Sunday, November 01, 2009

Post race recovery

It has been a week since I am back from The NorthFace 100K Duo race. Have been wearing the 2XU Elite Compression to sleep for the past 1 week. The compression tights really help to ease muscle soreness and help relax it. The pain and soreness are gone on the third day and I started to do a slow run on Friday itself. Legs felt heavy in the run but I believed that's part of the recovery process.

Ran 10K on Saturday and did another 10k today. The legs still seems to be heavy and stiff, and after running I felt some soreness on the calf itself. The knee is showing some kind of weakness as well. I guessed I had to take it slowly and not rush into it. Seems like the 50k race really take a toll on my legs. I wonder how people can recover after doing the Sundown 84k ultra-marathon.

Will continue to run this coming week and see how it goes. Attempting to do a final LSD of 30k this coming weekend if everything fall into places before PBIM09. Will hope to recover in time. Not putting too much hope in doing a good time for this event. A sub-5hr finisher will be just nice for me.

Till then I will continue to report on my road to recovery. Stay free from injury.

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