Thursday, October 26, 2006

Do U run away from problems?

This is exactly what happened to this Zakaria Mat Deros dude (dont know whether there is any relation to Mat Rempit) the so call Port Klang assemblyman who defy anything from not paying assessment for 12 years to illegally buliding a posh Istana in a low cost housing area with no authority approval.

This ZMD dude got summoned by the Sultan Selangor (who got so angry with his makeover) to explain to His Majesty what is he trying to do especially in the royal town of his. But he snubbed the Sultan for not turning up but giving an excuse that he need to be admitted to the hospital for whatever reason (nobody knows) and discharge himself that same afternoon.....reported by The Sun today.

ZMD had no guts or b*lls to face the truth of what he had done. A bloody lame excuses of going to the hospital and running away from problems. As usual our beloved PM just ticked ZMD off but not excuting the last blow in taking him out. But he left it to Khir Toyo to do it saying that it is the rakyat that voted him, let the MB of Selangor to deal with it. What can the MB do since he was also on the advertising billboard scandal in Selangor. Alamak, Pak Lah is at it again...only ticked people off, no action after that.

Well letz pray that the Sultan of Selangor will be able to eradicate all these Sampah aka Rubbish because they are spending the rakyat taxes money. Worst still is this ZMD dude is running away from problems... what a shame, dare to do it but dare not face the music. What a WIMP (weakly interacting massive particles)


Carboman said...

all these circus show is just that - a show. everyone is in cahoots with everyone. elites looking after elites. this country is being led by degenerates. like one of the articles said, if p ramlee becomes the pm, he will be equally corrupted. it's not the person but the culture of corruption and self interest that has been promoted over the past "leadership". when 2 leaderships sharing the same culture clash, you know that it's all a matter of self interest. nothing to do with protecting the race, country and religion. it's all selfishness at work. regardless of race and religion, they will get what they dish out in their after-life. no amount of praying will save them.

C-CUBE said...

Totally agreed, what shameful acts that the culprit are conducting, from misuse of power to disrespect. As the saying goes, What Goes Around Comes Around.....Watch out for the Karma to hit this dude.