Thursday, October 12, 2006

Are u loyal?

Are you always loyal to one brand of running shoes? Or do you try every other brand and still didnt find one that suits your feet and biomechanics. Or maybe you are loyal to one brand because your favorite sports idol is the ambassador of that brand. You dont care whether the shoe is up to the performance you wanted and most importantly value for money. You just pay irregardless of how much it cost, just because you are swear by the brand. On the other hand there are people that I know of that select different brands for different running occasion ie one for shorter distance racing, one for long distance competition and one for training.

These are some incidents that we probably can find in the running communities. I believed there are no right or wrong answer to it but its more of a personal preference. It is also very true that a high performance high rating shoe may fit in very well to one individual but turns out totally the opposite for another runner. And therefore in whatever brands that we can find in the market today, I think there is no one brand that is more superior than another brand. The key difference is the power of throwing the marketing dollars to get mindshare and awareness. The bigger marketing dollar one splash out, the more eye ball attention they will get. And then eventually the consumers are the ones made to pay on behalf of them because these big boys have to fork out hugh sums and pay sponsorships money to their so call megastars or ambassdors.

So think twice when you go out and purchase your next pair of rubber trainers. And asked yourself whether what you are paying is value for money. Good luck in your next purchase.......


Dinesh said...

So far I've only tried one Nike and two NBs. I will not be buying anymore NB shoes and would definitely want to try a pair of Mizuno, Saucony or Brooks.

On my next pair I shall not try to save a few dollars and risk getting another pair of under performing shoes.

Let me know how your Saucony performs as you get closer to the Singapore marathon. I will most definitely want to try that model should you feel it gives the right amount of cushioning and support.

C-CUBE said...

The Saucony Triumph 3 is a a firm and stable, good cushioning and support. Except that it is not meant for wide feet runners like me. It is slightly tight for me. If one has a narrow feet, it is perfect bcos it grips the feet very well. Since this is a test shoe for me, I will provide feedback to the local distributor and I know what to advise for runners who are interested in this shoe. I may sell it off at a cheaper price later.

For you, my suggestion is to try out a few model like the Hurricane, Trigon and Omni. I think this model are more suitable for you. Can make arrangement to go to the warehouse and check out the model. Chen is tentatively going next Sat to check out the racers.

Chipmunkrock said...

I'm still a die hard Saucony fan - for comfort first and foremost.

RunWitMe said...

I have been sticking to Adidas because by far they are the most comfortable shoes. No blister what soever.

Early this year I bought 2 pairs of Saucony for RM39.90 each pair from a warehouse sale. They fit OK but I don't like the hard material at the toes area.

C-CUBE said...

RWM: I believe those u bought r really the very old models. The current model do not hv such prob, and btw what model are there if u can still remember.

If Adidas fit your feet and biomechanics there is no reason to change, unless you are not getting the price/performance, reliability and value you are looking for.