Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Post race recovery 2

This is into the 2nd week of recovery after TNF 100k Duo event. Although the leg muscles are fully recover and back to normal, I still felt some soreness and tightness while running. Last Sunday I did my FINALE ie the last LSD before tapering off for Penang Bridge International Marathon 2009. It was a 32k run and I felt tightness after hitting 25k. Thats not a good sign in terms of getting ready for the race. I am tempted to do another LSD of 30k this Sat but I guess it probably doesnt help much in the last minute preparation. So I will just do a 15k to ease of the training and just save it for race day.

I guessed one month time for me to recover from a tough race is not sufficient, hence I will take it very easy on race day. Probably just pace with Loke SS and help him to achieve a sub5 finishing. If things do change for a better on race day, then I will attempt to go for a sub 4-1/2hr finishing, else it will just be a slow cruise for me in PBIM09.

A 4 month training, started off with normal base training workout and into some speedwork follow by endurance running to tackle one ultra 50k Trail route and a marathon. Never have I done this before and now I know where my body limits are. Luckily there was no injury during the training. Thanks to the shoes (Saucony, Newton and K-SWISS) I use for this entire 4 months of training.

Till then I will see you all at the starting line of PBIM 09 aka Asam Laksa Marathon.


kaki LARI said...

hye..gud luck for PBIM...see u there..newton always the best..hehe

C-CUBE said...

Kaki Lari, good luck to u too. Hv speed will travel....hehehe

Loke said...

Target to do 6.5min pace until 35km and complete remaining distance based on what I can do on that day. I just hope and pray for a cramp-free marathon and that I don't "hit the wall".

Jamie Pang said...

all der best! enjoy your makanthon!

jus call me ida.. said...

hi.. im a newcomer here.. selamat berkenalan!
may i know what LSD?

C-CUBE said...

ida, Long Slow Distance - meaning doing a long run ie 20k-35k in a slow pace. the purpose is to build up endurance (to stay on the road as long as possible) and not speed.