Friday, October 06, 2006

Getting into a Business Part 2

Remember my recent article about a dream, getting into the business of selling running shoes. Yes, I am one step nearer to becoming a dealer. At least a part time dealer (or Influencer as the local distributor called it) to start of with.

Yes the brand is SAUCONY (pronounced Sock-a-Knee)

My discussion with the local distributor went well today. We exchanged a lot of information on the technology and performance of Saucony, as well as the running shoes industry. This industry is totally different from the IT industry that I am in for the past 20 years. It is not as high volume as the FMCG but high volume enuf to sustain in a small industry in Malaysia.

My role is basically to market the Saucony brand for them. Whoever are interested, arrangements can be made to go to the warehouse and try out the various models. I did tried out a few of the mid and high end models. The shoes provide good support, stability and control. Anyway I cannot speak for all runners except that you have to try it out yourself. The price range are reasonable ie they are not cheap and either expensive. The quality of the entry model are not to bad either.

So for now, I will be putting together some marketing flyers and brochures. Will get it distribute around and hopefully hit the Pacesetters and other running communities moving forward. I should be able to extend at least 30% discount to interested parties and also Pacesetter members and if we are looking at volume, a higher discount is still negotiable. So I definitely need your support in trying out Saucony to give my business venture a good start and hopefully progressing slowly to better success.

My evaluation shoe for now is the Saucony Triumph 3 which I have managed to convince the distributor to offer me a real special price for me to try it out. It will be put on a trial run tomorrow in my LSD of between 20k to 25k. (depending on how bad the haze condition is) Lets see how this shoe will perform after my run and I will definite come out with a performance report. Watch out for it.

For those who are interested, drop me a comment and I will make arrangement for you to test out the respective models.

Have a good weekend......

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