother (whom they used to study together in St. Michael's Inst, Ipoh) which use to visit us quite often and without fail during the CNY when my brother was studying abroad. The last I actually met up with this guy was easily at least 10 years ago if not longer, when he visited us again during one of the CNY. After that I actually lost contact of his whereabouts.

Courtesy of KCLeong

So I quickily send a message to KC to get more infor of this guy whom he knew him as Alan. I describe his full name and information about him to KC and check whether it matches. True enuf, KC response came back via en email and believe it or not that guy by name of Alan is actually the long lost friend of my family and my brother. Wah lau erh, wat a fortunate way to track down your long lost friend. If not for KC posting that article, I will probably not able to trace where Alan is today. Shall I thank you KC, ............ YES, I shud. THANK YOU for posting that article.

This is real cool, the power of web-blogging and the Internet.

WEB BLOGGING - Where Information Flows.



If runners can do that, most of us will be able to do PR everytime we race and your partner must be a fast runner. Just tie yourself to your partner who will be running the race together with you. MUAHAHAHAHA ...........

And guess who does the culprit works for. He brings his kampung-ness to modern day living!!!

Friday, February 17, 2006

Whoosh !!! Wat a week before it ends

After finishing our financial quarter just before CNY starts, the preparation to meet our goals for Q3 and Q4 started. And this week is madness again, working for almost 16-17 hours for the past 3 days from Monday onwards to prepare information for my boss for the quarterly managers meeting, and this time in Taipei. Because of my second portfolio in managing busines and sales operations for the country, I have to churn out data on past achievements pertaining to sales, business operations processes, employee productivity, spend and expenses, YoY and QoQ growth, blah blah blah. This is mind boggling. After getting all the facts and figures right, I have to present it to the country management team especially to my boss who will be representing Malaysia in the meeting. We have to reveiw all these information over and over again to ensure that everything are politically correct when my boss present it to the VP of the region during the meeting. I was in a pressure cooker for the past 3 days doing nothing but churning our information. Well, finally its over yesterday and my boss is happy with the output and with the information he flew off to Taipei late evening yesterday. And thats corporate life !!!!, and hitting the road, strikes over strikes, heavy breathing at times, over 10km to 20km (if not more for others) help me take away all the stress and come back stronger the next day.


Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tak Boleh Tahan MAN !!

Running a marathon needs lots of training and endurance, and we can overcome it and perform to our own expectation. What about doing a Marathon LOW SANG lunches and dinners, Wah really tak boleh tahan MAN !!. You cannot train to eat more (unless you really stuff yourself) and endure the intake of lots of food. Have been doing that with our partners and customers eversince coming back from the CNY. The gunshot to start these marathon eating outings was on 6 Feb 2006 ie Monday and all the way till Friday non-stop on lunches and dinners. Summore not running enuf to burnt off those carbo and fat intake, how lah like that!!!! Must cut down oledi, otherwise very teruk man !! So have to eat a little bit here, eat a little bit there...... Anyway Chap Goh Mei is this weekend and all these celebrations will be history. Things will get back to normal and no more Marathon eating outings until the next new lunar year.

Happy LOW SANG to all who are in a similar situation !!


Monday, February 06, 2006

Tian Gong Festival

Today is the eighth day of the Chinese Lunar New Year but this will be a day where the Hokkiens will be busy starting their preparations for the Tian Gong Festival.

The Ninth Day – Tian Gong Festival is an important day to Fujiang (Hokkien) people; it is even more important than the Chinese New Year.

It is said that during the Qing dynasty, Fujiang people hid themselves in sugar cane forest until the eighth day of the New Year to escape from Qing armies. Those who did not die thought that they were saved by the gods. As the ninth day is the birthday of The Heavenly God (Tian Gong), they decided to worship Tian Gong on that day. Among the sacrificial offerings, there was sugar cane. On one hand , cane is their saviour and on the other hand , it symbolizes success.

So with this belief continuing, the Hokkiens had celebrated this happy occasion on a yearly basis starting the prayer offerings to The Heavenly God (Tian Gong) on the nite of the 8th day of the CNY. Firecrackers will be lighted to celebrate the occasion because the Hokkiens consider this day to be their first day of CNY.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Yan Yat aka Everybody’s Birthday

Today is the seventh day of the Chinese New Year and is also know as Yan Yat or Everybody’s Birthday. Traditionally, it is today that everyone will do the LOU SANG with raw fish and eaten together with porridge. But with everything being commercialize, LOU SANG is available even before the CNY starts and goes all the way until the 15th day of CNY.