Wednesday, October 18, 2006

We Swear !@#$%&*+

We swear at:

- what the Indonesian govt are doing to curb opening burning
- what the local govt have done about the haze...dont they care!!!!
- the API readings are totally wrong
- the unethical drivers on the road especially Q jumping
- at drivers who overtake from the left
- outlets which have bad customer service and does not admit their mistake
- the Consumer Association why consumers like us are not protected
- closure of highways bcos of cracks
- why the city of KL are still having problems in dealing with flood
- unethical housing developer that chop down trees
- people who causes all the landslides
- why the LRT trains halt and take 10hrs to resume service
- the Mak Rempit for causing trouble and creating social issues
- the Boh Sia but they are no where to be seen now
- those people who are cruel to animals

What else do we swear at.....many more !!!!

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