Thursday, November 26, 2009

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009

With Chris Jong and Dillon Sze

With Frank Chong

Instead of writing a full report on the race, this time I will just try to list out what I like and I dont like about the event and things for improvement (not in any order)

- Online registration and payment made it very easy for runners
- Courier service to send race kit to door step
- Open discussion on Facebook allow interaction with runners and organiser
- Sufficient toilets at race site
- Drummers give motivation at mid-span of the bridge
- Champion Chip made life easy for all
- Goodies bag & medals given away immediately when runners finished the race
- The entire running route was designed to minimise collision with all categories


- Running vest is way to small according to size chart provided
- No quality FINISHER T for Full Marathon runners. We dont need al-cheapo cotton ones
- Distance marker not sufficient and one of them were wrong
- More diistance marker towards the last 10k of Full Marathon
- Not sufficient toilets along the route. Hardly see one except at the mid-span of bridge
- No cheerleaders towards the ending part of the race to motivate runners
- The lady MC is so boring....keep on repeating!!!!
- No music to motivate runners at race site

Thats all I can think of. Like I said in Facebook, you dont have to praise your own self for a job well done., the runners will. A big pat to the organiser for a job well done. Will be there again next year.

And this will be the finale of marathon running for year 2009 before it comes to an end. Seeya again in the next race and my next marathon challenge will be the Stanchart Hong Kong Marathon on 28 Feb 2010.

And last but not least, congrats to my running buddy Loke SS for accomplished his target of running a sub5 race in this event. Now you have to shift the target for the next marathon challenge. For me I finished the race in 4hr 40mins (chip time)

Products I used for the race
1) Saucony vest
2) 2XU compression shorts
3) SPIBelt to carry small items like gel, oilment, etc
4) Saucony Fastwitch 3 racer
5) Injinji toe socks
6) NUUN hydration tablet
7) Weider IN Energy Jelly as pre-race food
8) Endurox R4 energy drink

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