Wednesday, August 12, 2009

KL Rat Race 2009

I was at the race site (Bursa Malaysia) yesterday not to run but to cover the event as a private photographer for the interest of some runners who are my frenz. The event was divided into two sections 1) CEO Race and 2) Mens and Womens Open (Team as well)

The atmosphere was thunderous with all the cheerleaders and supporters from respective companies taking part. They are not deter by the hot, humid and hazy weather. As the day approaches, the sky had an overcast and a downpour may be expected. The CEO race was started first where they are required to run a 1.7km route followed by the Open who will be running a 5lm route. Its not easy to run under such weather condition but anyhow all the participants are full of inspiration to do a good cause and raise funds for charity.

I will not write too much about the event itself but let these set of pix do the talking.

More pix are uploaded here

Full album can be view here

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