Monday, October 19, 2009

The North Face 100k DUO - Countdown

This will be the first time that I will run in a 50k race. So call the longest race that I will have run in my life if I complete it. Secondly its a mixture of road and trail, which make it even more challenging and hopefully exciting.

My preparation for this race started way back in mid Aug till Mid Oct 09. Total distance covered was 507.89km, with at least 5 LSD that is hitting 30k and above. Thanks to my 2 running buddies Loke SS and Frank who were together in the training. Without running buddies in my training it will always be difficult to hit those LSD on a weekend.

Race day will be this Saturday 24 Oct 2009 and its 5 more days before the big day. I hope my preparation will be sufficient to tackle this event as I am more worried about the trail (where I did not incorporate trail running into my training) Since this will be my first time doing something like that, I will be very cautious and take it easy. Go for it when my body feels better along the race. Thats always my principle in any races I run.

Will be travelling down to Singapore on Friday with Frank who will be doing the Nike Human Race 10k. And let the countdown begins.


RunWitMe said...

Cinya gud der luck kau kau lat. :) Heheh!

Jamie Pang said...

come back wit your adventure story!

C-CUBE said...

hopefully can bring back some good memories