Saturday, March 25, 2006

I dream of running in ........

Tis' morning when I woke up, I was feeling extremely tired. Wat Happened!!!, I thot to myself and after recalling back I actually dreamt of running 3 marathons back-to-back flying from one continent to another. I have always aspired to run a marathon outside of Malaysia (ie in another country of another continent) and even in my dreams such activities appeared like real.

San Francisco Marathon

The USAT&F Certified loop course is a best of San Francisco tour of the sights, sounds and scents of one of the world's most beautiful cities. San Francisco's blend of natural beauty, big city charm and perfect running temperatures, make marathon running in San Francisco truly a magical experience.

Start Time - The Start and Finish Line is conveniently located in downtown San Francisco along the waterfront, on the Embarcadero at Mission Street. The staging area will be held steps away from the Start and Finish, in Justin Herman Plaza, across from the Ferry Building at Market and Steuart Streets.

Las Vegas Marathon

Race history will be made on December 4, 2005 when the New Las Vegas Marathon will become the first race to run the world famous Las Vegas Strip and through the Fremont Street Experience.

Experience the rush of adrenaline on the Start line in front of Mandalay Bay when the gun goes off and a spectacular laser display set to Elvis' "Viva Las Vegas" rocks in this inaugural event. Ideal weather and a loop course with a gradual mid-race incline followed by a downhill race to the finish line set the stage for an exhilarating Marathon designed to set and break records, and shatter personal bests.

Come early for the two-day New Las Vegas Marathon Expo as part of this unforgettable, fun-filled weekend. See the lights. Feel the thrills. Enjoy the action. Experience all that and more at the New Las Vegas Marathon. There is only one chance to be there at the beginning.

Great Wall Marathon

The Great Wall Marathon® is a very demanding course with exhausting ascents, steep descents and more than 3700 stone steps to conquer. Runners will also be taken on a flat and scenic route through beautiful farmland and
picturesque villages.

The Half Marathon course takes runners on the Great Wall and through the fascinating scenery surrounding it. The experience will be no less - just half as long.

The focus of The Great Wall Marathon® is on experiencing a unique adventure and not on setting new records. A fascinating tour combines an adventurous and demanding physical and mental challenge with relaxing and interesting visits to some of Chinas most fascinating monuments

I have always been to San Francisco and Las Vegas over the past 5 years. Am pretty familiar with this 2 places but never have crossed my mind that I wanted to run a marathon in this two cities. So is China, although I have been to Beijing only once so far, and never set foot on the Great Wall.

Well, dream on dude. Maybe one day my dreams will come true.

Make 26.2 or 42.195 your lucky numbers.


Carboman said...

you might get your chance earlier albeit at your old hunting ground - penang! just got news that the penang bridge/marathon will return this year. 31 july. mark your calendar!

C-CUBE said...

doing a marathon in july seems to be a bit early for me. maybe the 1/2 marathon bridge run will be fine. my target is to get myself ready for Putrajaya marathon