Monday, March 20, 2006

Adidas Gazelle S129


Adidas Gazelle S sunglasses are designed with lightweight, scratch/impact-resistant PC lenses for incredible optical clarity. Designed with TRI.FIT™ temples, a Double-Snap Nose Bridge™, Traction Grip™ & Quick-Release Hinge™ for superb comfort and the perfect fit. Gazelle S is designed with a Quick-Change Lens System™ and Performance Insert™ to accommodate all light and weather conditions. Adidas sunglasses provide 100% UV PROTECTION.

Went shopping for a pair of sport sunglass last week. Have been comtemplating of doing it and also spending time to do some research before investing in the right pair. Was comparing whether to go for a pair of ADIDAS or RUDY PROJECT. Finally have sometime last week and went to a shop that carries both brands. After having trying out both the brands, it looks like the ADIDAS suits my face better and I am more comfortable in wearing it. Settled for ADIDAS GAZELLE S129 which is exactly like the one above shown in the picture, and I can tell you it is not that cheap investing in a pair of sports sunglass. It does punch a hole in the pocket. The ADIDAS is pretty hightech as describe above and the good thing is that it allows you to fit in a power lens too (which is definitely a plus point for me)

Happy engaging in outdoor activities!!!!

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Julian Chan said...

I'm using one of those.. just be careful not to break any of the legs. They cost RM160 a pop! One of my Gazelle legs are held one with tough cellophane tape! AHaha..

And i use one of those indexed lens inserts.