Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Working Formula

One pack of the Weider IN Jelly consumed before I start my LSD and a bottle of Endurox R4 consumed in the first 5k of my 30k. This is a wonderful formula for me. Give me the energy and the power to last the entire run.

Obviously in between there will be refueling, else See Kiaw Kiaw liao!!!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kordel's - Arthritis Foundation Charity Walkathon

Date: 24 May 2009 (Sunday)
Venue: Taman Jaya, Petaling Jaya
Time: 7.00am to 11.oo am
Distance: 4.5km (3 x 1.5k loop)
Prizes: 1st - RM1000; 2nd to 10th - Hampers worth RM100

It was a last minute entry where Cheang and Julie sms me asking if I want to be part of their 4 member team for this charity walk. Since this is a charity walk I have no second thought to it and accepted their invitation. The team member comprised of Cheang, Kei Meng, Julie and myself.

Arrived at the event site at around 7am. Bumped into Amelia, Kevin Chow and some familiar faces in the running community. Was waiting for Cheang to arrive and register the team. A while later Cheang arrived and got the team registered. Soon Julie and Kei meng arrived as well and we started to pin up our bibs and we are Team 008. The number of participant is not too big.

One of the VIP for this event is our Angkasawan, Datuk SMS. The MC announced his arrival and heaps of people went rushing to him for autographs and having a photo session with him. Our group also did not missed the opportunity and have a group photo with him as well.

Team 008 (All Black) with Angkasawan
Picture courtesy of RunWitMe

Its oredi 8am now and we are still waiting for the arrival of the VVIP for this event. As the clock approaches 8.15am, all the participants were informed by the MC to move to the Starting Line and the walk will start at 8.30am. At the Starting Line, all the participants were guided to a warmup and stretching session by some national walkers who were also here for the event.

There was a countdown to the starting of the event and out we go. All four of us stick together as we race began. I was tailing behind Cheang and Julie for the first loop as the leg muscle are pretty stiff. As I go into the 2nd loop, I began to increase my walking speed and the muscle are more or less ease up and was side by side with Cheang. Julie and Kei Meng was slightly about 30m behind us. Once I completed Lap 2, my walking speed gained momentum and this is where I start to make my move in walking faster. I overtook Cheang and start making my way towards the finishing line.

As i approaches the Finishing Line, I waited for the team to reach and thought of finishing it together. The official told me to cross the line first and I did it together with Cheang and Julie as they were also quite near. Kei Meng was a bit behind (i think he was too tired after last nite 29k run)

After completing the walk, Cheang's wife told us we are in the running of a top 10 position. That was good news to all of us. We had our refreshment and rest while waiting for the prize giving ceremony and handing out of the event goodies bag. While waiting there was some form of entertainment and games coordinated by the event MC. In general it was done together with all the particpants going up to the stage and participate.

By around 10.15am, the official results were ready to be announce. We got position number 8 and that means Team 008 had won a hamper that is worth RM100. Kudos for the team members who put in an effort to got for a top 10 position. It was a good outing and also a charitable one as well.

I was hoping to take this VW home too!!!!
Picture courtesy of RunWitMe

Things from the goodies bag

Prizes from the hamper and this is my fair share

Certificate Of Participation

Friday, May 22, 2009

Born Free, As Free As The Wind Blows

Courtesy of Michael Liew

This is wat makes me trek Mt Kinabalu every year. The early morning sun that shines on the summit transformed it into a Golden Peak. Two GONG GONG trekkers slowly making their way up to the summit. He told his trekking buddy "We are almost there, just another couple of metres up the steep rocky path and you will reach the highest peak in South East Asia"

Monday, May 18, 2009

12 May 2009

This will be a day that will go down my memory lane very well. Aiks, dont mistaken that its the pre May 13 thingy, although its another day that I will remembered forever. Its the darkest day in Malaysia and as far as the country its concern, May 13 doesnt exist in our history books. Yet if you are old enuf, you will know what it means and what actually took place. Try googled it and do a research for yourself.

Well lets put that aside and focus on what I am trying to say. May 12 is the day I bidded goodbye to a 14 years and 3 months relationship. A relationship that had brought me good exposure, took good care of my family and where we are today. Created a great opportunity for me to express myself and to the world, got me the opportunity to at least show the world what I can do. It wasnt easy but we do it together and achieved what we targetted.

There were so many things that had happened in this 14 years and 3 months. The ups and downs of life together, the pressure to ensure things are done correctly, etc, etc. And to cut the story short, well things finally had to come to an end. Bidding farewell with handshakes and signing off documents to ensure it was done in a legal and professional manner.

I hope we will still be friends and may our path meet again. Adios.................

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sichuan Earthquake 1st anniversary

Survivors of last year's devastating earthquake in China's Sichuan province have marked the 1st anniversary of the tragedy that left 90,000 peopledead ormissing and 5 million homeless.

May the lost souls all rest in peace.....Oh Mi Two Foh

I would love to visit this province in the near future especially Chengdu and Mt Emei.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wesak Day - Candle Procession

Buddhist devotees join in the Candle procession

The floats during the procession

This dude hit the wall....he is panting furiously

This young one is part of the crowd

Mens best friends - The K9 is part of the crowd

The stylo milo crowd

We did it together !!!

The young monks

Wesak Day - A visit to the Vihara temple

Big crowd inside the temple

Oil lamps

Flags & Light Bulbs to beautify the temple

The devotees offering their candles and joss sticks

May I blessed with good health, good life & a good husband too!!!
......A marathon runner as a husband is perfectly fine

The main prayer hall of the temple

The entrance to the temple

A view from the outside

A Great Mountaineer

Met my fren T Ravichandran during my visit to the Vihara temple in Brickfields in this week Wesak Day celebration. Ravi is no ordinary person but to me he is one of the greatest mountaineer in Malaysia and maybe even within ASEAN.

He is the only person in ASEAN who did a solo climb (without any help & support from local Sherpa) and reach the summit of Mount Everest from the North - Tibet side and at the same time raise funds to benefit various charity houses in Malaysia.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Happy Wesak Day

Tomorrow Buddhist all over the world will celebrate Wesak Day which actually encompasses the birth, enlightenment Nirvana, and passing of Gautama Buddha.

Oh Mi Two Foh aka Amitaba Buddha.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

A day at the rubber plantation

It was a beautiful morning and I decided to go out for a shooting session at a rubber plantation. A quite place with fresh air and birds chipping away, where one can never find in the city. Its located at Machap Baru(where my wife live), the biggest Chinese New Village in Melaka.

More shots can be found at my album in Facebook.

Monday, May 04, 2009

The Sun and the Moon

This shot was taken this evening when I suddenly noticed that the Moon had appeared in broad daylight. Is there something special to the Solar system today where the Moon appears before the sun set.