Monday, October 05, 2009

The day when the engine breaks

I woke up early on the Sat morning and prepare for my LSD. Will be doing a 32k. Body feels Ok but legs are a bit tired. Not sure what causes it but shud be Ok when I reach the destination.

Started of very slowly for a 4 looper around the Bird Park of Lake Gdns with Frank and Loke. The pace was rather slow as compare to previous runs. The slow pace was maintained for the 2nd lap, 3rd lap and eventually the 4th lap. We took a breather for water stop before heading out to Hartamas. The running momentum is not fully charged as I felt the tireness on both my feet. Loke pulled out saying that he doesnt feel good at all and didnt want to attempt going out to Hartamas and instead try to run loops around the area.

Frank and myself galloped out after the breather and still maintain a very slow pace as compare to previous morning runs. I took it very easy with Frank following behind and reaches the Petronas station in about 1h 07mins. Tireness on both the legs starting to pile up but I just maintain a slow pace to complate a 2.3k loop around the area before taking another breather for water stop.

Then both of us sttarted to head back to Bukit Aman, and as I reaches the KL Mosque uphill climb, the tireness on both my legs became more serious. Its not even at 25k mark and I am starting to have the "Hitting The Wall" feeling. My pace drop significantly from an average 6.30 mins pace down to almost 7+ mins. I continued to push on till I reaches the Jalan Duta flyover where I need to cross the road. I just woke myself up to be extremely careful at this point as tireness will de-focus me in crossing the busy road.

Once I crossed the flyover, my pace started to drop even more significantly. And at this point I realised that my engine is almost dying. Its the burn out effect that is kicking into my body system. I just dragged both my tired feet over Tijani Hills and ran towards the Kenny Hills area. I was relief to break it and now its the downhill along the S-curve road before taking on some small climbs along the new Bank Negara building.

Slowly pushed myself thru and by now Frank is way ahead of me. Reaches the Bank Rakyat building and the final 800m climb along Jalan Parlimen before reaching Lake Gdns. And slowly but surely I make it back but it is one hell of a torturing run.

And today the engine breaks, feeling the burnt out effect and Loke mentioned that it could be due to our 30k runs for the last 3 consecutive Sat mornings. Well time to have more rest and not continue to push the body. It has sent a signal out to stop and take some rest. Rest I will and for the next 2 weekends I wont be any LSD further than 20k, so as to let the body recover.

Till then, seeya on the road.


Runnerz said...

We all have our days. I agree the 30K over the past few weeks is taking it's toll on us. The show must go on but we deserve our rest as well. So now is the time, and remember to eat well.

Loke said...

Actually, we did a 28k run on the 1st Sat of Sept followed by 30k on 3consecutive Sat.

My engine also broke down on the same day. Must be due to the same year of manufacture since we were born in the same year. LOL.

RunWitMe said...

Take care! Eat well, Rest Well. Race Well.

C-CUBE said...

Frank, yes the show must go on. And now the No 1 priority is to rest and get myself recover for Nov LSSD.

Loke, yah....28k, 30k, 30k, 30k, and 32k. Engine need to rest and resume running in Nov.

Runnerz said...

LSSD? Long Super Slow Distance? Hahaha... :P

Henry Wong said...

Choi, Loke and Frank, thanks for sharing the experience. I was about to do the same training routine but after my last knee injury, I learn hard to listen to my body...
Hopefully one day I get to run side by side with you guys...and to learn more about running...

cRAzYtoMatOmaN-D said...

You did too many
I need that many
You did 30km
I only did 30min
You need to stop
I need to start


C-CUBE said...

TomatoMan, u no need to train so hard lah.