Saturday, October 28, 2006

Breaking the mental barrier

In whatever I do, I always tried to do things out of my comfort zone to achieve better results. Breaking the mental barrier is also another strategy when it comes to challenging myself. So today is no difference. I have decided the week before that I will run a 33k LSD today or at least stay on the road for 3.5hrs to break the mental barrier. This will definitely help me to push the wall further away from me during race day in the Singapore Marathon 2006.

33k I ran staying on the road for 3hrs42mins (plus stop time). And running under a very warm condition with the sun shining on me for the last 13k that I ran. Very good conditioning for me and I really push my body and break the mental barrier to carry on.

Fook and Grace were my running partners today, and I must said this two young rookies had very good potential to be long distance runners. All they need is more experience in running more races. Stay on the road they did together with me and no hesitation to follow me in breaking the mental barrier. And we have agreed to do it together in the Singapore Marathon trying to achieve a sub5 finishing. Both of them will be attempting their maiden marathon in Singapore.

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fook said...

thanks for the saturday run, really push my mental barrier, hope to run with u again :)