Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nicol David

Nicol's failure in getting a medal in the current Melbourne Commonwealth Games had caused a stir in the camp and also within the Sports Ministry of Malaysia. Although all of us expected her to win a medal, especially the GOLD medal. She lost in the semi-final and failed to win anything after being defeated in the BRONZE medal play-off.

Nicol, no worries - you should get over it and PUSH ON !!! As the NST reported - You Win Some, You Loose Some. And especially to our Sports Minister - dont get so hype up.

At least Nicol is many, many times better than our Football team, Hockey team, Sepak Takraw team, etc which have been CONSISTENTLY LOOSING !!!!

Nicol, I am behind you all the way. Show us MALAYSIAN that you are not a fluke shot !!!



Carboman said...

typical of malaysians to build someone up, worship them and immediately tear into them there's some setbacks.

these are typical of ppl without any sporting spirit. perhaps even non-sports persons themselves except the couch versions.

C-CUBE said...

tis ppl hv no analytical sense, bunch of good for nothing and defintely no passion for sports. its sad to see Nicol being treated that way.