Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Heat is ON

This is the brochure that I got from Francis Toh - Pacesetters Team Leader at Lembah Kiara Park, TTDI. YES, it is the Putrajaya Marathon 2006 on 10 Sept 2006, and I will running it this time. (Got pressure from my running buddy who left me without a pacer last week bcos he over-slept, wat an excuse!!) This will be my biggest challenge and comeback eversince I last ran a full marathon 18 years ago. I will have 6 months to train myself up to a condition
that can endure at least 4hrs to 5hrs of running non-stop. See ya at the starting line

Some flash back: Memories of the 80's

And this is the pair of Saucony that I wore in 1987 and did my PB in the Malaysia Airlines Penang Marathon . Timing is 3hrs 31mins.

I am still keeping it as my fond memories of achieveing my Personal Best and running marathons after marathons during that period of time when I am at my peak. Well, although lots of people will said that achieving your PB in a marathon had nothing to do with age but I bet to differ. Age make a big difference, especially in your speed endurance.

The speedy
Gonzales of the 80s had turn into an Ol-man Emu now that runs a lot slower.

Good luck.....Aii yiba yiba yiba


Carboman said...

thanks for der message on runnersmalaysia. who knows what role seecube has in this venture? u linked up with newton out of the blue after so long. life has its twists and turns.

your saucony really brings back memories - not that i owned one but i've been a shoe professor (self acclaimed of course) for a long time - early eighties when i started to research shoe tech, even to the extent of visiting nike and nb malaysia. your old model is valuable not only in memories but also in $$ - some crazy fellas actually pay top dollar for these but memories are more important lah.. I may just do the same for some of my old shoes. last few pairs have been pr pairs for me.

C-CUBE said...

yes, i hv preference for Saucony in the 80s over Nike Airmax, NB and Adidas. Brooks was my 2nd choice back then. and i usually buy my running shoes in Queenstown, SG. The price are definitely lower during that time. I still have another pair of Saucony Classic which is in pretty good conditon. Bring back old memories.