Sunday, July 19, 2009

Siemens Run 2009

It has been a while since I dipped below 50mins in a 10k. After last week fast and furious McD run, I was slowly recovering from the event. And come race day in this morning race, I sensed that my body and legs were not fully recovered. So gotta really pace myself and take it easy if the body and legs dont react well.

Pictures courtesy from Tey ET

The route is similar to last week race except for the finishing all the runners have to turn left into Jalan Raja Laut and do the U-turn at Wisma C&C and then the final straight along Jalan TAR ending at Dataran Merdeka.

From the beginning of the race till the 5k mark, I was running under a sub5 min pace. Was pretty surprised that I can hold onto it. There were some runners that I paced along the way starting with Adam, and then Azali for the longest till the Jalan Raja Chulan stretch before he made his move. After that it was Suresh and then Chen KH. Chen was running very strong today as compare to last week. Good for him as he shud be able to run even faster if not for his current fitness which was affected by his work plus constant traveling between KL and Ipoh (for some personal thingy)

Anyway the finishing was a fantastic atmosphere with groups of drummers hitting the drums and kompangs to cheer all the runners for the final push to the finishing point. There were also a group of BOM BOM gals who were really cheering their hearts out to give the runners motivation and morale booster. (this is wat i called Race Day atmosphere as compare to the dull finishing of SCKLM 09)

Pictures courtesy from Lim Pueh Tian

Crossed the finishing line in 47mins 40secs in position 33rd under the Junior Veteran category. Another good run for me and I am glad my pace is getting slightly faster in short races. One more short distance race next weekend ie the SHAPE Run 2009 @ Putrajaya and then it will be the Adidas King Of The Road 2009.

Seeya all at both the races.


Loke said...

Cinya saileh. Your form is so good and I cannot even see your smoke.

Jamie Pang said...

yeah, cinya saileh!

C-CUBE said...

yes, i think the form is there. hopefully can pia again this Sat and dont break down.