Sunday, October 08, 2006

State of Malaysia Football

Soon after the June’s World Cup was over, 3 country asked God when will they ever win the World Cup.

It goes like this: “A Korean asked God when will Korea win the World Cup. God replied, in 100 years. The Korean cried as he would not be able to see that happening in his life time. Then a Japanese asked God the same question. When God said in 200 years, the Japanese cried as he would not be able to witness it in his life time. Finally, A Malaysian asked God when will Malaysia win the World Cup. This time, God cried!”

For a moment, we will smile or even laugh at that joke. I take my hat off to whoever came up with that. It’s healthy that we, Malaysians, are able to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Or at the standard of our football, to be precise.

Have a great week ahead.....

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