Thursday, December 31, 2009

Putrajaya 12 Hour Walk 2009

Calm before the storm!!!

Held on 12-13 Dec 2009 at the same place as last year ie Start/Finish is in front of Place Of Justice building at Putrajaya. For this year walk, my target was to hit a minimum of 60k (compare to my maiden outing last year which is 53k). The surrounding of the race site was full of activities, from people taking photographs to people setting up camping tents for the long nite. As usual got to meet up with lotsa running friends who took up the challenge for a 12hr walk. As if running a marathon is not painful & torturing enough, we came to test our endurance on whether we can tahan/endure the all nite long walk. Anyway runners are sucker for pain as one of my running buddies said.

We walk in loops of 1km round and round the vicinity, and there will be water and food breaks in between. Some who are just here to qualify for the medal (Mens have to walk a minimum of 26km while women for 20km to get a FINISHER medal) take naps in between when they have complete the minimum to qualify. Others will just take many breaks in between to rest and mingle around with their friends.

Walk and walk we do, round and round the clock till dawn. As the nite strikes around 3am onwards, we started to see red and blurry eyes on some walkers, and yet they continued to strive on. Most of them said this was the hardest period for them, as most of us are longing for our comfy bed and smelly pillows at home.

As the nite moves on, we started to see less walkers on the circuit and most of the time during this period was more of a lonely walk by yourself. I trooped on throughout the nite with short breaks in between to rest my kangkor legs plus food breaks. Other than that, its a all nite long affair for me. No sleeping this time round as I was targeting to hit the 60k goal.

The final push

As day breaks, we start to see the sky brightens up and sunrise was a beauty around the Putrajaya Precint 1 vicinity. Rays from the sun started to penetrate the sky and brightens up the new day. As the clock moves towards 8am where the walk will conclude after 12hrs (started 8pm last nite), I gave one final push to cross the finishing line covering 62k in 11hrs 52mins. As per official result, I was penalised for 1 lap for floating ie not walking according to the race marshall, and therefore my official result was 61k.

Sense of a great achievement amongst the walkers

The hard earned medal after walking for 11hrs 52mins covering a distance of 61k

It was a sense of great achievement among all the walkers and I was really proud of myself for achieving the target of 60k set before the race starts. Overall it was a very well organised event except for the food provided was not up to standard (as compare to last year). Will I be back for the 3rd bet I will and the benchmark for me will be higher next year.


Anonymous said...

Wah, so long overdue. Congrats, when I tried it myself I came to understand hitting 50k would be a very big feat. You did 62k and I think that's awesome.

What's floating, btw?

C-CUBE said...

yah long overdue due to laziness. anyway forced myself to get the last 2 race report up before 2010 kicks in.

According to the marshall "floating" is like the whole feet had not touch the ground before and the other feet was lift off. Its consider jogging or running.