Saturday, October 21, 2006

How long can you run?

Today's run was more of getting myself to stay on the road as long as I can. This is to ensure that I can still run comfortably after the number of hours pounding the tarmac. The run started of at about 0610 from the usual place in Bukit Aman carpark at Lake Garden with Tey, Jason, Phyllis, DK, Geraldine, Eugene, Fook and Grace (which I met the first time), and not forgetting myself.

After the usual Sri Hartamas/Petronas loop, both Fook, Grace and myself did a detour at the Bank Negara junction and decided to run a different route back to the carpark. We ran towards the Istana junction, pass Tugu Negara and ended the first part of the training run in about 2hrs 35 mins.

Grace complained that her feet was hurting so she decided not to follow us for our second part of the run. This time Geraldine joined Fook and myself to run the Carcosa route but instead on running thru the deer park, we ran all the way down the highway. Reached the Masjid Negara junction and turn left, ran past the Islamic Musuem and ended at the carpark. This part of the run took us about 36mins.

All in all the total time both Fook and myself stayed on running was about 3hrs 10mins. I still feel OK but a slight tiredness after the run, but I believe I shud be able to hang on there for another 30mins to 40mins comfortably. After that its all about how strong I am mentally to take me to the finishing line under 5hrs in this year Singapore Marathon.

Note: Fook and Grace - both of you are very strong runners given the short timeframe that you have started running long distance. We need to do one LSD before Singapore Marathon that make us stay on the road for 3hr 30mins to break the mental barrier.

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Dinesh said...

Well done guys, I have no doubt you will all do well in Singapore. Keep at it!