Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saucony Triumph 3

Took the Triumph 3 for a 20k run this morning. No breaking in at all since I got the shoe brand new yesterday from the local distributor. First impression of the shoe when I started running on it, hitting the tarmac was the shoe holds onto my feet very well. The cushioning was good with very good forefoot support. The support was firm and responsive, not stiff. Good stability control. Some runners may consider it stiff but I believe once the shoe clock a higher mileage, it shud be OK.

Secondly is the Arch Lock support around the midfoot area. It wraps around the foot very well to provide good support and control. The shoe doesnt seems to slip away from the feet eventhough I push hard and increase my pace.

Thirdly is the heel support provided by the SRC and the GRID system patented by Saucony. Although I am still running with a slight pain/injury on my left heel, the system had provisioned me a system to support my heel very well. I dont feel that I am aggravating the injury too much eventhough I am running at a fairly good pace.

I hope with higher mileage, the shoe will be even more responsive and the cushioning will perform better. As this is a brand new shoe and putting it to a 20k run, my verdict is that I have no complain at all with the performance. It can only get better. I will definitely give it a scorecard of 4 out of 5 (where 5 is the best)

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Chipmunkrock said...

cool! Wah you got to the shoe faster than me! I haven't worn mine yet!

C-CUBE said...

i am evaluating the shoe and Saucony high end running shoes, trying to resell it on a part-time basis and dont keep the shoe too long, it will peel off.