Monday, March 20, 2006

I am NO speed demon

"Where is my pacer, where is my pacer"
as I reached Dataran Merdeka at about 7.10am for today's POWER 10k run. Did my pacer went partying and clubbing last nite and skipping this morning race. Bumped into KC and say HELLO to him, whom will be taking photos today. No sign of my pacer as I checked into the starting area. After finding out the categories that are starting the 10k run, I realised that I have wrongly registered for the Men Open category instead of the Men Junior Veteran Category.

The race started at 7.30am sharp and I again am using this race to test my speed endurance and try to finish the race under 60mins. Started off faster than normal pace and since I have no pacer, was following a lady runner (I think she is one of the elite lady runners of Pacesetters) whom I thot was running at a very good pace. I was pacing her all the way until the junction that hits Jalan Duta. At that moment, I felt that I cannot maintain that kind of pace and I am slowing down. She continues to surged forward and in no time she is way, away ahead. Legs are a bit wobbly now, and I decided to reduce my speed back to normal and take the hills gradually along Jalan Duta and the stretch that leads to Lake Gardens.

When I am on the flat, I surge ahead in the last 1km in a faster pace, potong a lot of sayur that are slowing down and ended at the finishing line in exactly 60mins. At the end of the race I told myself that I am NO speed demon anymore, so dont start a race which is faster than normal pace. Under my current condition, I think I should start a race at a normal pace and gradually increase my speed. I adopted that strategy and it turn out well for me in the recent KLIM06 half marathon.

Anyway so much about the race strategy today, and headed towards the water station to get some water since I didnt consume any at the allocated water station along the race. As I was walking back towards the finishing line, bumped into Cheong SH which finished his race and we had a brief chat. He was asking me, Where is your pacer today??. Told Cheong no sign of him, must be partying all nite long and skipping the race. Cant blame him since this is the F1 weekend, lots of eye-candies around, hehehe!!!!



lifemou said...

dear runner-without-pacer,

i was cha-cha-pacing with one len-lui at zeta bar till 3a.m in d morning hence d no one lah..Larian Police I sure turn up...believe?

C-CUBE said...

i think v better continue to run on Sat (xcept for race) so tat u can boom cha-cha on a Sat nite. No worries of waking up early on a Sun.

lifemou said...

Carboman said...

ur photos are kc's site very der yau yeng oredi some more plus your gazelle, come klim, i have a rival in the yau yeng looks department. perchance someone will also get an oakley?

on a serious note you shud bring the shades along to kinabalu as the higher u go the greater the uv risk. it also protects against the dry winds.

C-CUBE said...

lifemou: go get an Oakley, otherwise how to be yau yeng like us. sub4 also cant beat the stylo-milo character dont forget you still need to go and kau lui !!! And v can call ourselves the Yau Yeng runners in every race, Hehehe