Saturday, October 14, 2006

A good 27k

This morning LSD is suppose to be a longer run than the usual 20k or 21k. The day started of a bit hazy but I am definitely not disturb by the condition. I have in mind to do at least 25k for my first long run. Although hazy, the weather is very cooling, just ideal for a long run.

Reached Lake Gardens carpark and there was Eugene and Gerry waiting. Wong sifu is no where to be seen, since he had mentioned that if he cannot fix his wife car then he wont be showing up. Looks like the car is still giving him some problem. Later join by Lynn. Tey - PM22, came over to greet us and said that his group will start first. Off they go and we also take off later.

Along the run, the morning is very cooling although the haze is still there. Well, no worries and we gallop on. Eugene was running stronger today, at least his knee is not disturbing the run. Well rested as he said.

We completed the 21k run and back to the carpark. I refuel myself and since I still feel good and fresh, I decided to take on the Carcosa route, via the deer park and back to the carpark from the Islamic Museum. Meet Tey after completing the run and asked him what is the distance of the Carcosa route, and he said its about 6km. Well thats a nice distance (21k + 6K). A good 27k run and I am still fresh. I was contemplating to do a 30k since I know my body can take it but I thought since this is the first long run, I will not push myself too hard.

Well another long run, another week gone, and a shopping trip towards the later part of the day......


Dinesh said...

Wow, you are really picking up the momentum, good for you! I'm sure you will be flying in Singapore.

I couldn't bring myself to run in the haze again today since it was still quite bad. Hope Tey passed the message to you.

C-CUBE said...

Yes he did, and very nice of him to let me know he is running with another group and will start earlier than us.